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Megatron Beckons



I really wanted to come up with a better title for this drawing. For some reason "Megatron Beckons" sounds like the title to some lame fan-fiction or something, I don't know, but I decided it was the most obvious description of what's going on in the image.... so... yeah.

"Give me the Cube boy, and I may let you live to be my pet" in Frank Welker's voice would probably be the best phrase of dialogue to assign to this pic... and Speaking of the M. Bay movie, drawing this picture suddenly made me sad that "Movie Megatron" is such a buggy looking monstrosity since one of the things I always felt was compelling about (G1) Megs was that he's almost more Human than Prime is in some ways; either physically or idealistically. But enough about that...

Note: The Decepticon symbol on his chest was not dawn by me, I found it on the internet through a google image search. Thanks whoever you are I borrowed it from! ^^;

Transformers and all related Characters and insignia are © Hasbro
Art by me.
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Only....superb! Magnificent!!!:love: