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The Irish sovereignty Goddess Medb; Queen Medb of Connacht (best known from the Tain Bo Cuailnge) and Medb Lethderg, Queen of Leinster, who had nine husbands, are later somewhat euhemerized versions of Her.  Her name means 'Intoxicating' and is related to the English word 'mead'.  She is associated with animal life, wealth, fertility, and sexuality, and represents the power of the Land; without the approval and acceptance by that power the King may not rule.

In acrylics, for the Goddess by Request over on my Patreon.
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Love her dress
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Do you have any of Brigit in this style? (I've seen the more stylized Bride, but that style isn't so much my thing.)

This is exceptional--as is all your work.
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Thank you!  No, I haven't done Brigit in this acrylic style.
This is gorgeous!

(For some reason, my oddbrain keeps trying to see her wonderful dress as Batik print rather than embroidery or skilled weaving, but luckily for me that doesn't matter to my appreciation. Unlike, for example, endless book artists in my youth who seemed to assume that every non-Roman and pre-Victorian woman in the British Isles and western Europe wore a low-cut top, a wide floofy skirt, and a conical hat with a filmy scarf dangling from the tip.)

...And since I have hand tremors, I just had to correct my own typo from "a filmy scarp."  I suppose earth goddesses in misty countries MIGHT get away with that.... ;)

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It does look a bit like some kind of resist technique like batik, probably because of the light-on-dark lines.  It's meant to be embroidery (I guess), but it's pretty abstracted and not in the least realistic.  Glad you like it!
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She has the expression of a powerful goddess! I love the intricate work on her dress, with birds, squirrels and plants, very well done.
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Wow! Looks like a Greek goddess!
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Actually I'd hope She looks like an Irish Goddess, but thanks! :)
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This is GORGEOUS!! The colours are rich and intoxicating, just like Medb!
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