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My Bio
I'm just a twobit scribler "artist" like any other, but my output is sorely lacking as I don't feel good enough to make stuff. Artist's block and all that...maybe should draw more to flesh out the skills.

But this is a bio so here's some; Age you can see at the top info banner, I like many things but steampunk is of particular interest.
Mannerisms are alternatively very eccentric and lively or laconic and sarcastic so watch out for that and don't get too offended.

One important note;
I do art because I like to do it, not because I need attention. If others find it nice that's good, share and enjoy. Advice, critique and other comments are welcome, but I don't do things to explicitly please an audience, so it's okay to not like stuff I do, but any "I'm offended by this" entitlement crap won't carry very far with me.

After that mood killer paragraph I'll finish this with a good basic rule to all creative types out there;
"Steal like an Artist"

Favourite Movies
There are many...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
KMFDM, Covenant, Rotersand, VNV Nation, Rymdreglage and more.
Favourite Writers
Too many to list. Mostly philosophers.
Favourite Games
Arcanum - Steamworks & Magic Obscura, Team Fortress 2, EVE Online.
Favourite Gaming Platform
The provebial all-rounder that is PC.
Tools of the Trade
Head full of ideas and software I never seem to use.
Other Interests
Generally anything.
While I was absent the counter hit 3000 views. I suppose that's something even if it's absolutely insignificant in a grander scheme. In more relevant news the Arcanum Table Top RPG project is now done to the degree that it's ready for play testing and polish on the gameplay front. This little project was some 4 years in the making mainly because of my fluctuating levels of inspiration on the project. Feels good to finally have it done and ready. Of course nothing prevents me from updating and polishing it more, but it is ready for game time and that's what I've been waiting for a long time. Let's hope the little group we have for these ta
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As feared the counter shows 2000 and nothing has been done. The shame. The only vaguely good thing about this inaction is that the 1k & 2k hits thing will be the next things on the list. The "script" for 1k is done and now reguires art...sigh. I just can't seem to be able to illustrate people. Practice makes ferfect(sic), obsession better... I have no ideas for the 2k thing. Yet.
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Seeing as the view counter is past the 1.5k mark it would be appropriate to finish the "1k hits" doodle and get ready to get lazy on the 2k hits thing. It's bloody terryfing to suddenly realize how much time has passed since that 1k mark was busted and frankly, the sole reason for the celbratory 3 panel komik not appearing this gallery is sheer ass numbing laziness on my part. Gaming is also to blame. The good part is that I've practically gotten the pen & paper sketch done, yet I feel that the feminine side in this art splash is not proper enough. Curse these limited scribling skills!
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Thanks for fav :) I appreciate that very much.
Thanks for the watch! Enjoy the madness!
That was the intent kamarade. I'm anxious to see Guardsman Lucky...
Good day, sir. No doubt you would have seen my page already as it was linked on brassgoggles. Let me know if you would like to join the steampunk club.
Would I? Let's get the papers sorted ASAP.
....okay, I'm adding you.