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Act 26: Replay ~Never Ending~

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This was inspired more by the manga version of this scene, rather than the anime version. I always liked this scene in the manga.

Was a bit disappointed that Crystal didn't edit the future Senshi to have their Eternal uniforms. In the manga, they hadn't been invented yet, but there's no excuse for Crystal, especially since they were willing to add that glimpse of Human Luna in the first arc. Maybe we can pretend it's on purpose, and this meeting really did change the future in a way that led to the updated uniforms.

Anyway, to be continued in the third arc!
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ahhh this is so cute <3
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I loved Sailor Moon in my Childhood! "Mondstein flieg und Sieg!!! ^^"
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Great piece! This was always one of my favorite scenes as well.
I read a theory before that mentioned how the future was different than what current Usagi would obtain. Like more of another dimension type of thing, was pretty interesting. Also I remember in the Stars arc of the manga there's scenes where Neo Queen Serenity is talking with Pluto who is in a Super form of her uniform where as all the girls in the "past" have Eternal already. So that kind aids the theory a bit.
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I always felt it was less an alternate dimension and more when the future changes, the memories and what not just automatically shift to accommodate. 
Since you mentioned Pluto though, I went back to check, and the future inner senshi seem to still be in their original uniforms, as well. Makes me wonder if something happened between Stars and Crystal Tokyo that caused everyone to power down, or maybe they can choose what level they transform into.
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That would be pretty neat if they could. Since current time line there's tons of threats apparently so they auto Eternal mode. But in the future things are calm and they don't have to worry as much so they can just be lesser forms.
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