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I'm thinking of recording speedraws sometime soon, and rather than putting some generic music over it, I thought I could do a Q&A. Maybe get me back into the spirit of recording my voice and junk.
So uh....
if y'all want to lavish me with questions (about Amizade, my comics, my art, my life, opinions, ect) t'would be nice
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in response to tumblr i'm going to take up a new living as a furry pokemon fetish artist and post exclusivly on furaffinity

now that i have your attention, update time
I barely ever post updates these days... crazy

things have been... shitty recently.
about a year ago i made a bunch of really good friends, we roleplayed together and stuff, it was great and really helped me come out of my shell, as i was having a tough time ajusting to university. Made plans for my best friend to move in with me
long story short, over the summer i started strugging with my mental health, and i guess people were getting sick of me being upset all the time. One situation where I spent a whole day having a mental breakdown, and as soon as I got better, my friend got pissed off because it upset them. Shortly after moving in they were discussing moving out with everybody except me, and got annoyed when I kept trying to butt in. Most of our conversations just turned into them telling me to see a therapist.
At the moment when I was feeling the worst, they all up and dumped me, and I've been really struggling since. They essentially told me I'd changed into a horrible person. It really shook my trust in other people and myself... idk. I know I did shit wrong and hurt them but I always tried to change myself for the better and make it up to them.

I was able to cope by throwing myself into uni work, but now that uni's over for chrismas I have a lot of spare time... I can't sleep at night, I'm exhausted during the day, barely feel like eating. ANy time any little thing reminds me of what happened I get upset.

This is a long way of explaining why I'm more active here again... I have nobody to talk to IRL anymore. And I'm a mess. So I go where all the messes in the world go. The internet.
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last year i set the personal theme to do stuff based on demons
i didn't finish it so we are FORBIDDEN to talk about it
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sup nerdarinos

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 5, 2018, 6:32 PM

of if you prefer, nerdoking
it's the evolved form of nerdoran male.

I rarely post a journal these days it seems, I rarely have the 'steam' to make a prolonged entry. My last journal update was in april (which doesn't feel so long ago), and over the last few months of 2017 most of my art was either comics or inktober drawings. So I have a few things to attribute this to:


*Ahem* excuse my foul language
Tumblr,, heck, even Facebook allow you schedule stuff in advance. I'm pretty sure they're unlimited, but I don't know how far. This is a vital tool for me, otherwise I would only post every few weeks when I checked my, and presuming my internet was even working well enough at the time. This would end in either posting in batches (which I dislike) or piling up a huge stack of stuff and posting infrequently. It works a lot better for me to dedicate an entire day, when I knew my internet worked well, to schedule everything weeks, months in advance. Tumblr does it very well, allowing me to just upload and queue it for the next day I wasn't posting something else.
DeviantART makes you pay for this. Pure and simple.
Back in the day, I was fairly active on dA, and it was a fair price for a bunch of functionality. The ability to customise my page was especially exciting, but as time passed, they made the site more annoying to use and actually removed features that were fun to use (or, made them available for non-premium members, which I shouldn't complain about). As they did this, they increased the price of premium membership dramatically without adding any new real features. Now they only reason for me to buy premium membership is to schedule my posts.
I do think dA has some strengths, the groups platform is an excellent way of socialising and sharing art, and I think they are particularly helpful for young artists who want to make a name. But for older artists who want to be more professional... like the position I'm in now... not so much. The main issue is that they're trying to be like other social media... but also putting those things behind paywalls, so you're essentially paying to make dA as good as tumblr.
In the end, I was sick of having a whole chapters of comics in my and decided to buy PM. Fortunately you can buy it in months if you buy for other people, so I was able to appreciate the spirit of Christmas by gifting a few PMs to people who didn't have it and getting some free months with the deal that was on.

Oh yeah, and dA only lets to schedule 3 months in advance.
3 months is fuck all when you have two chapters of weekly comics to schedule, so I was really annoyed.

Why did I do this? Because I goddamn love you guys. I love sharing BxB Chronicles with you - although I post on tumblr and tapas, this is the only place where I get real feedback, and where I actually recognise most of the people who do comment. Updating a comic every week, twice a week, is hard work, especially when you have university and stuff taking up your day - in the end, a few pounds is a price I'm willing to pay if it means I can actually share my work with you all.

Just promise me y'all will actually them, 'kay? ;)

BxB Chronicles

Speaking of... BxBC should be going back to a weekly schedule now. After the turn of the chapter things were a bit rough, as around that time I was also getting settled in university (did I tell you guys I had nowhere to live for like a month? That was fun. We stayed in a caravan. There were lots of dogs.) and since I had been so intense with updates on the run up to the birth I was happy to let regular updates slide.
Also around that time I was prepping a new comic, Nicole's Nibbles, and was getting the first comic ready to print and sell (hopefully this April). I'll release more details later, but basically I focused on that, and after that getting the second chapter of TTM complete. I'm now coming towards the end of the third chapter of TTM. After I finish that, I plan to take a break from both those comics so I can focus on BxBC and, obviously, uni work. I also have some Small Thy comics to post if I can't catch up.

94 by Thalateya

The current arc will be quite interesting and something I've wanted to do for a while - BACKSTORY! It will feature some of the main characters as children and plenty of first meetings, including some characters we will be meeting again for the first time (that makes sense, trust me). Like the Online Dating or the Anya arc will be distrusted amongst other storylines throughout the second chapter. This chapter will probably be a bit dull compared to the first one, but I want to focus a bit more on establishing the world or introducing characters to new readers...

...oh and emotionally tormenting bonnie as much as possible. But that's a given.

Max the Shadow Demon

So over the last few months I have been working on updating the first chapter of Max the Shadow demon. When I started Max the Shadow Demon I had little understanding of actually constructing comic books - at only 72 dpi, they were not suitable for printing without becoming a pixelly mess.
I've gone through the entire first chapter and fixed them up so they were large enough for print (it involved a lot of faffing involving vector masks and the like). Below is an example of the differences between the originals and the new versions that will be on print. Most notably, the grey tones that started in chapter two will be in all comics. There have also been a few line art and text changes, but pretty much only to keep things more consistent with later chapters. When I started the first chapter, I actually had quite a poor idea where the comic was going, and there were plenty of last-minute changes, so it was good to use what I've learned about comics in the last few yea
rs to adapt it.

So as you may know there is an entire archive of comics here on dA... what'll happen to them? Nothing. Nada. Quite frankly the comics here will serve as an archive of my artwork, and I don't really intend for anybody to read the comics here. Instead the comics will link to the website and encourage people to read there.
I recently took down the website (...again) and re-uploaded all the new versions, currently the website is updating daily until it catches up. Here is still the best place to go for NEW comics as soon as possible though.

Oh, and if you prefer reading on mobile, TTM is also being posted on I love the little website and think it's a great format for webcomics and cartoonists new and old... and finding something new to read!


I'm currently working on an update for my website and stuff like that. My main issue is that at the moment I'm streached thin between several different websites - I have dA, facebook, tapas, and like 7 tumblrs and websites for each of my comics, along with my website. Instead my website will be a 'homepage' that links to all my comics and stuff, even my college work, and hopefully when it's done I'll be able to use all my websites in unison together.

In short:

The best place to read BxB Chronicles is it's website.
The best place to keep updated with BxB Chronicles is here.
The best place to read Max the Shadow Demon is it's website or
The best place to keep updated with BxB Chronicles is here (for the time being).
I post all comics, finished artwork, and some sketches here on dA.
I post ALL my work and sketches on my tumblr.
Written updates (mostly about my comics and cons) are posted on my facebook.
College work and details is posted on my portfolio/art diary website.

...or at least, that is the plan going into 2018.

Happy new year y'all!

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My last 'this is how i'm doing' blog was over a year ago. No comments.

