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DnD - Quirinn Family Tree by Thalateya DnD - Quirinn Family Tree by Thalateya
"Daar Qurinn's family has this tradition where they kill their partner after having children with them, but they keep their second name as a mark of honour. Her mother is the current Queen, and she has a younger brother with one child. She herself has three- okay I'm going to end up drawing a family tree aren't I?"

Love how my character has so many names that the text box cut off 'Quirinn'. The actual name she goes by.

The Quirinn Clan came to the continent centuries ago as diplomats, and over generations their culture has been diluted - currently, their system is a mishmash of dragonborn traditions and civilised systems. They have an unusual custom as they do not get married and have many children with one partner in the typical sense. Instead, potential partners will offer up great wealth, land, and power in return for the honour of becoming king or queen. They will remain in the royal court until the child is 3 years old and healthy, after which the partner is either executed or, more commonly in recent years, exiled. The remaining parent and child will take their clan name, partially as a show of power, partially as an act of respect.

The current queen is Harann Feathenshtur Altis Quirinn (Also known as Queen Harann Quirinn, The Royal Dragonborn, Harann), aged 71, Red + 1/4 Gold. She is the son of King Orjin Quirinn, who was an exceptional case as he chose to marry a commoner for love rather than money, and refused to kill her when Harann was 3. Everybody was expecting Harann to take after her mother, but this was proved wrong shortly after her father's death when she was 12 - she executed her own surviving mother and all her relatives, violently believing that her father had soiled the family legacy.
Her two children are Daar, apparent to the throne, and Frojhan.

Daar Jharthraxyn Agnes Baharoosh Feathenshtur Quirinn (Also known as Quirinn, Daar, 'Sunshine'), aged 33, Red + 1/8 Gold. She is next in line for the throne and knows it, although her primary focus is marrying rich and accumulating wealth and children (and names). She spent most of her life sitting rich on the throne alongside her mother, but has recently become more interested in enriching her inherent powers, particularly now that her children are healthy and looked after.
Her three children are Priskan, Qipora and Grigil.

Priskan Umtin Jharthraxyn Quirinn (Also known as Prince Priskan, 'Medallion'), aged 19, Gold + 1/3 Red, is the oldest of Daar's children and third in line for the throne. Despite this, he takes after his uncle's interest in the military and trains as a fighter. He has been married for over a year with no children, something that confuses his mother and grandmother - he has yet to pluck up the bravery to explain he doesn’t want to kill her.

Qipora Agnes Quirinn (Also known as Qipora, 'Sweetskin'), aged 16, Half Red Dragonborn. Quipora inherited her mother's looks and is considered the most beautiful princess in the land, presuming, of course, you're into half-dragonborn. Which most people aren't. Her father was the first non-dragonborn to be involved with the family for generations. Despite being a compete sweetheart, she was still raised with her family's mentality and looks forward to the day she can start killing her husbands.

Grigil Baharoosh Quirinn (Also known as Grigil, 'Little Prince'), aged 7, Red + 1/2 Black. Grigil's birth raised a lot of concern as he didn't really resemble his father, in fact, as he got older his dark scales made him look much more like his father's black-scaled brother instead. When the time came, the alleged father was killed, and the uncle was exiled, causing a lot of controversy. To end all the complaints, Quirinn ordered that the brother was hunted down and killed as well - unfortunately, he has not been found, and is believed to either be already dead or living as a fugitive.
That said, very little of this is reflected on Gigil, who while very small, lives a happy life and is shaping up to be a promising young prince.

Commander Frojhan Keknen Feathenshtur Quirinn (Also known The Royal Commander, Forjhan, 'Frostbite'), Aged 24, Red + 1/8 Gold. Daar's younger brother, and fifth in line for the throne - rather than waste his time with royal pursuits, he dedicated himself to the military and the royal guard, and has since grown to be a formidable commander.
He has one child, Perry, who only recently turned 3.
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