The End of Heavy Mech {update}

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I've done some thinking. While I do appreciate what the comic has done for me in terms of artistic growth and development of a work ethic, I don't think I really have the drive to continue it after Mission 4. The first chapter is way to rough, the concept wasn't well executed, it doesn't have mass appeal: I find it way to hard to go to a person and say "hey, I have a comic you should read". There's also school work and new projects I want to do.

I will continue on until Mission 4 ends (already have it planned out... with a cliffhanger), and if it does get more popular I just might continue it. Submit chapter 4 to comixology: if they actually put it up in the store I will definitely complete it. Maybe even reboot it in a couple of years. But as for now, Mission 4 will be the last.

I will miss Heavy Mech, and always look back on it fondly. But I have to let go to move on.

After doing another page after this announcement, I have decided to take a ONE MONTH HIATUS in which I will mull over whether or not I will finish Mission 4. I just don't have the drive anymore.
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Well it looks like you decided to call it quits. Well is saddens me, I think that once someone loses passion on a hobby they should probably stop and go where they find passion. Continuing to do stuff that no longer interests you is just going to be a disservice to yourself and others. Do where your passion is, and keep up the awesome work.
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A small part of me is sad to find this out, but the majority of me is glad that you're getting better and I can look forward to higher quality projects from you in the future. Style-wise, you've come a crazy far distance since that first chapter, and I feel like the style of writing got warped.
I'm wondering what you'll come out with next : D
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Well, it's always sad to see someone let go of a project that they put so much blood and sweat into, but that's just how it goes sometimes. I understand your choice though and I hope only good comes from it.

You planning to take a vacation from drawing comics for a bit, or are you going to launch right into something new?
Something new bro, probably before I finished mission 4.

But I'll just keep quiet about it until then...
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...if it ends up being a sprite comic, you will be the greatest troll in history.
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I think this is a good choice, it's always good to expand on your ideas and concepts and try something new. I'm not saying that it's a bad comic, it's just now that you have a good feel for drawing comics you will have an easier time on your next project and be able to expand a story in a way that you couldn't before. I'm interested to see what you have in store for the next comic.
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