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:star:Wanted Digital Inker:star: I am looking for someone that enjoys my art and is willing to help me ink some of my works. You must be able to ink at my level or better. I will need the ink work in a PSD document on a clear layer. I need to know I can count on you to deliever in a timely manner so if you are in school and this will be a problem please do not apply. Contact me through a Note. I have some comic art in the works and could use a partner.

Welcome to my Gallery. I am a self taught artist and proud of this. I enjoy my own works and am here to have nice conversations with those of you that also enjoy them.
The primary focus of my art is my Thagirion Realm story. You will likely see me talk often about my characters Cope, Ophidius, Gallemotch, Owen, Solan and the rest. It's a very complex universe I have created so do please take the time to look through the gallery or bios. My story is mostly sci-fi driven and very dark and disturbing with sick twisted humor. I love action as well and I do my best to draw my characters in dynamic action poses.

Apart from this I am also very much into science and biology. I am a bird lover. Budgies and quetzals are my favorite birds. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to ornithology. I have a BS in Biology and have had experience in breeding many rare parrots and animal husbandry from zoo work. I'm very good at drawing birds but seldom draw them anymore. That said, I prefer to look at other people's bird art than make my own. But sometimes I will include a budgie or a quetzal in my work. But I do enjoy talking about birds. I like plants too and enjoy raising cucurbits, passiflora, nepenthes and aristolochia to name a few. All weird and unusual plants. Not your common garden variety stuff.

I am a metal head and love true metal like power, melodic black and melodic death. Kalmah is my favorite band and this influences my art quite a bit.

I am into Myers Briggs psychology. My personality type is: INTJ. INTJ FAQ

:bulletpink: I expect active participation from my watchers. Do not watch me if you will not leave nice comments on my art and journals.

Languages Spoken: English, Español

:iconcutellamaplz: I give out random llamas. Usually to those that visit me for the first time as a Thanks. It's not necessary to give one back but but I would appreciate it if you did. Please do return. :aww: Fancy Llama by ChibiArtist99 Fancy Llama Club by easydisplayname

Member since Dec 16, 2004.

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:bulletgreen: Demon #9 Needs name.
:bulletblue: Current obsession: Scary Fear
:bulletpink: George's voice: Here, Here and Here.

My Rules - See if I am right for you:bulletred:Please do not watch me if you will not be active and comment:bulletred:
I expect participation. Do not not fave without commenting.
:bulletred: I clean out my watchers twice a year. If you do not follow this rule you will be removed. Meaning YOU will no longer be watching ME. Not the other way around:bulletred:
:bulletred: If you have been blocked and you do not know why, it is likely you faved too much without commenting or responding to my questions.
The other reason may be that you're a jerk and an idiot and I don't like you. In which case there's no hope.
:bulletred: Do not leave one word comments. If you have something worth saying do so in a proper sentence. See featured comments if you need an example. One word comments will be ignored.
:bulletred: I don't watch anyone on this account. Not even my closest friends. If I decide to watch you it will be with my main account. If I add you I am not watching you actively. It is just so you'll be on my friends list so I can s

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Favourite Movies
Jurassic Park, Face Off, Lord of War, Swordfish, Independence Day, Fly Away Home
Favourite TV Shows
Stunt Dawgs, old SpongeBob, Star Trek TNG, DS9, Voyager, Gilligan's Island
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Neil Diamond, Powerwolf, Sonata Arctica, Kalmah, Running Wild, Graveworm, Iron Savior, Amon Amarth
Favourite Books
Moby Dick, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Jurassic Park, science books
Favourite Games
Primal Rage Arcade, Mass Effect 2, Saints Row 2, Bully, Fallout, Red Dead Redemption
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
Pentel .05 pencil, photoshop
Other Interests
Birds, Centipedes, Cephalopods, Demons, Budgies, True Metal, Science, Biology, My own characters, photography
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Today is my 16th anniversary. I'm proud to be one of the senior members of Deviantart. I joined back in 2004 and seen so many changed. All for the worst. But I'm still here strong as ever despite all the changes. Chris and I are doing great and so are the others in the pack. I'm very much looking forward to Christmas. This year has actually been quite good. I went to Miami, had some nice get togethers, made some great art, Minion is almost at 200 words...etc. I won't go into detail about all the cool things that happened to me this year because that's for the end of the year quiz that I've wrote up years ago.
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It's already September. Hard to believe. Despite the annoyance of the plandemic 2020 has been good to us. Chris and I have been very blessed. We have never stopped working. In fact we've had an abundance of extra jobs it seems. Life has been pretty much same as usual for us. We traveled to Miami back in March. That was a very nice vacation and I got to meet Amir Tsarfatii and get two of his books autographed. One for me one for Chris. It was a very nice service. Recently we had a very nice big surprise birthday party for my father in law. We all had a very nice time there. I've gotten new accessories for my jeep. Slowly building it up. Minion my budgie is up to 180 words now. I hope we can make it to 200 by the end of the year. I've made some rather amazing art this year. Hopefully I'll get around to posting it soon. New Scary Fear and Triangulum stuff. And my Raptor pack is all doing good. Thankful we've all stuck together through so long through thick and thin. The changes
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I had a very good birthday this year. I celebrated for about a week. so it wasn't a birthday but more of a birthweek. I got lots of nice cards and gifts from my friends and family and a few calls wishing me well. We had a nice dinner with Chris's parents at Alexander's steak house. I had a yummy burger. I'm going to try to post a pic of my haul and hope it will work. I hate the new DA and posting journals is now complete disaster. I hope HTML still works, there's no preview button and I don't know how I can chose skins. I see the skins I made in the old post but don't know how to select them now. If anyone can give me some tips on that it would be appreciated. Also the thumb codes are gone for posting images from DA like stamps. How do you go about that now? Anyway here is the pic.
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:bulletblue: Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

:bulletblue: If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by. - Sun Tzu

Feb 12, 2021 - Master story teller, His masterpiece is Alive!

Feb 2, 2021 - Our Silver anniversary is coming up. Chris and I will celebrate 25 years of happiness and amazing life together. Does not seem like it.

Jan 19, 2021 - Off to a good start again. Minion the budgie has reached 200 words.

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Do you remember Gamma-Wings? I've been trying to find them but their account was deleted... sigh I miss DeviantArt

Of course I remember. Her and I used to be best friends then she betrayed me. We used to write a bunch of stories and art. I influenced half the stuff she did or more. Even her name. This was back a few years ago. I had told her from the start DA was a place full for fights and flame wars. She probably got sick of that and finally left. Well I'm still here and I still post.

It's just nice to hear from you, though it's disappointing what happened to her because she made really cool art and I remember you two used to be close. It's nice to see things are good with you, and I hope they are doing well despite everything.

Well she asked for everything she got. I make "really cool art" too and so do many other artists here that are dedicated and professionals.

Anyway yes nice to hear from you too. I'm doing great. I don't let things get to me be it people or events. Last year was a good year for me. My husband and I just celebrated Easter which also fell on an anniversary for us this year. So two holidays for one. Yesterday was a day off so we were out and about doing things. Anyway, have a look around my gallery. I love birds too. Sometimes I draw them. I mostly work with small parrots in real life. I have an amazing budgie named Minion who talks a lot. Search for Minion The Talking Budgie on youtube. I think you'll like him.

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WTF? I see DA now has gotten rid of our sigs. WHY? Those are very important to have unobtrusive links. DA sucks and gets worse and worse as time goes on.

I miss the shout box. It was a convenient way for me to write notes to myself.

I'm trying to send a message to the deviantART Administration. Would you care to add your signature to a list of people who want the old site back? Let me know and I'll write your username on the list: