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Wicked Attraction 1 :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 4 0
Mature content
I'd still love you in the morning :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 2 0
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It smells of Passion 1 :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 2 0
Tell me
Tell me
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters they belong to Bioware and EA.
Summary: Isabela questions her relationship to Hawke and, tries to stop before she or him
can develop feelings for one another but when it dosen't work she is left with only one
choice left.
A/n: This is just a one-shot I thought up as I was playing Dragon age 2 but please enjoy.
The Hanged man the worst scum filled bar in all of Kirkwall and, home to two of Drake Hawke's best friends one was his oldest Varric Tethras a dwarf with his crossbow Bianca the other was former pirate captain Isabela. Both of which went out with Hawke all the time but as of late Isabela had been declining any and, all invitations from the mage instead trying to fill up on the cheap alchol the tarvern offered but, in the back of her mind she knew what was wrong.
'Damnit Isabela what have you done now. You would have laughed and, embrassed anyone who gave you such a lame gift I mean a ship in a bottle how stupid and, that stupid line
:iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 1 0
Her Evil Champion 1
Her Evil Champion
Disclaimer: The majority of this story's cast belongs to the amazing gaming company Artix
Entertainment I'm just using these characters for this story but anyway please enjoy it.
Chapter 1: Chaos emerges
The palace of Swordhaven home to King Alteon the good all respected him for either he's skills with a sword the power of his magic or even the way he ruled the land of lore. All but his former Knight Sepulchure he had become the greatest Doomknight lore had ever seen all heroes feared him for with one swing of his sword he could completly destroy the hero and, a large part of the land they were standing on but now the two greatest forces of good and, evil were clashing in the grandest and, most likely the final showdown between them. Spells and steel flew through the air, Alteon threw a large volly of lightining at Sepulchure who easily destroyed it with his own wave of darkness which again was contered by a barrier by Alteon. Sepulchure Ran forward adn grabbed Alteon
:iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 6 0
Mature content
Hunter's Paradise :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 0 0
Mature content
Lighting the Darkness 11 :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 0 0
How I lost my reason
How she lost her life, and how I lost my reason
I was so close yet I felt like I was so far away from her. She was just one second out
of my reach, one second and now she is gone it felt like everything was in slow motion
but she still died because I was too slow to reach her.
It felt like my world became darker when she died I felt hollow, the day of her funeral
I arrived and everyone looked at me I could feel the hatred from her mother and, father
her little sister came up to me and said in a broken voice.
"Why, why didn't you help her she loved you, yet you let her die you, your a monster."
she shouted at me. Her father came up and, punched me I fell and crashed into a group of
"She always said she would be with you, she said you were the one she loved." I looked
down ashamed. "You make me sick you bastard." He walked away with her mother and sister,
my cheek I could feel it sting yet I still felt nothing I walked up to the casket
and bent down to look at her, my fallen ange
:iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 1 2
Mature content
Bloody knife Tear stains :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 3 0
Lighting the Darkness 10
Lighting the Darkness of the Bee
Chapter 10: The first arc ends. Thanaos Kaizaki's betrayal to the Seireitei?!
Disclaimer: Do not own bleach if I did Aizen wouldn't have become a butterfly I mean
really a butterfly anyway I move on.
All was quite a few shinigami partying nothing more until the 12th squad barracks exploded and in the night sky flew a lone figure with his head and face covered the figure flew the night sky some shinigami tried to stop him the figure did a few quick hand-to-hand combat moves and shunpo'd away he was reaching the end of the Seireitei he was almost there until.
The figure turned around and eyes widen slightly standing before him was Soifon zanpaktou drawn and ready to fight.
'Shit why now.' The figure thought.
"Remove your mask and hood now and drop your zanpaktou now!"
His hand went up to his hood and mask and removed it to say Soifon was shock was an understatement.
"Thanaos." She said softly.
He didn't say anything he just stared at her. Soifon w
:iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 1 0
Thanaos Fight base by ThanatosRule123 Thanaos Fight base :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 2 0 Thanaos Kaizaki by ThanatosRule123 Thanaos Kaizaki :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 3 7
Lighting the Darkness 9
Lighting the Darkness of the Bee
Disclaimer: Do not own bleach and blah blah blah you all know the drill
A/n Ok last chapter I got to say I was disappointed by the date scene so I plan to aleast start the story over from their so please enjoy The date remake then the chapter thank you.
Chapter 8 1/2: The Date
Both Soifon and Thanaos left the first squad and decided to take a walk around soul soceity they sumbled on a small area their were alot of couples in the area and, Thanaos decided too take her hand in his she tensed up a bit but slowly relaxed and gave him a slight squeeze the first thing Soifon noticed was that her hand fit so well into his. She could feel the toughness of his hand from the years of fighting and, training she thought it felf nice. Meanwhile Thanaos thought how such a small hand could also be so strong and, deadly. They walk around and they began to notice all eyes were on them Soifon not used to the attention lowered her head and, blushed Thanaos on the other ha
:iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 1 0
Mature content
Lighting the Darkness 8 :iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 1 0
Lighting the Darkness 7
Lighting the Darkness of the Bee 7
Chapter 7: The past revealed
Disclaimer: I still don't bleach if I did Omaeda wouldn't be Lieutenant also I own
only Thanaos Kaizaki enjoy.
Me: Ahh finally chapter 7 isn't it wonderful
Thanaos: Yep now can we get a move on it
Me: Don't start with me.
Thanaos: Fine fine just can we got on with it I want to get back to Soifon.
Me: Yeah go on already.
Thanaos: Enjoy everyone.
-Thanaos's dream-
Thanaos woke up in a shack and was bandaged up.
"My, my your lucky to be alive after that landing."
"What do you mean?"
"You fell from the sky about five days ago. Your lucky to be alive after that crator you made, I thougt you would never wake up."
"Where am I?"
"The poorest district of soul society, the Rukongai district."
"Can you show me around the rukongai?"
"Sure By the way I'm Kano. And you are?"
"Thanaos, Thanaos Kaizaki."
Kano help Thanaos get up and let him put an arm around his shoulder. They left Kano's shack and started the tour around the market place
:iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 1 0
Lighting the Darkness 6
Lighting the Darkness of the Bee
Chapter 6: Tenrai Zaibatsu the full power of the god
Disclaimer: I do not own bleach all I own is the OC Thanaos
"Tenrai Zaibatsu."
While Soifon was still shocked to see Thanaos's bankai, he didn't waste the chance and began his attack. Soifon barely had time to dodge his attack when she attempted to attack him he shunpo behind her and, delivered a strong right hook to her back she was sent flying to the back wall at incredible speed.
Soifon used her speed to get behind him and, give him a swift kick to his head. When he stop her attack and, grabbed her leg for a split she was surprised at his imporvement. Soifon was sent flying again she hit the wall forcing it to break under the pressure, Thanaos didn't give her enough time to think of her next move as he attack her again. His attack hit the wall and shattered under the force while Soifon was in the air preparing a kido to help her.
"Bakudo 26 Kyokko."
Soifon disappeared and, began her count
:iconthanatosrule123:ThanatosRule123 1 0


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United States
I'm 17 i live in a town in a state in the USA

i attain a tech school working with some major assholes and such

i like writing and i'm trying to improve my artist skills and other things

so yeah this is a small taste of what i can or can't do so see you all later it time for warm pants

:iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz: WIN


deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: rock/metal
MP3 player of choice: sansa
Favourite cartoon character: Ulquiorra, Lexaeus, Nnoitra
Personal Quote: When you stare into the abyss, The abyss stares back
Not much to say for this one but hope you all had a good year and, if not well its going to get better also the end of the world is suppose to be this year right what do you think will happen zombies, second coming of jesus, the end of days whatever personalily I got money on the zombies coming up but thats just me and, half the world anyway happy new year and, hope you all have a good new year until the zombies show up then grab your weapons and start hacking off heads or limbs anyway peace out till 2012
  • Listening to: Snow patrol chasing cars
  • Reading: I'm not a serial killer
  • Playing: Dead space 2
  • Drinking: oolong tea


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