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Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 COD MW2



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For real this design in my way opinion i think it's best from the poster of the game and all the pictures of it...Do u want to know why ?

Ok look at this picture…
it's poster for the game ? for God's right is this poster for game like COD MW2 !!!!!

look at where i mark (1) this Mistake is about duplicate the image twice and they forget to merge it and make it ass one pic..~

mark (2) i know this pic is about call of duty modern warfare 2 but if some one didn't play this game ever he'll never now what this poster about, is it about game called "Modern Warfare 2 " !!!! they must put Call of duty so every one know that is the name of the game and modern war 2 put it in small size ...~

Now look at this picture…

look at where i mark (1) look at his feet and where he step ? it's look like not one pic the solder very big the fire and damages very small !!!

now look at where i mark (2) the same thing i said before is name of the game Modern warfare 2 !!!!!!.....etc

now look at where i mark (3) couldn't they have 5 min to delete that lines and make it as one picture !!!

damn i hate who design these posters cuz it's not the way that how we express about COD MW2 it's very good game and half the world play it online !! and all the players want new session of it..~

and finely look at this poster of call of duty modern warfare 3… where's the man who design this poster ? can u just bring him to me so i can kill him???????

come one what is this? the solder is perfect but u make him Intolerable in the way that u design it....~

SO right now u see my design and what the size of it and what i use in it and also how i design it..~ i think when some one design like this poster every one will thank him and also love the game or the person or....etc in that poster right ?!!

it take from me 9 hours and it Deserves that time and much more cuz it's so cool , interesting and exciting game

hope u all like it and if u had any comment or anything else want to add it ....~ it's ok u can

and i hope to tell all ur friend that they love this game to come and see this poster and see the criticism about the designers that who design the posters of COD MW 2+3

if any one want to print this poster it's allowed without delete my copyrights ...~

* I think if they told me to design for them the posters of the game i'll do it and free better thin their designers

And i'll never forget ~EternalyMusical cuz she guess all the questions and she'll has a gift from me ...~

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:bulletred:This artwork is Copy Right for me "Mr.EmO" , I don't allowed to edit / modification on it , You can download it and use it as background / disktope wallpaper BUT NOT to sell it or Edit on it :) .

:bulletgreen: Thank you for your cooperation :bulletgreen:

© For me 2008-2012 all right received to Mr.EmO .

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other game designs that i designed it ...

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