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Black Grunge Backgrounds Pack

8 backgrounds - 2060px x 1150px

For non-commercial use.
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Thank you so much!

These are still great textures. Thank you.

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Beautiful !!! thanks :)
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Hello th3rion.  I've been looking for some background drops for a game I've been developing.  These are great for what I need.  I noticed the "For non-commercial use" and wondered if there was a way I could pay for use of them as the background for the mobile game I am developing. 
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You can use them.
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Wow! Thank you so very much! Do you mind if I reference you in the credits for the work you've done here? If not, what name would you like referenced? My email is if you would rather reply in that manner for privacy sake if you don't want that information listed on this blog. 
Sorry for my (perhaps) stupid question, but how do I open a RAR file? I
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Winrar, Winzip, 7zip, Total Commander etc.
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Thank you for sharing! 
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О, приятель! Роскошные текстуры!
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Thank you for this great peace of stock material!
I used here:

Inner Fight by artofphotograhy

Thanks a lot! If you like you can write a critique. I would love to read it. 
I post the image as well on my Facebook page Martin's art of photography and on my website "Martin's art of photography". Posts to other social sites/photography sites like 500px may follow (See my deviantART profile for details) - Once more thank's a lot for the great piece of stock art!
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Thank You So Much!! GOD BLESS YOU!! :D
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Very lovely. Just what I needed! Thank you so much. Will be used for a street team for a band's twitter. :)
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Very Nice.Thank You :)
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No problem. Thanks for comment.
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