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As of today, I have a Patreon account

Let me say, first, that I'll keep posting my art here on DA,  some pieces, though, will be Patreon exclusive, not available anywhere else.

Those will be in different categories, the most basic one will include sketches ad 'experiments', they may be something that will later lead to a finished work or they might be pieces born on the spur of a moment that will never be developed, experiments in traditional media new to me or paintings out of my usual 'confort zone' like abstract or stylized works.

Then there'll be WIPs with commentary, besides seeing the WIP progression, patrons will read about the creation of the painting, concepting, the reason behind changes, some technical details and so on.

Another level will have access to my nude paintings. I believe that the human body is a thing of beauty and that art can celebrate it without being prurient, vulgar or exploitative, but, given the companies I work with, nudes have no reason to be in my portfolio or in a public gallery, Patreon is the ideal outlet.

There I also offer limited mentorship spots (only 5 at the moment), those patrons will be able to send me once a month one of their paintings or drawings for an in-depht critique and suggestions.

...and, at the final level, Patreon is where I'll make available limited-edition prints (including those of 'Kissed by Fire', if any is left after Stahleck).

Thank you for reading. :)

I have a poll going on my professional Facebook page:…

I'm asking fans of my works and of ASOIAF. which character among those listed should I paint as an extra-limited edition print for the European Championship?

One random-chosen commenter will win a print, otherwise this piece will ONLY be available at Castle Stahleck (print run will be 20 +1, the extra 'commenter' print will be marked with one letter instead than one number).
So, FFG's Art Supervisor asked the company's legal department about the ASOIAF's rights problem...

It appears that HBO has rights to ALL ASOIAF merchandising, series-related or not.

FFG's products are protected, but even though FFG has a pre-existing license, owns the game art and has granted its artists the right to sell prints of that art, if we do so mentioning the specific intellectual property in any way in title or blurb (including character names) we are in breach of HBO's rights.

Honestly it feels like a piece of the theatre of the absurd, I'm posting here as an update to the people that read my first post and to spread the word among the collegues working on the game.
If you have been looking for my 'Game of Thrones' prints on Zazzle this last couple of days I'm awfully sorry: Zazzle emailed me that those products didn't comply with the site policy and would be removed. I answered that they were official art for the card game, that my contract granted me the right to sell prints and that those images had no relation whatsoever with the HBO series.

Today they answered that my prints ' infringed upon Home Box Office (HBO) intellectual property rights of Game of Thrones television series.' and that 'Zazzle has previously been contacted by legal department of HBO, and at their request, to remove designs which infringe upon their rights from the Zazzle marketplace.', but that they'll be OK if  'They (HBO) send documentation stating that your designs are suitable for production and sale here at'.

As if.

In short the owners of the license for the TV series are putting out a blanket ban on ASOIAF-related images in internet marketplaces unless they say otherwise, no matter what. It will be interesting to hear FFG's opinion on this.
Since a couple of days I've been working on a Zazzle shop, now the last wrinkles have been ironed out  and it's time for the virtual grand opening.

Here it is, new products and designs will be added daily:*

This is referred to the U.S. Zazzle store, but most items will be available from each of the different international stores, here is the  U.K. one:*

The Canadian:*

And the Japanese:*

ALL my items are tagged 'thaldir' for ease of search.

Signal boosting is appreciated, feel free to comment about what you like, what you don't and what you'd like to see next, both as images and products.

Thanks for reading! :)
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Browsing through my feedback messages I saw that, not rarely, pieces of mine get added to 'so-and-so fanart' collections.

Do not misunderstand me, please, I'm always glad when someone likes my works enough to fave them or put them in a collection, I feel I'm being paid a compliment. That said, though, allow me to comment on the specific choice.

I have no problems at all with my works being in a 'Fanart' collection, if that is the only collection you have related to that specific Intellectual Property( I am definitely not so full of myself to want anyone to create a folder specifically for my works ). What I have a small problem with is when my works get put in a 'fanart' folder because the Deviant that does so is convinced that that illustration of mine is fanart (and also when I see my illos in 'photomanipulation' collections, but that is a different topic).

