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My entire Saturday was, in brief, kind of a waste. Somehow I let this picture totally consume my free time and now here we are. With another giant butt. Think of it what you will. Because I'm gonna go do homework. But first, a coffee and some Wheaties.

Anyways, here's a giant Marie who has just smushed a not-so-giant Callie.
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The-Awesomest-Man's avatar this supposed to be giant Marie, or tiny Callie? I’m confused.

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Marie: "All you want, hehe" *sits on you*
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*i had hearts in my eyes loving every second of it
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if she farts he is done
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We need more Splatoon art like this!
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Wait, so is her butt actually huge or is that just supposed to be because of the angle?
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I love Giant Marie so much
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Would love one of these with Callie...
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lol oh poor callie XD
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Marie has black spats under her skirt :P.  This picture is inaccurate.
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We'll get 'em next time. 
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Not so much of a waste. We all get Marie with her lovingly large butt.
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Well there goes a inkling.
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:icondatassplz: I'm in love. How big is she?
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She's the same size as she normally is, but Callie is quite small. 
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