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Who says that you can't produce tablet quality artwork with a mouse? :D
(well close enough)
-drawn traditionally (paper/pencils)
-colored digitally (photoshop/mouse)

Gosh... I sound so arrogant back then :facepalm:
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Wonderful work! ^^
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That's awesome! Very nicely done!
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if i could draw, like that, with a mouse.

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You did this with a mouse?

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This really fricken cool.:D
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You know how I was impressed about the coloring on that other mouse-only colored drawing you did? Well, I didn't ramble on about there because I also saw this one. This is absolutely unbelievably fantastic. How is this colored with only a mouse? Seriously? I can't believe it. You have single-handedly proven to me that it is in fact possible to produce quality artwork with a mouse. I had never thought that was possible before. Congratulations, I think you just shattered my perception of what can be achieved with a mouse.
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:XD: well theres this so called 'pentool' on photoshop that you could trace your drawing anchor by anchor to make things accurate ^^
like this: [link]
i can say this is quite faster & easy to make since you drawn it on paper then you just have to trace your drawing for the color & i used some layering modes to make the color overlay on the drawing ^^
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Ahh. The pen tool. I see. That makes sense. To use it to outline the whole picture though, that's quite the task. I've always been rather clumsy with that tool, but I've never really known of a good way to put it to use. Now I do. It would make it much easier to fill in the colors, as opposed to coloring without it. I should try that in the future with my sketches. Thanks a lot!
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your welcome & thank you ^^
that tool is awesome you can use it to almost everything like, editing photos, video editing(in After Effects), doing linearts (pentool sai & adobe illustrator), coloring artworks, making selection, vector, graphics art, etc. :D
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Hmm. Wow, when you put it that way, it really does sound like a useful tool. I'll keep that in mind.
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Looks freakin ligit xD, I do that same thing, but im a lefty so hard to redraw using mouse :c
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thank you ^^ well you can work to i have a friend which can work with that he just change the invert the mouse click. also pentool is an awesome tool to use specially in photoshop, sai & illustrator :D
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Yeah I do use the pen tool, but sometimes, i cant get the curves the way i want them, but i manage ^^;
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thats pretty easy you can just hold the 'alt' key to change the curve my clicking the anchors and also 'ctrl' for moving paths ^^ it may took a little practice but yeah its a total worth specially you can do lots of stuff if you master it like photo editing, graphic designs, vectors, etc. :D
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I know about the alt keys ^^;, I use the gimp program, and learned a lot of new tricks drawing^^. Its just sometimes the i cant get the curve the exactly the way i wanted to. Its challenging...
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This is quite cool. I really like your attention to detail. You did a good job on his expression. He seems to be serious and focused, which seems very appropriate for a soldier in combat. Also, I like the design of the gun. After close inspection, I realized that it wasn't an ordinary gun. It seems to be more of a futuristic, sci-fi rifle, which is quite interesting to see. It is awesome that you can produce tablet quality art with a mouse. Nice job.
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thank you :D yeah i really do like to work with the details and do lots of expression for a practice :la:, the gun was a bit inspired from halo & cod :XD: which i really do play those gas a lot back then :D
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His outfit and face are catchy to me, I liked his fur's color and that mark that goes from the nose to the eyes. I love your characters ~ <3
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haha thank you :D
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