So a few things that have happened recently:
- I passed college with an A and got into my first choice of art school, DJCAD
- I bought a flat in Dundee and bought the many many things that come with a flat like biscuit tins and beds
- I got a lump of money to sell my comic and will hopefully be doing so later this year
- ...
- Did I mention i'm going to Uni?

As you can see, I've been trying to keep TTM and BxB updated regularly, BxB has now gone back to weekly and TTM on sundays. That said, I can't say how long this will last, as neither have an impressive backlog and I don't know how often I'll be updating once I start Uni. It's likely that i'll take a break for a little while. Usually I'll spend the last few weeks of a holiday making lots of comics but now my time is taken up with Nicole's Nibbles.

I'm currently working on Nicole's Nibbles and, if all goes to plan, I will be selling two small comics in early December this year, alongside an assortment of prints, badges, and other such things. I'm probably also going to look into selling stuff online in the future but since most of my market lives abroad I dunno how that will work. I don't know if I even have enough of a market for it to be worthwhile.

Either way, I've been trying to keep up with posting all the work I've been doing (keep falling behind) so keep your eyes out over the coming weeks.

And finally, here are some stunning artworks from Spashai that I keep gushing at!
Thalateya by Spashai  Princess Penny by Spashai
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So uh, things have been very frantic the last few months. It's that sort of thing where... lots of little things tend to pile up and it all starts to get overwhelming. In reality, I've had relatively few things to worry about, especially compared to Bonnie, but it's still... i dunno. Dr. Khan recommended that I try writing things down - at first I didn't figure I had to, but I'm home alone right now and can't really sleep. It's weird. Bonnie's spent plenty of nights at Orotiv's the last few months, I mean, she's there almost as much as she's here, but it's only now it seems... lonely.

Today actually marks the since month mark since Cece and I... broke up. It seems so long ago now, I don't miss her as much as I did at first, maybe I'm getting used to being single again. In hindsight I can see that she treated be like crap, and all the things I did just to keep her attention, although if I had the chance I'd go back and do it all again, maybe more as friends. Looking back, she always seemed more fixated on the... physical side of the relationship, she took my desire not to have sex very personally, so I guess it's no surprise that she was cheating behind my back for... several months... uhm.

I last saw her at a movie theatre about 3 months ago, it stirred up a lot of emotions. I decided to get a job at Nacrene radio to help distract myself - plus, with Bonnie having her hands full with the baby, I figured it would be good for me to do something else too. I'm a little worried about money too, with Bonnie essentially being out of work for nearly a year, and this isn't a job you can just back out off. She isn't too worried though, and she knows our budget better than me, so I guess things are okay - knowing her she'll have a stash of money I don't know about. Anyway. Nacrene Radio is a small station that only really broadcasts this side of Unova - it's run by Royce, who is actually Albany's cousin - he introduced me to the idea. I'm proud of Albany, a few years ago he could barely talk to his cousin. Royce is quite relaxed and cool, probably what Albany would be like if he was more confident. My show is on quite late at night, so I mostly appeal to the nocturnal crowd. In other words, I've asked Devon to compile a list of songs Ferelith can't stand.

Speaking of Ferelith and Devon, they've been putting off getting married for nearly two years now. They've been doing odds and ends here and there like choosing a ring and looking up dresses, but they've not set any date now. Devon says the proposal wasn't that formal, Ferelith says she's going to do it after Bonnie gives birth but honestly... even before we found out Bonnie was pregnant, she was putting it off. Hopefully now the baby... babies? Baby's been born they will get going with it.

Okay okay, I should talk about the baby now. Bonnie went into labour Tuesday night, just as I... was about to... er... go to Albany's for our regular games night. We called Orotiv, and he took us to his hospital. Proxy met us there. Poxy actually works in the league 
inspecting fighters to ensure they're fit for battle, but before that she was a surgeon and before that that she was a midwife. This was very convenient for Bonnie, since they fired their old nurse for leaking pictures of the ultrasound (which, it turns out, was Bonnie's actual ultrasound). Poxy still wanted to make it up to Bonnie after the accidentally let out personal information, but even then, she really went out her way to help. Her daughter Dott helped out too, as a junior nurse at the hospital. Bonnie doesn't know her that well, but she seemed comfortable with her.

So uh, early Wednesday Morning, Jolene was born... stillborn. It was quite a tense moment. Bonnie asked me and Orotiv to leave and refused to even look at Jo, and I really feel like she's going to regret it. Orotiv was devastated, a bit angry at Bonnie, a bit at himself. The first moment he could he left the hospital to go to his sister's house... I don't think he actually arrived, but they had a conversation at some point because he told her about Bonnie not being Anya and everything. Obviously I didn't want to pry too much, and I don't understand all the biology, but apparently it was something to do with the heart. And it 'didn't keep working' after she was born. Bonnie did mentioned something about an irregular heartbeat but me and Orotiv didn't take it seriously. God, it makes me feel like a jerk.

I stayed a while until Bonnie was feeling better, got something to eat at the canteen - I brought Bonnie a sandwich but she never ended up eating it, since she started giving birth to Harris. Orotiv was still away, so I assisted her during the labour... as much as I could. The labour lasted quite a few hours with no real progress, and Bonnie seemed to be getting really... tried. Eventually she just seemed to 'give up' and well... it's kind of... heard to recall. Bonnie has fainted several times before, due to her stress and pregnancy but never in such a... dire situation. Eventually they had to make an emergency C-Section. Bonnie woke up shortly afterwards and be and Orotiv were able to make sure they were okay, but she nodded off almost immediately afterwards. I don't blame her, considering she'd been in labour for over a day. Harris and Bonnie are in the hospital, me and Orotiv went to our respective homes, and everybody going to try and get a little sleep. I just hope Bonnie gets some rest because she's going to need it.

I asked the hospital to send me regular updates, and Harris is doing well - no signs of the same illness as his sister although some breathing troubles - things are cautious but we can get our hopes up. Both babies were around the 6 pound mark, which is pretty average for one baby cubchoo but big for two, especially considering Bonnie's quite short (though to be fair, Orotiv makes up for it). The biology around mienfoo and mienshao is still quite gray considering the rarity of their species, although apparently this rarity is due to issues with labour which could explain Bonnie's troubles. The species is very lean and strong with doesn't lend itself well to labour, but most mienshao have regenerate abilities to make up for it. I suppose this is where Bonnie falters, then again, she does have incredible resistance if not a high pain threshold.

Y'know, seeing Bonnie the last few months has surprised me. 9 months ago I could not see Bonnie as a mother, she hates children with a passion. I know that initially she was planning to act as a surrogate for Orotiv - give birth to the child, get paid, leave them as if nothing happen. At one point she actually suggested being a surrogate full-time to help increase her species' numbers, but I... somehow doubt that's still the plan. In the beginning she hid it because she didn't want to be treated differently, and for a few months she tried to act like nothing changed. And yet somewhere along the line she actually got excited about the baby, about making a nursery, raising a child. The whole idea of a surrogacy became something... much more casual. And her relationship with Orotiv has grown too, they were once practically strangers, nothing more than friends-with-benefits, and now they genuinely seem... comfortable in each others company. Bonnie and Orotiv... they're not lovers, but then, neither of them are the kind of people who want lovers, perhaps they will find themselves in a platonic love, maybe a platonic marriage... they certainly seem like life partners.

I love Bonnie, I love all my friends, and most of all seeing them grow. But I need to accept that this is Bonnie's life, not mine. I don't even know yet if Bonnie will be coming back to live here, whether fixing up the nursery is a waste of time. I'll do whatever I can to make Bonnie happy and give her a happy life, and if I'm not a part of it... well, it'll break my heart, but that's life.

I should... see if Albany's awake, maybe we can catch up on that game's night.
comics into the calendar in order to plan out a goddamn birth.

Churt by Thalateya

I managed to mess stuff up so I GUESS WE'RE GOING BIWEEKLY NOW.
Hi guys! I don't have the next new Amizade update ready, so instead I'm going to post a TTM comic today instead of saturday.

