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hey guys, long time no see!  have a sad volleyball kid!

this is actually pretty old, but on a whim a friend and i chatting inspired me to check on DA, so here i am!  it's at least from this year, idk when...?  actually i might be lying it could be from december.  who knows.

anyway, hi hello i'm not dead just busy/artistically listless and confining my drawings to small notecard-sized pieces of paper with ballpoint pen while i'm at work.  i post more on tumblr, but even then it's pretty sparse.  sorry to be so inactive!  i can't promise any change, but perhaps i'll start posting here again soon!  i'll periodically upload some stuff that's been on tumblr for now, and perhaps when i get settled down at my new place i'll draw a few little things.  i've had some ideas floating around, so who knows.

tldr; i might be back????  who knows i'm so inconsistent
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