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From this day on [ 17th of June, 2016]
Thalliumfire-made Jolleraptors will face a species Namechange and run under the Name 
Nebular Nomades (NebNoms) 

!!Important Announcement!! Read please!My dear friends of the JR Community,
As hard as it is for us, we have to make a very important anouncement regarding Jolleraptors. Over the past two years we grew very fond of you all .We love every JR we ever made and it makes us really happy that people enjoy the designs so much. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people giving live, personalities and individuality to These designs. We are really grateful for that.
That is one of the reasons the following announcement is rather hard for us to say and it will probably leave many of you confused, unsatisfied and probably even angry. We understand that very well and want to apologise upfront. It was not a decision that we could make lightly.
Due to severe indifferences between Simonetry and me (Thalliumfire) - we both agreed to split paths and follow our own ways. Certain circumstances lead to the point where we lost our trust in each other and where we

Introduction: Nebular Nomades. by Thalliumfire
The ARPG held by me is NebNom exclusive!
Due to the changes, the mini-test-prompt will be extended for one week and small changes to the rules will be made tomorrow (including setting the reputation to freely choosable).
I will follow my plan to start the first little Prompt this sunday, extending it's duration to 4 weeks instead of only 2, if needed!

Please do not start discussions about the topic of the species split here.
The reasons are private matters.
If you have questions concerning your NebNom or if you have a Jolleraptor  but you wanted to Join JolleQuest, please fetch me a note.
I apologize for all inconveniences this all might cause in the first time.

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June 17, 2016
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