Bear with me, please: there is nothing wrong with fanart at all, as long as:

A) It is done for practice

B) It is done for one's private enjoyement, as such no commissions and no prints/merchandise.

But, as many of you know, I do offer prints of some of the lines I work with, namely 'A Game of Thrones' and 'Call of Cthulhu'.

ALL those images (as well as my 'Lord of the Rings' ones apart for 'The Unespected Stroke') are official game art commissioned by the license holder of the different games (A Game of Thrones LCG, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Lord of the Rings LCG), that is the reason why all the images bear the company's copyright line.

The prints I offer (on my site, I like to have quality control and print them myself) are only those I am authorized to sell by contract AND that is also the reason why I'll never have other kinds of merchandise up for sale (my contract with FFG doesn't allow anything different from prints).  

Thanks for reading, allowing me to make this point clear. :)
Prints are now available on my site.

To celebrate the launch of the HBO series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by G.R.R. Martin I offer free shipping everywhere in the world for any available print (not just the 'A Game of Thrones' ones).

Welcome to my corner of the net, feel free to browse here…
It's about time for a review of the past year,work-wise (and with that I mean illustration work, the 'real one' for me).

Work picked up from April onwards, and since then I've had continous incoming requests, on the whole in 2010 I painted:

26 cards for Fantasy Flight Games (12 for AGOT, 4 for CoC and 10 for the new LotR card game)

1 cover and 5 interiors for Alephtar Games

4 interiors in color for Claymore Entertainment

1 piece (as yet undisclosed) for a tutorial commissioned by the magazine 2D Artist

for a total of 37 industry pieces (in 2009 I painted 20).

Plus: 1 private commission, 2 pieces for challenges on the Art Order site and 2 portfolio pieces, for a total of 42 paintings, all in print resolution (my total for 2009 was 31).

2010 was also a year for firsts.
I have had my first paid tutorial, first convention (GenCon) and first time as guest artist (at the European championship tournament for AGOT, CoC and Warhammer: Invasion, a great experience), moreover I was selected by the AGOT world joust champion to paint his card (see my latest image).

2 works of mine where selected for Exotique 6 and I was featured on Imagine FX.

On the whole a very full and satisfying year, I'm looking forward to see what 2011 will bring.
I want to thank the community for the frienship, the enthusiasm and the encouragment, it means a lot to me.
Writing on the run from GenCon Indy. I was expecting a stunning experience but that's even more stunning that I thought it would be.

Got to meet Zoe Robinson, the FFG art manager in person, at long last, along with about half the FFG staff (absolutely exquisite people, all of them), a few of the AGOT players I knew from the forums and some collegues from ART Order ('Hi,I'm Tiziano, another of the Art Order calendar artists', 'Great! Which month are you?' 'July' 'Ah, yes!').

I had the pleasure to have a portfolio review with Jon Schindehette himself that left me walking on clouds till this morning...

To top it all, yesterday 'Rome. Life and Death of the Republic' won the silver Ennie as best setting (did I cheer? You bet!) and today I got to shake hands and exchange a few words with Larry Elmore in person, his works for TSR are the main reason for my getting into fantasy art.

What great days!
I just got word that one of the RPG books I painted the cover for, 'Rome: Life and Death of the Republic' has been nominated to the ENnie Awards in both the 'Best Setting' and 'Best Product of the Year' categories.

I'm very, very excited, even though there's no direct involvement of mine for those categories. I'm just proud to be part of the team who brought it to light.

Great work Alephtar and Cubicle 7, way to go!

ENnie nominations page:…
Shamelessy stealing the idea from the lovely *quickreaver, after a bit of meditation prompted by the newest posts on Jon Schindehette's blog, Art Order

So, I'm asking for your input: according to you, what is the single best piece in my gallery here?

If you have the time and inclination I'd love also to hear your reasons for picking that specific piece, no need to be overly technical if you don't feel like it, so non-painting folks don't need to worry. Something like 'that one speaks to me while the others leave me cold' is very valuable feedback, just like technical analyses would be.

Please don't worry about hurting my feelings, I've my personal favorites but I'm also my own harshest critic, honest, constructive comments are always welcome.
It is done.

The 4-day passes to GenCon have been bought, and today Marina managed to secure a room in our first-choice accomodation in the GenCon housing block, never mind the site crashing due to Con-goers digital stampede when reservations opened.

Both of us are already very excited and full of anticipation.

Indianapolis, here we come!

...Yes, I know, it's only February...
The fans of A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones and Call of Chtulhu (both the game and the Mythos) might find this of some interest.

I have decided to make available prints of all my card art for AGOT and COC out of non disclosure to date (more will be added as soon as the cards are published, I have 14 works under non disclosure at the moment and I'm working on yet another batch of cards).

This will be an open edition of signed prints, size European unified A4 (slghtly bigger than 8.5 X 11 inches).

Prints are made with an Epson Stylus Photo printer with orginal inks on Epson premium glossy photo paper (the best I tried to date)

Price includes shipping and handling, 18 euros for 1 print 15 euros each for two or more, 1 print for free each 5 bought.

Means of payment : Paypal  

For further infos you may email me at : tiziano.prints(at) (of course change (at) with @)

Available prints at the moment are:


Flaming Pitch Tower (Targaryen)…

Banner of the North (Stark)…

Scavengers of the Sea (Greyjoy)…

The Raven's Song (Plot)…

Maester Vyman (Stark)…

Wolves from the North (Stark)…

Shaggydog (Stark)…

Steward of the Watch (neutral)

Return of the Kraken (Event)

Feast of the Crows (Event)

Serve, Obey, Protect (Event)

Bran (Stark)

Robert Baratheon (Baratheon)

Black Hatchling

Timett Son of Timett


Blasphemous Dreams (neutral)…

Behind Bars (Agency)…

Moon-Beast Galley (Neutral)

Dangerous Inmate (Hastur)…

Thank you for reading.
Are really good news!

Some time ago, Jon Schindehette, the brand AD for D&D, put out a call for art on his blog, Art Order, for pieces to be included in a calendar he planned to give as thank you gift to the guest judges of the contests he hosts on his blog.

...Yes, yes, I know about 'working for exposure' but, first of all he wasn't asking for purpose-made pieces, and, second, °this° kind of exposure meant that the included pieces would go in the hands of such people as Irene Gallo (Tor Publishing), three ADs of Paizo Publishing and the like...

Well, I submitted 'Xava: Mischief', and when I heard that Jon had received about 80 submissions and time passed without news, I forgot about it.

Until, a couple of evenings ago I received an e-mail with the subject line 'Calendar Proof'.

My mischievious girl and the tamarins are the July feature!

Jon has announced the calendar himself, so I now consider the news 'out of NDA', as it were… can't wait to receive my copy!
Since about a year, every now and then I read of a collegue working in the industry that is thinking about leaving  commercial works  behind and taking the fine art /gallery route.

I can well understand the appeal : leaving behind a specific genre and paint  'what I like', with no deadlines, no Art Director – sent assignements , no 'I'd like the composition of n.1, the palette of n.2 and the point of view of n. 6, may I have the new sketch tomorrow?', setting one's own prices, coming back to working with 'real' paint and being able to hold an original in one's hands once more.

Besides… as some say and some more or less imply, shedding the 'mercenary' label to enter the ranks of 'real' artists, those who paint for art's sake and do not accept assignements to meet the basic need to put food on the table.

As I said, I understand the appeal, fact is that I don't  find it that realistic.

I've seen the gallery route close and personal, given that my mother has done quite a few exibitions before deciding to go the private-commission way. Admittedly I don't know how things are outside Europe, but I don't believe they are that different (I'll be happy to be proven wrong, though).

An art gallery is a businness: it has a space, which costs, either as initial investment or as monthly rent, it has personnell  that must be paid, it needs a name and a reputation and that means events, PR and advertising.

I remember an exibition of  art of the '90s by Veronese painters.  At the vernissage there was an introductory lecture held by an history of art professor, a critic and a well-known local gallery owner. When it was time for questions, a member of the public asked the gallery owner about 'how can art be defined', the answer was immediate and assured: "What sells is art".  

Galleries want to sell, that often means following the trend that's 'cool' at the moment, it means that a newbie has either to be introduced by someone or to strike the owner's fancy as 'sellable' (either by style or  by some quirk of personality or bio) in which case, of course, a good percentage of the sale price goes to the gallery,  or has to rent gallery space investing personal money  in the hope to recup expenses, and possibly earn something, with sales.

Even more, an exibition is a deadline, one for which the painter works for months on end, even a year or more, to produce the 20 – 30 pieces that will be shown, with no guarantee whatsoever that even one of them will be sold.

Frankly this mercenary likes much better trying to make a name for himself in the game industry and painting some originals on the side (time allowing) for direct sale to fans and collectors…
Hello everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (or your seasonal festivity of choice) and a fun, safe and warm New Year's Eve.

I know that, blog-wise, I've been AWOL for a long time, in fact I came here rather frequently doing my best to keep abreast of things, my problem was with updating my blog since...well, it takes time and while I write, I cannot paint (I did better with fast updates on Facebook, though, I didn't turn wholly web-hermit).

With the new year just arrived it's time for a retrospective, how did 2009 go?

In 2009 I painted 31 pieces, all but 3 of which were print-resolution.

Of these 31 I had:

20 industry pieces (among which 1 painting for a Q&A column, 3 covers for rpg manuals and 16 cards) of the 20, 14 are still under non-disclosure.

8 private commissions: 5 portraits and 3 backgrounds for a web-site

2 pieces made for challenges (from 2 other challenges I dropped out, commissions got in the way)

1 personal piece (Xava: Mischief)

I didn't have more than 2 weeks as maximum timespan between the end of a job and the beginning of the next one, from October onward the pace became hectic I found myself with work lined up for three months straight and the trend is continuing in the new year.

I've had some new clients, all of which found me on their own, and all have came back for more, some multiple times.

Features: I have had 2 pieces and a tutorial published in Art Squared 1 a new British annual, quite a few more pieces have been selected for volume 2 that will be out later this year.

A whole page feature on Painter Magazine

One Q&A column on Painter Magazine (now it has changed name and scope, we'll see whether further cooperation materializes).

One interview on It's Art Magazine (web and paper) and another, taken by my lovely collegue Constanza Ehrenhaus earlier last year and published on EMGZine today.

All in all I've painted a bit less than last year, but work in 2009 has been picking up in the second part of the year reaching an hectic pace in the last 3 months.

I've been added to a second line of LCG by Fantasy Flight Games (Call of Chtulhu) and my first piece for the line has been used as cover for the pack and has been very well received by the player community (which, if I may add, as very strong opinions about what constitutes good Chtulhu card art, and rightly so), another piece done for AGOT also was used as pack cover and was similarly well received).

All in all I believe that, work-wise, this dual-job wielding free-lancer can be well satisfied of a year that, in general I'm rather happy to see ended.

Here is to a way better 2010 for everyone!
Allow me, this time, to introduce my wife's gallery on DA:
She isn't a paiter, her gallery showcases a few of her photos and, most of all, her poetry.
If you like poems inspired by legend and myth go there and have a look. :-)
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I can share a piece of news that almost had me bursting:

a while ago I was contacted by ms. April Madden from Corel Painter Official Magazine, and I was offered a free promotion page, so my 'Kativa' was published on issue 32.
I was already on cloud 9 (or 99), but while discussing the offer, April asked me if I could be interested in becoming a columnist for the magazine.

I think you can imagine what my answer was.

The contract was signed, I received my assignement, and... my first ever Q&A is out now, on issue 33.

Can I say cloud 9999?
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As of today my mom has her own gallery on Deviant Art, right here:
It's small at the moment, but more works will be uploaded soon.She works in traditional media: acrylics and oils.

Of course I'm a bit biased, but if you like my style probably you'll like hers too.
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After the first round of popular voting ended, on the RYZ site, I went to see the 18 shoes that made it into the final. None of mine were included, I shrugged and moved on, albeit a bit disappointed at the fact that among the 18 there were a couple that were just 'version A' and 'Version B' of the same design.

This morning I went back to the contest, out of curiosity, and noticed that things were different: the almost-duplicate had been removed and my 'Elvish Run' had been included in the finalists. This is the last day for the final voting, if you feel, once again, so inclined, here is the

And thank you for all the votes in the first round that allowed for the comeback of Elvish Run.
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