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JolleQuest: Characters

Welcome to the first little task and the launch of our ARPG Group 'JolleQuest' revolving around Jolleraptors, their Lore, living and your specific JR characters!
This group will be around their Story, their Past but also there future- so the admins and me find it important that we all get to know eachothers JRs!
This will help to imply them into Events and Quests.

What to do?
Just establish your JRs character!
If you already did- great! just write it down!
Write something about his past and about what he likes
Do not worry about him not 'fitting into the lore'
JRs are extraterrestrial beings that are spread across the universe! they can have about any backstory you would prefere!

The Rules?
- put effort into it
- the time you have are two weeks, yes, two whole weeks and we hope you can all work out cool characters! 
that is it- nothing more! Have fun!

You will have your nice sheet and character for a prize!! 
..well okay, fine- you'll all earn a cookie. [cookies are the currency- next thursday we will submit more informations on the currency and shops! ]

How to fill what and where?
Feel free to use the original files of Your JRs for this mini event!
Here a few Examples!
Please read the describtions!!
JQ: Cinaed Character Sheet. by Thalliumfire JQ: Odhran Character Sheet by Thalliumfire

Blank application sheet for Download:
application Sheet NebNoms by Thalliumfire

If you have questions please feel free to ask!

Submit Here

Bellisaurus Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Professional General Artist
I am all over this //slobers
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
hehe i know you already filled so many XD <3
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June 5, 2016


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