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Twilight Princess: Royal Crest

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Basically, I wanted a wallpaper that looked like this, and I needed to do some Twilight Princess fanart, so there you have it.

...Also, those Twili pictographs are ridiculously fun to draw. :)

IMPORTANT: This image is released under a Creative Commons license. You are free to download and use it for your wallpaper. If you modify or redistribute it (for example, using it for avatars, sig banners, wallpaper packs, or reposting it on another website), you MUST provide credit in some form, preferably with a link back to my dA main page.
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XShadow-of-HyruleXHobbyist Artist
(So I have a switch decal with this on it now. How? Some jerk stole your image and was selling it on amazon, and I got it for christmas. The account is gone now, but I wanted to let you know. Also. you should feel proud because I recognized it after a few seconds of looking at it! )
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RedGekkougaHobbyist Digital Artist
I can just imagine watching this light up! :D
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wolvenlied1989Student General Artist
This is really nice *steals and uses as desktop background* :)
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GeorgiaTheBudgie24Student General Artist

That's AMAZING! :D
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is it ok if i use this design for my credit card or something?
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I absolutely love this artwork!
I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this artwork on a custom made Nintendo 3DS XL skin on They won't let me order the skin unless I have a written permission from the artist, so if you could help me out and make my 3DS look amazing, that'd be great :D
zachary5's avatar
Amazing :3
SbI29's avatar
Wow you made this? I found it on some wallpaper site like 2 years ago, I always wondered who actually made it
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Animal-Art-for-artStudent General Artist
Beautiful! :heart:
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ChaisaLinnHobbyist Writer
It really looks like the Twilight marks on the sides! I love it! XD
imblue36752100's avatar
Truly awesome. :iconliekabossplz:
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SHYRUCHANHobbyist General Artist
Coool :3
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AceSunburrisHobbyist Digital Artist
a very nice wallpaper! ;)
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AokitianWolfStudent General Artist
That is awesome :D
cool-papyrus's avatar

i found it on google and used it without knowing a deviant made looks like nintendo made it.i gave links and credits to you at the bottom.hope you dont mind.if you do ill take it down
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Invadertay1Student Traditional Artist
Yay for Ledgend of Zelda!
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super-d-duperStudent Interface Designer
my laptop will thank you for making it look so purrty ^__^
sanmononoke's avatar
Desktop. Perfect way to share my inner video game nerd. :la:
thenateman27's avatar
If it's cool with you, I'm going to make a poster with this. I don't think I'll share it or anything, but if I do, I'll definitely give you credit for the BG. Awesome work.
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I have this as my desktop now!!! I love it so much, thank you for making this and sharing it with us all!
DreamY3K's avatar
love it.. wallpaper on all my comps.. thankyou!!!
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ResidentFrankensteinStudent General Artist
That's so beautiful! I love the simplicity and the glowing Twili hieroglyphs are lovely. I like how the Triforce is driving the "darkness" of the twilight away, in an almost sad way ...

Thanks for making this, it's totally my desktop now! <3
OMGzelda-ness's avatar
omg omg omg omg thast me avatar xD lolol but nice work :D
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