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Judgment Day (After Edit)



:star: ! .. Welcome Everyone .. ! :star:


:target: Speed Art :

:target: Before & After :

:target: You can watch it "by click on download" in full size with my copyrights .
:target: You can buy it as print , without my copyrights at this .

Today i made a new design ... o_O
yesterday I saw an image and had an idea in my mind !!..but i didn't know how to design on it or make it !!...

So today i woke up and take look on the picture then i start to look on some stocks until i found what i want ... and my idea was complete ..
so i start to design and design and design ....etc "design" hahahahaha

Then i finished from it ... and the design become as you can see right now :)

for real I think it's simple !! "but whatever"..

The idea of design is about Judgment Day and i design it in way that you can understand it .. the angel holding the earth between her hand and she detonated and destroyed it by some power .. then you can see the real action behind her that acutely the sun launched the radiance and blew up the Earth gradually .. " so this is the Judgment Day in fantasy way " ..

Many many thanks to the stocks members ...

:star: what I used and from who ..!?

Model Stock : Many thanks for .. `mjranum-stock
Cloud Stock : Many thanks for .. ~ssecret-stock
Wings Stock : Many thanks for .. =Thy-Darkest-Hour
Planets Stock : Many thanks for .. =kuschelirmel-stock
Planets Stock 2 : Many thanks for .. *hoevelkamp
Space Stock : Many thanks for .. *palnk
Space Stock 2 : Many thanks for .. ~joannastar-stock
Explosion Stock : Many thanks for .. ~Stargazer4ever15
Sun Stock : Many thanks for .. ~sewer-pancake
Fire Stock : Many thanks for .. ~Altingfest

:bulletgreen: Other stuff I made it by myself from colors ,effects , filters and clear the picture from the interference...etc .

:star:Thank you again for the stocks it's helped me so much :star:

:bulletred: This artwork is Copyrighted to me "Yousif Admon" , I don't allow to re-upload or edit / modify on it , It's offered as print without my copyrights at .
Copyright 9 by Th3EmOo
:bulletred: After you buy it , you're free to do anything :bulletred:

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Explored or not? The white angel, hand held together but not pray. I can sense that she is deciding, the universe in front of her, should she let it explore, and rebuild a new one, should she wave it, and keep this old one. No, she is not deciding, but waiting. I feel she is waiting, probably the final judgement from her boss, she is just the commander.
The background is interesting. The universe at the left is like going to sand out, vanish, destroy and become the sand dust on the sky. The big universe get hit by a hot meteorite. The angel is almost fading, the globe in front of her is almost explore. With one blink, the world will end; with one blink, the world will vanish; with one blink, nothing left...