I mess the schedule up all the time I don't know why I'm writing a journal for once.

Oh right. It's cause I care about y'all. Huh.
Ask as many as you like!

☝ - How tall are you?

✔ - Sexual Orientation
🚬 - Do you Smoke?
🍷 - Do you Drink?
♒ - Do you Take Drugs?
😳 - Age you get mistaken for?
💉 - Have Tattoos?
✏️ - Want any tattoos?
✂️ - Got any Piercings?
✌ - Want any piercings?
👌 - Best friend?
♥ - Do you like anyone?
🎤 - Top 5 favorite bands?
🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?
😒 - Biggest pet peeve?
📝 - Story from your childhood.
💬 - I wish…
‼️ - Something you’ll change?
💦 - What makes you horny?
🌟 - A wish you’ll wish for?
🔥 - Something spicy you like?
👃 You hate the smell of ….
👊 - Something you hate?
🚶 - Are you single?
💭 - Favorite foods?
☀ - Story about your day.
✏ - Random fact about yourself.
✈️ - Where are you from?
🚀 - Where do you wanna visit?
😍 - Do you have a crush?
😷 - Something you hate eating?
🙈 - What makes you shy?
💃 - Can you dance?
💏 - Do you love anyone?
🌴 - A island you would visit?
🌎 - A country you would visit?
🌀 - Favorite type of weather?
🔮 - Do you believe in luck?
📱 - What kinda phone do you have?
📅 - Favorite time of the year?
📚 - Career goal you want?
🍴 - Favorite food(s) to eat?
🍭 - Favorite Candy?
🍇 - Favorite fruits?
🚘 - Dream car(s)?
🚔 - Have you ever been arrested?
🚑 - Have you ever driven in an ambulance before?
🎫 - Do you have a license?
🚼 - Do you have or want kids?
😔 - Something that makes you sad?
😡 - What pisses you off?
😏 - What turns you on?
💪 - Do you work out?
Oh wow I wonder how much they've changed!

Team Animzade Characters by Thalateya


Oh. They've not changed that much actually. Huh.
June 7th.

Stay tuned. ;)
I think I did something like this a while back, but there was two less generations back then and I'm sure my favourites have changed a lot too. Soo, without further ado.

This will be a countdown of your top favorite Pokemon by generation. There are so many to choose from, can you narrow them down to five? Feel free to give a simple list, or something with a bit more explanation! 

Generation One:

Finding pokemon I like in generation one is like digging through  cess pit looking for a cheap ring that I swallowed at some point. You see, gen 1 has 151 reasonably-well designed pokemon, but suffers from what I call '90%ofthepokemonevolutionsaretexactlythesamebutslightlybiggeritis'. Muk, Rapidash, Wheezing, Electrode, Dewgong, Poliwrath, Pidgeot, Nidorido/a, Dragonair - and this is me being generous with some. There are TWO pokemon that are literally evolve to make... there of the same pokemon. There are THREE different 'pink balloon' pokemon. WHY DO YOU NEED THREE POKEMON THAT ARE PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL? WHY DID THEY ALL NEED EVOLUTION LINES THAT ARE PRACTICALLY THE SAME? And then there's pikachu.
I'm just saying, generation one lover are blinded by nostalgia, and imo are one of the weakest generations design-wise. Most of the pokemon look practically identical and I was dissapointed with alot of the evolutions. People argue that modern pokemon are 'lazy' and 'running out of ideas' but it's literally been that way since the start. My favourite part is that nobody defends gen 1, they just bash later gens.
ANYWAY. Ninetales and Nidoran are the only pokemon I particularly like from this gen. Nidoran is my favourite pokemon for it's 'cuteness'. It's a spiky purple guinea pig. It's amazing. I LITERALLY HAVE FOUR NIDORANS/NIDOKINGS CALLED 'FREDDIE 1-4'. Ninetales (and Vulpix) are pokemon that have always appealed to me, the perfect element of mystery which I've never been able to match in my own works.

Generation Two:

Close contenders: Togetic, Xatu
Generation Two is an okay generation for me, I think this is the point where they started adding proper details and solidifying the designs of the pokemon, rather than just 'purple rat'. At the time I discovered Gen 2 I was going through a phase where I loved ferrets, so Quilava definitely appealed to me, I like typhlosion too but again, the evolution family didn't have much difference with bothered me. Smeargle is a pokemon which I feel I've never had an opportunity to appreciate since it's never quite worked in a team., but I like it's design and concept - an 'artist' seems fairly unique amongst pokemon. Raikou, and indeed all the legendary beasts, are very well designed and have a very 'japanese lore' feel to them. The mythical element was lost in legendaries in later generations though. Bayleef and Houndoom are, again, pokemon I like the designs of. Togetic and Xatu are both pokemon I've liked for a long time. Togetic is odd though, I'd say it's family is one of my favourites, but I much prefer Togekiss which is gen 4, so I didn't want to include it. 
Fun fact: I first began working on pokemon comic ideas after SoulSilver, based on my SS team. The main characters were a cyndaquil called Cynthia who was lazy and a bit dim, but a good and determined fighter, and a togetic called Angel who was sweet and good-natured but again, very keen of battles and competition. They were also close friends who eventually became lovers. Hm.

Generation Three:

Close Contenders: Blaziken, Sceptile, Aron, Mightyena, Swellow, Breloom, Delcatty, Manectric, Altaria, Zangoose, Milotic, Spheal
Generation three is my favourite generation, probably because it's my 'first' generation. There are no pokemon I dislike in this generation, and many, many who I love, including some who would never used to appeal to me. There is a huge variety of pokemon in this gen. Generally, my 3-5 favourites alternate between the entire close contenders list. Swampert is, of course, my first ever pokemon and although I've spent a long time disliking him I've grown to love him. While I prefer Mienshao and Whimsicott, if I ever owned a pokemon IRL I'd choose a big, cuddly Swampert! And Absol, I LOVE it's yin-yang design and concept, and it was one pokemon I remember fondly, discovering it for the first time in Sapphire and catching him in a premier ball.

Generation Four:

Close Contenders: Purugly, Lucario, Togekiss, Luxray, Froslass, Shaymin
Four is the generation of 'animals given a particular element'. Seriously, just look at the starters. Generation Four has a lot of interesting and well-designed pokemon... but they are are very samey and basic. Just looking at my top pics for this gen I realised that they could all fit into 'biped fighting-type animals' or 'quadruped animals'. There's lots of exceptions, but all of them seem... I dunno. Gen 4 has a particular style which I like but is a bit repetitive. Also the legendaries. THERE ARE TOO MANY LEGENDARIES AND THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.
I like a lot of gen 4 shinies though. They were also generous with the weasel and fighting-type pokemon which I'm all for... all I need is a fighting-type weasel...

Generation Five:

Close Contenders: Cofagrigus, Samurott, Scolipede, Liepard, Patrat, Swoobat, Volcarona
ALL PRAISE GENERATION FIVE: WHO BROUGHT US THE GREAT BREAD AND BREAKFAST DUO: KUNG-FU WEASEL AND SHEEP FAIRY. In all seriousness, Generation 5 was a VERY hit-or-miss generation for me. Either I loved the pokemon, or I hated it. There were a few 'neural' pokemon for me, such as braviary and swanna, but not many. One thing I noticed is that my loves for Gen 5 changed a LOT as I made Amizade - it allowed me to look into new pokemon and discover new favourites. Serperior and Braviary are quite low on the list now, and I think if I'd made Amizade now then there would be a rather different main cast. Fortunately many of my favourites I was able to use again in Black/White 2... I really wanna play that game again.
Fun fact: Blair was almost a sawsbuck. In fact his name means 'forest', which was a reference to sawsbuck's antlers. I still don't know quite what it was that made whimsicott appeal to me to replace it with him, perhaps it was the personality he presented as a whimsicott that was much more interesting. Never fear, sawsbuck!blair will be appearing in Amizade someday.

