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My (gifted) Fursona


Art Trad- ThanasiaNightfall Alternate form by MC-Laboratories, visual art

GiftOC Damsel Woman


Damsie (Art Trade) by YellyDany, visual art

The "cursed" shipping


Stargazing in space ... [At] by NightDragon07, visual art

Have my own fanart!


[GIFT] - ElecWolf re:imagined by JazzDrawsStuff, visual art

My OC with Alister


Art Trade for ThanasiaNightfall (final ver) by GuardianWolfMarine, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
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My Bio
Alister the Sunset-angel

"As sure as the night devours any daylight

we'll all fall victim to mortality (ancient Greek: "thanasia").

And the only part remaining of our souls,

our passion, our lives, our hearts ...

is our way of arts." (my name's explanation)

Well, I'm obviously not a poet or a professional artist, although I love creating things from pictures (digital or traditional), masks, jewellery, cosplay-outfits or -equipment to fanart and fanfiction, 'cause I can only feel alive as long as I'm thinking about something I adore.

Moreover, I do really silly things as soon as depression is taking over me - that's a kind of survival-mode, I guess.

What else to say ... :-?

Since 2014 I'm a veganist - odd word, huh? - that's a hybrid thing between vegan and vegetarian, which means, I try and live my life as vegan as possible, but I know my weak spots (items I sadly can't replace yet) and sometimes use crafting materials direktly from nature - non-plucked feathers I found on the shores of the lake (lake Staffelsee) close to my house or intact mussel shells, since in this case the previous owner certainly died a natural, not violent death ... both is okay to my ideology, as it's not about avoiding animals completely, but about living without violence and cruelty - this is veganistics. :meditation:

Also very special thanks to my dear friend Str0opwafel Str0opwafel for this phenomenal birthday gift (given in sta,sh) and the permission to use it on my profile & posts, in order to show you how much I'm in love with it:

Birthday gift from Str0opwafel

______________ Put This

______________ Heart

_______In_______ On Your

_____GOD_____ Page If

_______I_______ You Believe

_____Trust______ In

_______________ GOD


------♥♥------PUT THIS


---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR

---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF





---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

(Heart emoticon and Pumpkin Bow copied from the biography of LuLupoo LuLupoo - go, check out her fantastic page, you'll love it!!)

Rising AGAINST ...

Favourite Visual Artist
Besides Ishihara-sama?? Ehm, EVERY artist who creates things with dedication!
Favourite Movies
Starting with Resident Evil-saga, Underworld-saga and Shinobi, ending up ... well, I don't know where, there are too many amazing movies around the world to name 'em all.
Favourite TV Shows
Yu-Gi-Oh!, MEGAMAN NT WARRIOR/Rockman EXE AXESS - BEAST+, THe TRiBe, InuYasha, ... same problem as with movies!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
L'âme Immortelle (#1 forever and always!!!), Nachtmahr, Persephone, Coma Divine (and any other projects of Thomas Rainer & Sonja Kraushofer), Samsas Traum, Bullet For My Valentine, Thousand Foot Krutch, ...
Favourite Books
Okay, if I'd reply on this question, I'd have to edit the answer nearly every month!
Tools of the Trade
Whatever expresses my current feelings - markers, MS Paint, ... vegan nail polish, etc.

Welcome, dear visitors!

Have fun discovering my gallery and feel free to comment something funny or nice on my profile :mangapunksai:

(Please, read and respect my rules before doing so, otherwise I need to remove the comment!)

I'm not every day on DA, so if you want to know if I'm still alive, just check out how old my latest deviation in the row above is - if it's older than a month, I'm for sure already dead and in hell.


Also, please, go check out the profile of NoisyMartian NoisyMartian , the amazingly awesome young lady who gifted me with my very first CORE membership on Friday the 13th, November 2020.

To my soul sister:

Dear JovieGDN-001 JovieGDN-001 , I can never thank you enough for the OC you made for me as a gift

Flower fairy Damsie
Damsie colored

nor for the RP-shipping that only exists because of you

DamsieJupiter for ThanasiaNightfall
moonlight flight For ThanasiaNightfall

But I will be grateful and love you as long as the universe exists - you are the brightest light in my life, sis.

deathlouis, R.I.P.

About Everlasting Love by ThanasiaNightfall, journal

Important Question

Who of YellyDany's boys is the sexiest??? (I can't deci...

  |  11 votes
  • Media (©YellyDany)
  • Ampere (©YellyDany)
  • This question is impossible to answer, they are both equally handsome!
  • Hydra (©YellyDany) ... 'cause we've already seen him helmetless ...
  • All three are so hot, my head explodes - stop the stupid questions, Thanasia!!

Support these videos!!

Ode to some Mega Man YouTube Pearls by ThanasiaNightfall, journal

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If Damsie was existing as a robot in real life ... by ThanasiaNightfall, journal

Mega-fiction project (2)

First a real life face, now a real life voice ... by ThanasiaNightfall, journal

Attention, everyone!!

Please, respect my rules:

Cross Sign Red [F2U] No advertising of artwork or other links here! (If you want to show me something, note me)

Cross Sign Red [F2U]No asking for Role Plays here! (I choose my partners on my own, thank you)

Cross Sign Red [F2U]No weird comments about private things that don't have anything to do with arts or this community!!

About ATs and Requests
Untitled Drawing
Untitled Drawing

Thank you very much for reading! Heart Heart Heart

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Thank you for the faves!

thank you so much for the faves dear Thanasia 💗 :hug:

Always, entirely my sweetest pleasure, my sweetest Julia!!! :blowkiss::kiss: :heart: :glomp::cuddle::tighthug:

Thanks for the favs!

Thank you kindly for the faves!:)

thank you so much for the faves dear Thanasia :hug:

Always a pleasure, my sweetest Julia :huggle::tighthug::smooch: