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Dromaeosaurus vs Lambeosaurus



Alberta, 75 million years ago, a hungry pack of tiny raptors goes after a multi-ton hadrosaur.

How will this hunt go? According to basic logic? The raptors get flattened. But according to a terrifyingly large number of people? The giant duck-bill is utterly helpless against these tiny, insignificant carnivores and will meet a grizzly end, and only kill maybe a single raptor, if it’s extremely lucky.

I have often cited this particular notion as the indisputably dumbest, most illogical concept to ever plague paleo-media, and I very much still stand by it, and will now cruelly mock it with this drawing.

As you might know, this idea came about from John Ostrom’s theory that Deinonychus and Tenontosaurus had a predator-prey relationship, with the smaller 40-70 kg dromeosaur utilizing pack-hunting to bring down the larger iguanodont. What often gets ignored by people is how Tenontosaurus was not a particularly large dinosaur, at only around 1-1.5 tons in weight, making the size difference between it and Deinonychus roughly equivalent to a bison and a wolf (animals who have a predator-prey relationship), not an elephant and a wolf, and this predator-prey relationship got embellished into the ridiculous idea that raptors were reality-defying super-predators that could effortlessly kill prey over 200 times their size. Some people will try to defend this notion by citing the heavily scrutinized theory that raptors used their sickle claw for slashing into their prey and letting them die from blood loss, but when you take into account the size difference between something like Dromaeosaurus and Lambeosaurus, the former using its sickle claw on the latter would be about the deadly to the latter as you getting scratched by your cat.

Essentially, this concept boils down to that ever-pesky mindset laymen tend to have that prehistoric equals nigh-invincible killing machine.

This scenario still rears its ugly head in many paleo-media, though usually in media that leans more towards the dumb side (like Jurassic Fight Club or Tarbosaurus, the Mightiest Ever) but it sometimes also seeps into otherwise well-made paleo-media (like Dinosaur Planet and The Last Day of the Dinosaurs).

I mean, how out of touch do you need to be to think that a pack of Dromaeosaurus (actually Acheroraptor) could bring down an Edmontosaurus? Or that just a pair of Saurornithoides (actually Zanabazar, but just a reused Deinonychus model) taking down a Charonosaurus? That's like pitting a pack of black-backed jackals against, not an adult bull African elephant, but one of the biggest bull African elephants on record (15 kg vs 6-8 tons).

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you should do the cartoony style more often. it looks good