Generation Six:


Close Contenders: Aromatisse, Heliolisk, Slyveon
Generation Six had some amazingly designed pokemon but, and I'm sure you'll agree, I just wish there was MORE. For only about 60-odd pokemon, I like A LOT of them, and there's really few I outright dislike. I'm actually quite disappointed I didn't continue Chained so I could feature some of my favourites. The pokemon of gen 6 presented a wide variety, including unique abilities and evolutions and they they embraced the new type - they know how to design fairy-times that still look like tough fighters. I feel like XY had way too much focus on pandering to the fans of earlier pokemon, and that bothered me a lot. Regardless, one of my favourite games in the series.

Bonus: Favourite Mega Evolutions

Close Contenders: Audino, Swampert, Absol

Generation Seven:

Close Contenders: Lycanroc, Mudsdale, Lurantis, Type: Null, Mimikyu
I don't think there were quite as many pokemon that appealed to me this gen, but then again, it's not been out for that long. I'm sure as time passes others will grow on me, but other than the pokemon I chose for my team... eeh, not many pokemon appealed to me. The only shiny I particularly liked was Ribombee, it's red hood sold it to me. Also, while I like salazzle, I was a bit disappointed - it's a very generic-looking poison lizard, I was really hoping for an armadillo or pangolin pokemon before on it's pre-evolution. Ah well! Overall, not too many pokemon that appealed to me, but some that had really good designs. Heck, I think all the pokemon of this gen are quite uniquely designed and made. (And hooray for selkie pokemon!)

i'm not paying a fuckton for 3 months of 'premium membership' (read: no viruses) on a shitty website

and i'm definetly not going to codem somebody else to it

your sincerity


pls stop shoving it down my throat (:
The new dA tees they're forcing in our faces remind me of those tees you get from japan with the engrish text.
To make an age ref sheet of one of my characters

Any requests?
Hey, dA's letting me post stuff again. Thanks dA, it's nice to finally see a website does the ONE thing it's based around doing. :stare:

To make up for the lack of a comic this week, I posted the character bios from the website:
BxB Chronicles - Bonnie by Thalateya
BxB Chronicles - Blair by Thalateya
So far I've done Bonnie and Blair. I'll add characters as they feature in the trip, so for instance, next time we have an arc featuring another character, their bio will appear. I actually prefer the older Amizade bios (the ones that look like the BW summary pages) but I wanted something that fit with the style of the website. The idea is that as people read the comic, they can learn a little bit about the characters as they become relevant.

Which leads me onto the next point. I've currently just finished drawing the first half of the 'Anya' arc (which has just started posting) but I feel like the next arc should focus on a different character.  I don't REALLY have anything planned for Blair, so I want to use one of the secondary characters. I have a few ideas rattling about, but I want to know what y'all think.

Are there any characters you want to see a bit more about, or concepts you want me to flesh out? The format of BXB allows me to get into specific parts of characters in more detail. The issue is deciding WHICH parts to go into detail. Knowing wether there's any characters you want to learn more about will help me narrow this down and hopefully get some ideas for 'stand-alone' arcs that I'll enjoy.
I've reached a point where I can't upload anything on dA at all because whenever I try too the page fucks up

Also chrome takes like 10 minutes to start up
and when it does it only works half the time

Also I managed to lose windows photo viewer and movie maker while trying to fix windows photo gallery
i have to view images in paint


and the less I say about the complete overdose of fucking preinstalled microsoft shit on this  computer the better

I want windows 7 back

it was my baby

Windows 10 is complete shit

will write proper journsla when i'm feeling betetr
My premiumship recently expired, and made me realise just... how bad dA is.
There was a time a few years back when I would be eager to support dA, but since joining this website had largely... gone to shit. For most of the years I've been here I've been a beta tester, but not once have I ever felt my voice was heard. Every time a new update came up, I've seen pages and pages of comments of people expressing what they wanted, and none of it was ever acted upon. Plus, almost everything that makes the site bearable is paid for, and after their recent, stupid stunt that essentially doubled the price for no reason, I've just had enough of paying for it. Heck, at one time before I got a fucking virus from one of dA's adverts, which is not a risk I'm dealing with again.

