So, we found out recently that BioWare is closing down it's official forums. A stupid decision I think we can all safely say but one they're insistent of making. Unfortunately they forgot to tell us what would happen with the fan-made creations and mods hosted on the site, how it will affect the download and use of ME1 and 2's and DA:Os game patches, what would happen to the information on the site re fan theories, etc, and where we'll be able to get ME3's soundtrack from. They also are rolling this out extremely quickly so if you're not on top of it, you're out of luck.

I came across a post from my old friends at ThaneMOD on tumblr, and they are once again saving us from BioWare's bad decisions. This time they are working on the creation of fan-archives for mods, recreating and archiving the information on the site, backing up the patch files *and* figuring out a way to get the games to recognise said files, and keeping everyone informed of the changes that are being made on BioWare's side, and archiving that information also.

(Now that I come to think of it, this and the "remasterd" edition of ME is far too coincidental. EA is probably shutting down the forums specifically so we will have to pay for the game again.)

This is the link to the original post on tumblr written by the account managers, who I think are coldie and emerald, but I don't really know. Please read it and spread the news to others in the ME and DA communities. Everyone needs to know about this so they aren't caught off guard after it goes into effect. TELL EVERYONE!…

Keela Se'lai, and thank you for your time.
As most of you know I recently experienced several deaths in my family. It's been a while since the last one but things still aren't going well at all.

I would like to thank you for your continued patience. I will be trying from now on to come in more regularly (as opposed to not at all) and keep things going.

I would also like to that Maddie for keeping an eye on things while I was away.

Thank you.

Keelah Se'lai, and Honour Thane.

Hello this is MaddyField, due to the unfortunate event that happened in mythlover20 life she will be absent for an unknown amount of time. I volunteered to help for as long as needed. So if you have any questions or anything for the group let me know.
Morning Everyone.

Due to a death in my family I will be absent from deviantArt for quite a while - at least until after the funeral, and possibly until after I find somewhere new to live, a job, and get a new internet connection. This means that I will need a new admin for this group.

It's not a difficult job: just pop in for a few minutes every day, add a couple of art pieces to the gallery if they're there, answer any questions, and you're done.

Please, please, PLEASE respond quickly. As much as I want to be here and completely ignore real life, real life has to come first.

Thank you for your understanding.

Keelah Se'lai, and Honour Thane.

Your faithful admin,

So, many of you will remember the notice I posted last year exposing an art thief within our midst. For reference, this is the journal:…

Unfortunately it has been made known that this person is still in business. In fact that person, once Karliah49, is now trading under the names: siha49, and FalareZorah962.

This person is a known art thief. They claims the work of not only fan artists, but OFFICIAL BIOWARE ARTISTS as their own work. They had abused and harrassed my co-founder nerdymum to the point where she had to deactivate her account to get away from them.

This person is poison to the artistic community.

Whoever you are, whatever fandom you are in: spread the word. This person, whomever they are, however old they are, cannot be allowed to get away with this.

Go to Spyke1985's journal regarding this foul individual here:…

This is this person's Google Plus account:…

This is Spyke's tumblr announcement:…

And this is the Official Art they stole:…

Now I KNOW I don't need to link back to the official art for that last piece, considering it was the official art for Mass Effect 2.

Report them to whatever admin you can find.

This will not be allowed to continue.

Keelah Se'lai.


Honour Thane.

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