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NebNoms! [Armstyle Traitsheet 2017] by Thalliumfire NebNoms! [Armstyle Traitsheet 2017] by Thalliumfire
New Traitlist for 2017 (though it might always happend that there are a few to be added later again)


  • "Cured" the stitches can be placed anywhere on the Nebbers Arm
  • "Whiskers" the whiskers can be placed anywhere on the shuolder or back of the arm and can count up to 4
  • "Tinsel" can have a few or very many tinsel growing
  • "MothDust" can come in the shape of a big variation of Mothwings
  • "WildFluff" Dense Fur along the back of the Arm
  • "Razor Tips"sharp edges that can come in many shapes sticking off in different directions
  • "Fluff Flow" Elegantally shaped fur starting at the hands , can grow up to the shoulders
  • "FarFires" long to very long hair-streamer
  • "Torch" a small to medium tuft of fur that gows in a flame-shape. the torchlike outer plates can come in different shapes.
  • "Desert FLowers"plates that imitate different desert plants - can come in different shapes
  • "Fish" can come in any fishfin Types
  • "Waterfall"fur with a dense Base that grows into a long Hair-streamer. can be shorter or very long
  • "Streamerflame" Streamers that grow in a torch-like form- the whiskers on them Glow.

Please do not use these sheets as a reference for your JR customs or MYOs.
These sheets are meant for NebNoms only ,thank you.

NebNoms are a closed species belonging to me 
RoscoeWolfie Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love Swift and Split in uncommon *v* i might want one of those for my bab ;o;
I'm also glad to see you managed to upload all the updated sheets : D
I won't be commenting on all of them but i looked at them all and all the traits look so good *v*
You did very well!!
Thalliumfire Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
thank you very much roscoe! : D
there where just a bunch of new traits i had to put into the sheets so people have them all in one place if commissioning a custom or making a MYO
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January 9, 2017
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