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    1: Submit Thane (and other drell) art. 2: Read rule #1. ;) 3: NO SCREENSHOTS! 4: Photomanips must list sources.(Google is a search engine, not a source) 5: SUBMIT YOUR ART ONCE AND WAIT FOR APPROVAL, THANKS! 6::Join the group! :3
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Mass Effect Foundation #12 came out today and this time Thane is on more than one page. And literally, only the first page features any other character.

It essentially retells the story of Thane and Irikah with more details added, only far worse written and drawn than the fan art/fiction retelling the exact same story that I've seen about a thousand times on the internet. To give you an idea how much the artist for this comic book series just really doesn't give a crap, Irikah is wearing a red version of Thane's outfit and in one panel, she is seen from the side and looks to have turian head fringe. A few pages seem to be very well done, but again, that's only a few. Thane sports some pretty rubber band, over dramatic, hysterically funny poses.

Interesting facts/opinions from the story:

1. Female drell do have breasts (Which in my opinion completely conflicts with drell lore, but it was bound to happen because titties)
2. Irikah was yellow in color.
3. Kolyat was apparently yellow as a child (Or you know, the colorist doesn't give a crap either.)
4. Irikah is a biologist working on something that has some thugs really upset. Not sure what, but it was a good enough excuse to have Thane protect her and she really, really quickly forgive him more than I imagined.
5. Thane tried to work as a construction worker because he lacked skilled labor experience (I used to argue he could have gone to school if his wife had a job.  Irikah as a biologist, I can't imagine they struggled for cash.)
6: I really feel like that altered the story a bit for shock value. Although the batarians slavers are still there, they apparently send a human assassin that looks like a Sith lord with a funny eye. Then it's implied Kolyat witnessed his mother getting violently stabbed to death and raped. At the very least, it's implied Irikah put up a fight.

Overall, it's the same old crap to be expected from the comic book series and Mac Walters. The cover art is pretty sweet though. As a die hard Thane fan I couldn't pass up that cover. $4 is pretty steep for the quality of the rest of the book. So I  hesitate on recommending it unless you feel really compelled to have it.
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