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August 13, 2013
Road to the Light by ~Thameralhassan
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Suggested by cloe-may
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Road to the Light

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this photo won a gold medal award in PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris 2011

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the third largest Mosque in the world, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Over 80 snow-white domes look like they were built using pure clouds. Though the Mosque is brand new, it draws on classical Islamic architecture.
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Assalamu Alaikom , your work is featured here , , I hope you don't mind it :) 
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MashaaAllah... so beautiful..
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This is so beautiful. My new desktop!
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That is so beautiful! :wow:

It's a shame such architecture is devoted to religion, it's something of a waste. Still, at least it exists. :)
Thameralhassan's avatar
well churches temples shrines and mosque have their own beauty and iconic look... the beauty remains at its spiritual feeling
Fyrisvellir's avatar
Spirituality is a delusion; I was talking purely about the aesthetics of the architecture. :P
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Looks like a palace to me 
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Is it Sheikh Zayed Mosque in UAE?
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c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s . f o r . t h e . p h o t o . a n d . w e l l . d e s e r v e d . DD
f a n t a s t i c . m o m e n t
c o l o u r s
a n d . p e r s p e c t i v e
t h e . h u m a n . i s . a . m u s t
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That is really incredible.
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So vast... so empty...
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This is so beautiful! I love this style. Really great work!
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Absolutely gorgeous and amazing structure! It's always a great thing to appreciate the many visual wonders of the world, this being among them. You did an amazing job capturing this! :star:
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I appreciate it thank you
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beauty classic design.... i want to go there .. :)
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This is such a beautiful picture! I have been wanting to visit his mosque for a long time!
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Sooo beautiful mashaAllah. Great capture. Congrats! :D
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I'm trying to remember just how many Christian churches were destroyed over the last year in the Middle East. 

The photo itself is beautiful, but the subject represents violence and religious oppression.  I would rather see a photo of the desolation left over by those that worship there. 
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Congratulations on the Daily Deviation :huggle:
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