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These are the only slots available untill 2018! i have a lot to work off with the calendar ^^

Info on Price, how to order and things that influence the price, please read!

NebNom Customs This is an Info Journal, for open slots check the link at the bottom: D

They are painted and offbase, always.
Gen5 NebNom do come on a card ( if not requested otherwhise) and will have a fitting font with their title
like the ones seen in the examples
How to Order: 
Just comment with an order: 
Theme a colour palette, or both:
Traits: ( Ears, horns, eyes, neck, tail, Nebula, Armstyle, Perks)
Notes: ( some stuff i should know about your order - a bit more fluffy, a bit less fluffy, beard yes or no. Accessories? Companions?)
Colour Palettes:
just name some colours is the best of solutions! you

Commissionable Stages for this round:

tick available x unavailable
Full Common tick
Uncommon tick
Rare tick
Ascended tick
Robotic/Steampunk tick

Nebling tick
Unstables/DemiGods  tick

NebNhoome: Gator / Munchkin - ask or note me with a bribe

3 Slots are left

  • :dev:-pending-
  • :dev:
  • :dev:
  • :dev:

!Advent Calendar! Read before requesting a Custom, please!

These slots count towards the advent calendar wich has 4 slots left!, being:

( Your custom would exchange the slots set design. The price and rarety of your custom is not bound to the slots settings!)

December 15 CubCake 500 USDBullet; Green 
December 22 Winter Nuthatch 900 USD Bullet; PinkNavy Bullet 
and December 31 Chinese New Year(2018, dog) 1200 USD (Nebling)Bullet; Pink Navy Bullet penidng
I would really appreciate if dec. 31 stays the new years theme! however, the rarety [ascended, epic, rare] can be changed  along with the form[cursed, Savage, Starmaker, Nebling, Nebnom]!

The slots above count as Customs and therefor you will be able to decide on traits and colours, but they will also be priced like normal customs [ all the advent slots but 31 where slightly reduced.]
if you decide on one of the leftover slots, it will stay reduced unless you want to decide on every trait and colour, then it would count as a normal custom and would face a repricing if the traits would require it [this means it could also become cheaper].

tick Payed
i = invoiced
No StarNo Star not started
Half StarNo Star sketched
Star!No Star colours placed
Star!Half Star painting
Star!Star! finished

****I do accept payment plans****

if you want my oppinion on a certain theme , colours or trait for your nebnom custom just ask in the comments
i am willing to help out with some ideas as well for people who are indecisive with a theme, colours or certain traits!

If you run into any questions: Simply ask me! : D
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Abrakani Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, I just realized that the year of the dog will be my year. It's kind of funny that I am an dog in the chinese horoscope.
Too bad I can't afford it, but I hope for you, that you get all slots sold ^^.
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
the 1200 is only for those who want a nebling ^^

if he doesen't sell i may or may not draw him out as a regular ascended nommer and put him up with a baseprice
Abrakani Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting, the thought of buying this dog design is very lovely ! But my favorite topic is and remains the 9 tailed Kitsune. I think, I wait until you have time for my Kitsune. Sadly I can not bring the effort for two NebNom. Christmas was very expensive this year ^^' . But as I said before, I really hope they all get sold.
bonesnaps Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
when do you think youll be opening customs again next year? ill be done paying for dunmer by january so unfortunately ill have to slide on these slots :<

also, are you okay with giving a quote for a potential future custom or should i just wait until the time is here?
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
you are also free to just add the slot to your plan ^^

other than this, yes i am okay with giving a quote and also suggesting different trait variations :] <3
bonesnaps Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh really? i really appreciate it <3 ive got some upcoming medical expenses i need to budget towards first so it depends on what the new total will end up being but im down for it!

the theme of the custom would probably be something along the lines of "Louisiana Voodoo" or "Southern Magic" i know im definitely looking for a voodoo themed nebber but im not locked in on the exact details yet.
these were the traits id be looking at (but im still not decided!)
Tail: Wisphair (epic) or Torch (rare)
Ear: Dwarven (epic) or Elven (rare)
Horns: not decided! i cant even narrow it down 
Armstyle: Cured (uncommon)
Neckfur: Trenchcoat (rare) or Seabound (rare)
Perks: Highness (rare), Trails (rare), possibly Flux (ascendant) 
Eyes: Void (uncommon) or Core of the Star (epic)
Nebula: not decided!
Teeth: Blood Leecher
also im not totally sure what the difference between cursed and savage nebnoms is but if its at all possible id like them to have a second form! id also be willing to pay a little more to have an outfit/accessories added to them
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
sure, i appreciate to having covered upcoming months anyways, so i'd be fine with you starting the payment around february or march ^^

i love themes like these : DD i'd be absolutely up for it!

ok at first we'd have to point out the details of this theme; do you want him to look more tattered or more elegant?
from this point we could work better!

