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So..... it's actually "drops" but dorps sounds so much more intelligent.
Don't you think?

Well, I've a question I've to ax u, Is this scrot minimal in your opinion?
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Wich icons are you using? :love:
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folders seems to be rhino.
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Can you share them?, Not find anywhere to download them :(.
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Not mine.... so no, sry. [link] is where i got them.
You'll have to do some work tho.
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Sorry, but I could not find them anywhere.

Thanks :)
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Looks pretty mnml to me!---Awesome, actually. "Dorps" sounds more intelligent iyo? Haha!----Nah. Drops sounds the smarter of the two, but what the hell.
It's staying in my Faves, "dor"-ky name and all:iconxd--plz:
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well I wanted to go with "derps"... well,
only thing more intelligent then "derp",
would be lots of "derps"... "derp" in plural.
However, then nobody would make the connection
to drops so I went with "dorps".

Glad you like it! thx! :)
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Haha!==Yes I do!
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the panel backgroud is a png or a svg... may I have it to get a plasma theme? :D
nisce shot, as usually...
It's not minimal!
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Thx! Panel is neither actually.... the shell is written in qt,
it can be styled with qss... so
panel background is simply:
background: qlineargradient(x1:0, y1:0, x2:0, y2:1, stop:0 rgba(0,0,0,220),stop:1 rgba(0,0,0,164));

All Qt apps can be styled
with qss. Read the documentation
about stylesheets here: [link]

And you have a good eye sir, it's
far from minimal.
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Love it! but that's no news :D
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Hehe, thx, well, I'm not psychic so thx ;-)
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I missed your point here, but you 're most welcome!
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Just simply meant that I cannot read your
mind so it's nice of you to post the "news" ;-)
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Ha ha.. just simply love your work, I thought I said it many times before so it's not "news" any more :D
You will not get insults from me, sorry!
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Hehe, well, my work tends to change direction
every now and then ;-) but thx for the kind words.
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..and that's why you stand out in the crowd..
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Well thx! You have a very distinct style too!
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nice one , so what are ou using at lower panel most to the left?
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Thx! the desktop shell is not available publicly,
it's not plasma.
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nice one mate , but i have a question,whats thw widgest you have at the lower panel to the far right?is it yawp?
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