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2,312 / 100
Lumira Color Change by th3p1nkfr34k
Commission Stamp +Decline+ by TheOG-RB I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy: I draw what I want stamp by izka197


VioleChann 1 Lined Bust
Allucy-hatchina 1 Sketchy Full Body
ScribbledTale 1 Sketchy Waist Up (FLASH SALE SPECIAL)
xEternalLovex 1 Chibi

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MASTER-K0HGA 1 Full Body
Koprze 3 Full Bodies 1 Custom
LilSpringy 2 Full Bodies


ShadowNighthunter - Clean Clothed Pin Up YCH

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AriaBuraun 2 On Base Customs
ScribbledTale 1 On Base Custom
UnseenIvy 19 On Base Customs
Koprze OC Fusion Male
PrinceSparkless OC Fusion Male
UnseenIvy OC Fusion 1 Male 2 Female

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Peaches loves Al. i feel so betrayed. she chose to sleep in Al’s lap instead of mine… my beloved kitty betrayed me.
Al moved in early lol.
got a new roomie!!
well not really just starting early lol. yay I won’t be alone all day!! Al works from home.

also no, Al is not my new girlfriend despite the jokes we make. Al is just a friend. a doofy, goofy, and good friend.
i just realized i have no idea what kind of facial piercing i want 
maybe something simple and common cause i'm a basic bitch and a pussy when it comes to facial pain...
i have no idea what i'm doing
people with facial piercings I gotta ask:
How bad did it hurt initially to get them and how difficult is hygienic upkeep?
looking into getting some and I’m just wondering about some stuff  
asked my IRL friends already but the more differing stories the better. Gives me a better general idea of what I’m in for.
I’ve made it a point to actively avoid girls looking for “that gay guy BFF” because 99% of the time, they’re looking for a stereotype and not a friend.
because if they can so easily disregard everything else about one “friend” they want, its just as easy they’ll do it to anyone else.
love is getting up at 2 AM because your spouse scratched a hole in their scalp from a panic attack and you clean it with burning disinfectants and hold a patch of gauze over it for 30 minutes while the bleeding stop
Loutsu Redraw Buns by th3p1nkfr34k
i’m really proud how my redraw Loutsu’s buns are turning out
I won't lie I started this current profile with the full intent of being a serious artist.
That shit did not last long.
I went thinking I was gonna find a wholesome love story AND ENDED UP FINDING A GODDAMN HAREM HENTAI
suggest me horror movies.

i can’t find anything good to watch
I’m now hiding under the sink because everyone knows it was me who left the pot on the stove.

send help
i’m not allowed to cook rice anymore as apparently i forget things too easily and very easily could have burned the house down.
now the kitchen smells like smoke and i’m grounded.
i’m not allowed to cook rice anymore as apparently i forget things too easily and very easily could have burned the house down.
now the kitchen smells like smoke and i’m grounded.
Fuck it, I got permission. I'm naming her after my stripper friend "Sleazy Suzy".
yes i have a friend who is a stripper don't even pretend to be surprised.
Okay shoot me the trashiest stripper name you can think of real quick I need a character name and believe it or not I'm drawing a blank here
Hologlitterpinkblue by th3p1nkfr34kI made small edits but here's a holo-glitter pink blue babu.
i dunno the eye makeup was what I based it on, so thats why its there. Figured if someone wanted to add it they could.
I'm gonna post more of those outfits.
Just gonna say you guys are 100% allowed to use any of the ones I make. 
All I ask is show me. I don't want credit, I didn't make the items just put them together. I just love to see what people make.
everyone likes those goofy outfit idea memes soooo
here ya go 
Outfit Idea Lol by th3p1nkfr34k
Tumblr Poyz90jpg31xjym7no4 400 by th3p1nkfr34kI'm gonna buy this shirt... and none of you can stop me


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DestinyTheDemon Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
How come you draw characters w/ their breasts like..bulging from their clothes? I like how it looks but it also looks uncomfortable xD
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Sefy-Draws Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fave <3
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Cayerin Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch! I really appreciate it!
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Dranira Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2019
Thank you so much for the watch, I really appreciate it a lot! :huggle:
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