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More Free Hugs

By Th3iPoDM0N
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Business has been good. 

She’s got a whole storefront now. 
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It's a shame that I hope a few of the ponies do dream about being in worlds were they can enjoy the safety of being back in diapers again. Sorry.

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bobthedalekProfessional Filmographer

Next thing you know, she'll be charging for hugs...

...or at least, have an attached gift shop =P

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KopaLeoHobbyist Digital Artist

That's okay, friendship is priceless!

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ClarktoonCrossingHobbyist General Artist

Of course business is good! Everyone needs a hug!

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I hug a pone in the morning, I hug a pone at night

I hug a pone in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright

I hug a pone in time of peace, and hug in time of war

I hug a pone before I hug a pone, and then I hug some more

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Van Pelt would sue her for copying her booth.
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This is just adorable.

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ScyphiHobbyist General Artist

"The pone is nap"

Clearly, Twi has been skimping on her grammar studies. :lol:

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LizardWithHatHobbyist Digital Artist

Wow, the ridiculous cute pony is only my second thought. Man i like the coloring you have done here! :squee: :squee: :squee:

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I'm very conflicted here. On the one hoof, I really really really wanna hug the adorable-beyond-words Twilight. But on the other, the last thing I want in this life is to ruin her cutie sleep...

... Th3iPoDMON, y u playin' wit mah heart liek dis?

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Khaki-CapHobbyist Digital Artist

*GPS map point has been set*

*Turbo mode - engaged*

I'm about to expand this pones career even further >:3

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*snuggles the cute pone* :)

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jimmyhook19202122Student General Artist

Good Old Peanuts reference :3

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lynx318Hobbyist Digital Artist

Twilucy? So need a Peanuts revival.

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