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DW - Mercury Character Sheet by Thalateya DW - Mercury Character Sheet by Thalateya
I feel like I couldv'e come up with more interesting interpretations of a Mercury gem but i love this design so much.

Quicksilver Mercury, Facet-1D4L Cut-1NA.
Mercuries were created as assassins, targeting various enemies such as alien species or convict gems, allthough Shattering Robonoids has recently forced them kind into reduncancy and all but the best Mercuries have been broken down.

All Mercury gems are created in pairs consisting of a grey Quicksilver and a reddish Vermillion, they are technically counted as the same gem and frequently fuse, in fact, the pairs are often considered two halves of a whole. This allows them to cover a variety of skills and allows them to work undercover and independently from other types of gem. Quicksilver tend to be more tacitally and technologically focused, wheras Vermillion are more competent in combat, they typically fuse together only when they lose the oppertunity for surprise. A fused mercury is a fast, versitile, and dangerous foe.

Mercury worked along with Vermillion for a long time, often working flawlessly together with their likeminded ness. However, with the demise of many of their friends, their relationship became quite tense and borderline abusive, as Vermillion tended to take her greif out on her partner. This became very obvious whenever they fused, as often Vermillion entirely took over the fusion. Despite this, when they were seperated Mercury stuggled to cope for a long time, spending decades alone lookign for her partner before finally settling on earth.

She has no specific weapon, instead she has a cloak of mercury that she can manipluate in whatever way she wants using metal-bending. This gives her access to whatever weapon or object she wants, most commonly scythes, barriers, or, which enough concentration, wings and full-body armour. However, she can only summon so much mercury at a time before she begins to damage her gem, so the more she uses this, the more vulnerable she becomes. She is also less proficient in any of these weapons, so most of the time it becomes a case of hurling something at someone and running away from them. She is a jack of all trades, master of none.

Her secondary powers include her technicaly poweress and ability to hack into a variety of machinery, and she is very good at stealthy situations. She is incredibly foolhardy and a showoff, and allthough a coward at heart, will do anything it it makes her look cool. Somehow, this works out well surpisingly often.
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