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How we often feel out in "society"... image seen on discord
One of the reasons why I probably won't do a face reveal because I already get enough creeps wanting photos of me sent to them so they can rate my "beauty" and sexualize me. 🙄 "Are you cute?" "Are you pretty?" "Could I talk you into sending me a pic?" Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Why does knowing what I look like matter so much to you? I'm here to post art I make, not looking for a date or to be preyed on. Besides, I'm taken. 🖕 This is as close as you guys will get to a face reveal from me. I'm not saying I'm pretty or ugly but I don't feel comfortable showing my face to randos online. I made these as a joke but doesn't mean people should act like creeps just because I'm female. I'm fucking human too, dipshits. I should be treated like a one. Sorry for the rant, it's just really annoying to deal with stuff like this here. Just can't do a face reveal with people like that watching me.
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Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
My Bio

I'm what most other artists would call a traditional artist, because most of my works are done with graphite pencil, acrylics, and oils rather than created in front of a computer. I started working in colored pencil and acrylics as a teenager, but took a break to pursue a career and raise a family.

For me, returning to art was finally coming around to accept that I wasn't like other people. Early in my other career, I thought my creativity would be welcomed by Corporate America, but soon realized otherwise. While I won't say I haven't been blessed, the “day job” just doesn't scratch the creative itch. I spent years trying to suppress this obsession with creating things, or diverting it into other activities (electronics, woodworking, brewing, etc...), and have finally admitted that my calling was art.

As far as training, I've taken two drawing courses, one as a teenager, and one at the junior college level, but beyond that, I'm entirely self-taught.

When an artist creates, they bring into existence something new, that has never existed before - a literal changing of the universe. Art communicates, it challenges, it makes us feel, and gives us a vision of what could be. Art influences everything - from culture and religion to architecture, technology, entertainment, and even politics. Art changes everything.

Favourite Visual Artist
Tools of the Trade
Graphite pencils, acrylics, bandsaw...
Other Interests
Software engineering
Working on the Father Metal logo. Just a concept piece at this point.
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Just Chat?

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I noticed the "Send Note" feature of DA is gone on my mobile and web versions. So... I guess no more thank you's for the favorites. Not sure how this is going to affect interaction with others, but be rest assured I'm not being cold, I just don't really want to chat with someone every time I'd like to thank them for liking my work. It's odd, really. So called social media made the whole cyberspace world a bit weirder. Don't take it personally if I don't respond, it's just the platform. And I don't communicate well in the first place.
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A few weeks ago, I received a Wacom Intuos tablet, and have gradually learned to use it. At first, the "draw on tablet, but watch screen" was a bit clumsy, and I finally learned to turn off Windows Ink, but I have since learned to use it fairly well. That said, it doesn't beat the feel of real paper at all, nor does digital behave at all like traditional mediums. And yes, I tried the bundled Corel Painter software, but found it annoying and clumsy. I have, however, found some modest success with the Gimp. But while digital can do some rather cool tricks - like instant reflections, or an effortless perfect gradient sky, I've noticed that it takes me longer to do anything digitally. A fifteen minute face sketch with pencil turns into 3 hours. The landscape I could render on canvas with acrylics in an hour or two takes five to ten hours. I can't help but wonder - does anyone else have the same problem? Those of you who have done both digital and traditional media, are you faster
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Thanx for the Fave!:D

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