DA charges an outragous amount for stuff you can get for free with other websites, they balantly ignore the community and what they want and have generally been building the website to becoming another social media clone. They're forgotten what made them so attractive at one time and have just tired to becoming a suppar facebook. Perhaps worst of all is their dislusion that people still like dA, that we are a community and who love entering contests for dA-related goodies. I mean yeah, Tumblr for example is pretty ignorant of feedback from the community, but at least they don't pretend to listen to feedback from members who pay money.

Honestly, what spurred his one was being unable to post new artwork because I got like, 3 messages saying 'YO YOUR PMS OUT BUY MORE!' and then the page glitched out. Is it really neccisary to have 3 pages before you can submit one deviation. BACK IN MY DAY YOU JUST HAD ONE PAGE. YOU CLICKED IT AND IT WAS ALL ON ONE PAGE. YOUC ANT EVEN ADD TAGS NOW WITHOUT LUDICIOUS AUTOCORREST CHANGING pokemon TO #pokemoneverydayinjuneforsomereasonoranother AND EUGBIHGM


The truth is, over the last few months I've just... drifted away from the internet in general.

Last year, high school was terrible, and I came to the internet as a way for escaping. All of my friends were here, and I felt this was the one place I could get away from my depressing and straining life. But since starting college, I've made new friends, I've been a lot more comfortable in general and my life isn't centred around my computer. I've also been doing a lot less with my digital art, instead it's a lot of painting, figures and scrapbooking. For the past few months the only reason I've logged onto dA was to see if I've got any comments or to shedule posts for the next week or so (the lack of sheduling is also annoying because I cannot be trusted to post stuff online). A lot of my friends from dA seem to have vanished or moved on, and many of the artists I admired are inactive. 

I... don't know what I'm going to do. I probably won't delete this account, I'll probably keep posting some of my art, but... I dunno.

Thalateya's Den

Just... keep an eye on these if you have a tumblr...

No Amizade

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 4:01 PM
There's unlikely there'll be a new BXB Comic this week because I'm a bit busy and I'm in a dry spot for ideas at the minute... I was wondering if anybody had anything else they might want to see me do for Wednesday that dosen't require drawing. I'm thinkin' something like a Q and A... hmm.

Oh, and a little note for those that read Chained.
Right now, I have BIG BIG plans for BxBC. I have two prequels being planned out, the first about Bonnie/Blair's childhood and another... with a quite different setting and characters. Not only that, but I want the main storyline to go on a lot longer than I ever planned Amizade too - it will essentially be the story of Bonnie and Blair's (and later Harris/Jo/Cholita's) lives. If it goes on for long enough, it will 'catch up' and tell some of the story I planned to tell in Chained (more from Harris' perspective really, but that's what I always preferred anyway).
I would like to say that anything brought up in chained is basically a case of 'true until proven otherwise'. It's canon, but if there's ever something that counteracts with it, take it from the main BXBC story. 

The same goes with the comiclings, ask amizade, anything from outside the main comics... heck even amizade itself. I will try my very best to keep things consistent, especially with amizade, but there are just some things that'll be hard to work around. It's actually unlikely that anybody will pick these up. 

Don't get your hopes up too much though.

Bonnie's still missing half her body, and always will. ouob

/oh right and another thang
I really want to do more colour comics. Neither TTM or BXB will be in colour, allthough I will do colour special pages at least once a chapter in TTM, and special parts of BXB. Jo's birth will definetly be in colour for reasons that will be apparent, and other significant moments like new characters or big events.

Buuut... I've been making new characters and designing them to be easier to do in coloured comics. I really miss working on Chained and Amizade in colour...

Amizade Bonus Panels 1

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 28, 2016, 4:49 PM
Wowsuchbone by Thalateya

Mm by Thalateya

8pp by Thalateya

Rii by Thalateya