Tail: Wisphair (epic) or Torch (rare) || Torch if tattered, whisphair if elegant
Ear: Dwarven (epic) or Elven (rare) || 
Horns: not decided! i cant even narrow it down  || spiral with one of the horns brokenis what i'd suggest for a tattered one, diabolus, daemonic or none / with a tophat) for an elegant one
Armstyle: Cured (uncommon)   || Cured for a tattered one, Cured + FurHem or Farfires for an elegant one
Neckfur: Trenchcoat (rare) or Seabound (rare) | Seabound would work for the elegant one, trenchcoat for the tattered one
Perks: Highness (rare), Trails (rare), possibly Flux (ascendant)  | Trails+Highness work for both tattered and elegant- the further i would find short hair+ pennent to be fitting for both options as well! The flux could be used to let him have floating objects ( cards, skulls, bones) but would also bump the price into the Ascended ones. I'd also find the Wingcover perk cool for him with featherwings
Eyes: Void (uncommon) or Core of the Star (epic)
Nebula: not decided!
Teeth: Blood Leecher"

all together we would be around +- 670 i can tell the exact price range when all traits are set [the ascended bumps to the ascended startingprice of 800] 
bonesnaps Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh i think id be more for the tattered appearance? im not super sure yet oml, i tried pulling up some google searches to see what im looking for and these are kinda the aesthetic i was aiming for // also good ideas on what kinda accessories or markings would go well, especially for placement of the highness trait
heres also some color palettes that might help as well…………

i guess that would narrow the traits down to these
Tail: Torch (rare)
Ear: Elven (rare)
Horns: since im down for the one broken horn itd either be Spiral (epic) or Tangled (epic)
Armstyle: Cured (uncommon)
Neckfur: Trenchcoat (rare)
Perks: Highness (rare), Trails (rare), i would also consider Pennent (rare) or Shorthair (epic) if it would be in the style of dreadlocks. i like the idea of Wingcover (seasonal) but it would honestly depend on where its placed
Eyes: i think Core of the Star (epic) would probably be the most fitting
Nebula: possibly Deepspace (uncommon) and it would just be black/dark purple with stars
Teeth: Blood Leecher

also im not sure if you looked over it accidentally or just chose not to mention it, is there any possibility of making it a savage/cursed neb?
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
judging by the examples i would agree to tattered for sure.
that also would bring the possibility into debate: Skeletal traits or accessories, short or long hair with dreads added, short+pennant has a shorter range of styles, i could fit one or two dreads into the pennant but not more, the rest would need to remain short hair unless the long hair perk is chosen 
sure there is, but keep in mind that savages start at 1,6k and cursed start at 1k =], with the cursed for example you could choose 2 ascended and one seasonal without getting over 1k, the decursed form would be an uncommon nebnom 

as for the wingcover i have a few ideas that i could sketch for you. ^^

as mentioned before i have no issue putting it onto the paymentplan with the conditions mentioned before ( starting in feb. or mar. )
bonesnaps Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH yeah id be down for cursed! sorry i guess i had been confusing myself with traits, would you perhaps be okay with doing both ideas for cursed then? like, decurse could be the elegant form, and cursed could be the tattered version? lemme re-evaluate the traits

(also before i go any further id be down for starting payment in february/march! my med visits will all be happening in the next two months anyways so that should give me some room)

decurse - elegant
Tail: Wisphair
Ear: Draconic (they could be inside of or just outside of the tophat)
Horns: Daemonic
Armstyle: Farfires
Neckfur: Seabound + Suited or Tailcoat if mixing traits is possible!
Perks: Highness, Trails, Shorthair (dreads not needed for this one, it can just be messy or groomed back!)
Eyes: Pond
Nebula: Deepspace (purple/blue)
Teeth: Blood Leecher
Possible Accessories?: i think for decurse just a couple of small bird or rat skulls would be okay, maybe a tooth necklace but otherwise this one will be pretty tame? and ofc some sort of staff, but not overkill. metal jewelry is okay too, but id prefer no rings

curse - tattered
Tail: Torch
Ear: Elven
Horns: Tangled
Armstyle: Cured
Neckfur: Trenchcoat
Perks: Highness, Trails, Longhair (dreadlocks), Wingcover, Necrotic/Braindead possibly?
Eyes: Core of the Star
Nebula: Deepspace (black/brown)
Teeth: Blood Leecher
Possible Accessories: definitely a lot more bone/skull/teeth memorabilia, lots and lots of feathers, and possibly tattoos? or at least more than in decurse form xD

figured if im gonna be spending the money i might as well go all-out and get everything i want ;D

we could go with the examples i listed before for curse, and here are some for decurse……
and some other palettes to mix/match with the other ones………

and yeah feel free to shoot me ideas for wingcover! it really just depends on where its placed on the neck
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
( man i hope everythgin is okay at your end, are the med visits just checkups or are you ill =< ??? )

oh both versions would moreso match a savage then! because curse adn decurse have one hightier and one lotier version of the nommer!
I have no problem making him a savage though öö
but under these circumstances you could also choose from the Savage sheet  for traits like multitaks

i have to go to bed now ( university starts at 745 tomorrow ahain :,D ) but i will sketch a few ideas down for different wingcover versions  tomorrow =]
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