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PKMNN - Cynthia the Quilava

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Well, some of you know I have RJ and he's based on my in-game typolison but shiny. What soem of you might know is that RJ is actually my second quilava OC, waay back ages ago I had another one called Cynthia, and she and Angel were a chubby weasel and cheeky fairy who are best friends but eventually a couple AND WAITAMINUTE.
But yeah. She's based on my origonal quilava from soulsilver. I suppose now I need a togepi too or my bonnie/blair espies would never be complete!

:bulletpink: Nickname: Cynthia
:bulletpink: Species: Quilava
:bulletpink: Ability: Blaze
:bulletpink: Type(s): Fire
:bulletpink: Gender: Female
:bulletpink: Attributes: Wears a necklace

:bulletpink: Nature: Impish
:bulletpink: Characteristic: Proud of it's Power

:bulletpink: Date of Hatching: 2nd of April 2014
:bulletpink: Parents:  Mercy & Sammy (Nutmeg777)
:bulletpink: Breeding Status: Open! 

:bulletpink: Level: 92
:bulletpink: Start Base Attack: 13 + 2
:bulletpink: Current Base Attack: 35

:bulletpink: Moves :bulletpink:
Tackle - Normal - Start
Leer - Normal - Start
Eruption - Fire - Fiery Power
Rollout - Rock - Mid August Payments

:bulletpink: Level Up Log :bulletpink:
Clutch picture (4) = 4
App art (5) = 9
Such a sizzling cutie (6) = 15
Fiery Power (10) = 25
Summer Tournament R1 (BOOM!) (5) = 30
Cyntihia VS Chaos (52) = 82
Healthy Bloom (10) = 92
Mid August Payments (10) = 100
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