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Ekkuso my beloved

The Beautiful Yokai~ by ThankyouDoggo, visual art

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x yukkuri Zero Yukkuri Axl yukkuri Protoman yukkuri Hey Hi Henlo!!x yukkuri Zero Yukkuri Axl yukkuriProtoman yukkuri WELCOME TO MY PAGE!! Im ThankyouDoggo! But anyone can just call me Doggo, I am a young artist who just loves Mega Man X, Please dont be negative, My page is strictly PG-13, and is chaotically wholesome with Big gay Robots (I have a slight problem okay-) I do post daily with a different idea, so be ready for it :0



265d AiliZero blackraspberrychip ClawdiusArtist78 Doragoon67 czarina-fhayebahjin DraconicMusic TheDiamondFoxExpress G1itch3dF0xy JazzDrawsStuff

LadyStormtail1985 KaliedoBunny FaithSheldon Dorynayn05 That-RepliQueen-Kyo NightmareGodGrave Cameronboyceiscute Pogostickz Prince-CutieGUTZ

Please go follow them if your not already, they are very talent

Thats all from me for now, hope if your reading this and have a great day!

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Favourite Visual Artist
TheDiamondFoxExpress, CAPCOM, PrinceCutieGUTZ ThatRepliqueenKyo, NightmareGodGrave Disney
Favourite Movies
Bambi, Pinocchio, Totoro, Spirited Away, anything Disney
Favourite TV Shows
Ruby Spears Megaman, Rock Man OVA, Wakfu, Iron Leaguer
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
CG5, ImagineDragons, DAGames, Tryhardninja OR30
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, A Wolf named Wander, Mangas of any kind,
Favourite Games
Mega man, Mega man X, Super Mario Bros. Sonic The Hegehog
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, DS, 3DS, Wii U
Tools of the Trade
IPhone, Pen, Crayons, Markers
Kirby Customs/comms/adopts are open! Im making Kirby Adopts due to being back in love with the fandom, and the prices can vary from whatever the idea is based off of, and will most likely this will be open all the time if not for a month or two.
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Im making a sonic OC, and need some ideas for the chracter to be based off, what should I do?

57 votes
Metal Sonic/ some sort of robot hedgehog
Frick it just do them all
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Im making another Poppy Playtime character (THIS IS THE LAST ONE I PROMISE) but i dont know what gender to make them-

32 votes
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Bass wont stop biting me so I have to feed him

Bass wont stop biting my ankles, and he says that hes hungry, and he wont stop biting me until he gets fed some points...please help. Im Scared of him, he wont stop biting me.

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Some Page rules (WIP)

Zero is confident Mega Man X is confident -Hey Hi Henlo!こんにちは Mega Man X is confident Zero is confident


I am ThankyouDoggo! Welcome to may page! I am a traditonal artist that draws mostly MegaMan/ Megaman X characters as my own versions of them, And I think I'm mostly well known for my Kindness, My Version of Zero: whom is very feminine in both body and voice, and I am known for my art style. (And most likely my Lamp XD)

And my own Replisona, Doggo is also a well known character of mine, so shes kinda a big deal on my page, as well as some other well known characters of mine, as Most of them are Mega Man related, so I think this will be my go-to for now unless I get into something else, but that's not happening anytime soon since I'm kinda obsessed, I know I'm strange >w<

Art Trades: Always open

Commissions: Open

Requests: (Depends)

(Note for Requests)

~Zero attacks Mega Man X attacks ~

If you would like a Request from me. OH SURE! go crazy go stupid, I love doing it, but please nothing over Pg-13 please, I can to (LIGHT) blood and MAYBE Pastel gore, but apart from that, I don't think so, as I'm mainly a Rockman artist. And Yeah, thats about it....Oh, and If Zero catches someone being mean, hell get them down and hug them, until they're overwhelmed with Wholesome energy, X too.


Oh i have some of those, I think my most favorites would have to be My Rockman X OC Moonstone the Moon Maverick, as he was just so fun to draw and redesign, and I may even design A few more just because, Because I'm honestly so obsessed with him its like a bit scary XD, and then there's Doggo, and My version of Zero, whom is very feminine sounding and looking, and even acts like a female even though his a male, so technically his both genders. But really, I love all of my characters, because I have a problem XD.

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Zero is confident Mega Man X is confident ~~Thats all from me! see you!~~Mega Man X is confident Zero is confident

x yukkuri Zero Yukkuri x yukkuri Zero Yukkuri

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Hey hello there ThankyouDoggo, my account is Goodguyforever18 so i have a idea for you so....

611 001

About this référence picture, Can you make The Car King àbout...

Outback Al

- Outback Al from Putt Putt is Rafiki,

Mack Cars

- Mack from Cars is Mufasa,

Fanart: Burning Love

- Flo from Cars is Sarabi


Drake #3

- Drake from The Pebble and the Penguin is Scar

man i wish i could draw in this style i have one character that would work perfectly

Thank you so much for the support!

Thanks for the favorite!^^

Thanks for the faves! :D

Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

Thanks for the fave! :3