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A dark (black & white) theme for gnome desktop.
Thanks to Gnome Fanatic for the name!

This theme is the default in PCLOS Gnome 2008 !

More info and download here: [link]

suggestions very welcome!

PLS! tell me what you think!


To install:
1.Download the file to your desktop
2.Right click the file and select extract here (then another archive appears, do the same for that) a terminal and run these commands:

sudo cp -r $HOME/Desktop/SlicknesS /usr/share/themes

third (this one fixes firefox, This fix is made by user twrock, so if he wants me to delete it i will)
cp /usr/share/themes/SlicknesS/userChrome.css $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome

4.Open the theme manager, you can now
see the SlicknesS theme as a theme,
when you click on it , it suggests
taners amazing wallpaper he made for this theme!!
click apply to apply the wallpaper!

One REALLY HUGE thank you to artist Taner
for his fantastic wallpaper!
© 2008 - 2020 Th3R0b
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first of all I would like to thank you for this theme! it's the best I used ever!

now I miss it when upgrading to ubuntu 11.10 :( I wonder if there is a chance you will change it to work with unity and gnome shell? Please!!!...

The funny thing is that I found it in Gnome.look and I'm linking to that them without knowing that you are here! :D

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Hehe :) thx!

Well, I'm sorry to say there will be no port,
well, I will not do any port. I haven't used
Gnome since -08 so I have no interest in making
any kind of theme for it.

It is gpl so if anybody feels like doing a port
go right ahead.
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Oh..Well.. Sorry to here that! You have such a perfect eye for small details!
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Nixie Pixel sent me here! Yay! [link]
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Hehe! thx, cool video ;-)
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My favorite theme for Debian!!
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glad to hear :) thx
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But it is ok now i did another way..thank you..:)
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This one and the second..sudo cp -r $HOME/Desktop/SlicknesS /usr/share/themes...
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Ah, you see, for that to work you have to
have the extracted folder on the desktop,
it seems you skipped a phase... ...well
whatever, it's not rocket science and
I'm glad you got it to work :)

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Yes thank you..:)
It is really a nice theme..!
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I did your instruction but it said no folder..??
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on which command?
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Hi, at first thx for this great theme and i hope you stil develope this. I have a litle problem with the fonts on gray or black background. If try Opera browser 10.61 ore OpenOffice 3.2 you will see if you turn the menus in both programms.

Thx for your work i hope you can fix it :)
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Glad you like the theme, I'm sorry to inform you that
I haven't actively developed this since like....2008 :(
I know that programs that are not native gtk programs
(firefox, openoffice, opera, vlc...........) will
generate problems and not obey the gtkrc as they
have their own skinning engine (firefox uses css).

As the apps do not obey gtkrc they require special
workarounds (or light background everywhere as that
is the base anyway) which I don't know how to do

I hope you understand a little better why it doesn't
work now :(

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sinisterstufHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so kickass! Unfortunately I am not prompted to download a wallpaper :( and also, how do I make my menu semi-transparent like in the screenshot?!
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The wallpaper is included in the tarball and should apply if you followed my
instructions, when selecting to "apply wallpaper in gnome settings" :)

If not, you can always extract the tarball and there find the wallpaper
manually :)

The transparency if all fake and made with compiz.

Glad you like!

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sinisterstufHobbyist Digital Artist
Found the wallpaper and did it manually thanks, and thanks for the compiz tip I'm checking it out right now, I want my desktop just like in the screenshot, thanks for the great theme! :)
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YouveMadeMePerfect Interface Designer
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
"SlicknesS_by_Th3R0b.gz" does not appear to be a valid theme."

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Yeah I know, deviantart doublecompesses the
tar files, so you have to extract twice,
then copy the folder to either

/usr/share/themes (system wide)


~/.themes (just for your user)

hope this helps!

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YouveMadeMePerfect Interface Designer
ah ok let me try that.
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Your themes are high quality efforts. I'm using xfce v. 4.4.2 and find your themes very preferable to others.

One problem: The scroll bars somehow are not operational on any of the three themes I downloaded from Deviant. If there are any ideas or modifications such as placing the themes in a different location which you could recommend I'd appreciate it.

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well, the themes should be installed
in /usr/share/themes for global use.

If you could post a ss I could maybe
tell whats wrong :)
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TPalmerStudent Interface Designer
Wow, this is a great theme. Very unique, and finally not trying copy any other OS. I've installed it, but I don't get transparent menus. Why not? :(
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