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i'm gonna go sleep, BUT I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, if you have any lineart you'd be 100% okay with me coloring for practice hit me up yo. I need to practice my shading and shading and color other peoples works is better practice for me lmao
In light of my last journal and the statuses before it, I just want to make it known, I didn't drink. I managed to keep myself from losing all my progress in my sobriety. I just ate a ton of ice cream instead. Not much better, but I'd rather get fa
Raffle Canceled
"BUT WHY?" Well the raffle was started due to the good news I had received. I didn't have cancer like I feared. Things seemed to be looking up. Going well for once. All bad news I had feared was washed away and only good news was happening. I got more hours at work, someone I fucking hated was now finally 100% out of my life, my brother finished his schooling to be an accountant, again I didn't have cancer. But as life always goes something had to kick me in my metaphorical nuts and bring me back down to nothing. What it is this time,You may be asking. Yeah always something with me I fucking get it. I have never said anything about this because I didn't feel it necessary. But now I am because this could mean I have to go away. My family is in serious debt. I mean serious debt. I can't even give you a number. But it didn't seem so bad because we had just gotten word for a buyer for my long dead great grandmothers house, for $40,000 maybe more. That would have gotten us at least to a

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Thanks to everyone who donated! You helped me reach my goal!


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xNastyDocxHobbyist General Artist
hey, so, iwannabehonestwithyou,
i am discreetly worried n wanted to ask if youre alright?
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th3p1nkfr34kHobbyist Digital Artist

I'm doing just fine!

Are you alright?

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xNastyDocxHobbyist General Artist
im glad to hear!
and yes, im doing okay
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th3p1nkfr34kHobbyist Digital Artist

YAY <3

I've just been in an edgy mood lately so I did some weird shite.

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xNastyDocxHobbyist General Artist
sorry sometimes i am a little too concerned sksk
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DestinyTheDemonHobbyist Digital Artist
whats the date.relative.hours thing?? just curious
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th3p1nkfr34kHobbyist Digital Artist

the what...?