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A different painting...

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 14, 2011, 12:26 AM
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So yeah this last 10ish days Ive been on and off, more off than on. I have flight back home to see family (in Genova) a week and after then I came back here (boyfriend house in Napoli).
The only little problem has been half 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms walls covered in mold to clean and repaint. For now we have tamed just the bedroom, which required to take all the forniture out etc... dust everywhere... its a nightmare, and thinking we still have 2 bathrooms to take care of makes me cry... I wanna draw damn it!
So much to do and I dont know when Im gonna have the time... The calendar project is getting pushed back a little too much... Oh yeah and its even getting serious cold here...

Me needs moar pencils and less brushes D:

Oscar's development...

Wed Nov 9, 2011, 2:18 AM
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Working hard on Oscar's stuff right now, also need to manage the last 4 Depp drawings... just 4 more...

In mean time... by chance, you guys could check out the old Oscar's submissions, and maybe tell me what you think? Lots new stuff coming out within xmas :)

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So... Im re-doing it...

Mon Oct 24, 2011, 4:26 AM
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As I said I wasnt convinced about the Sleepy Hollow pic so... Im currently re-doing it using a diff pic.

My brother in law pointed out that yes is a nice drawing but lacks of my typical "signature" style, the deepness into the expression, mostly due to one eye covered and the other one magnified by the lens... so after agreeing with him that was the case I had to draw a new pic to replace that one.

And by the way... I havent made up my mind about which journal skin I like or if I can come up with one myself... Riddles!!!

So... those little thingies...

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 19, 2011, 11:03 PM
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to put thumbnails in the journal or signature and stuff like that... is it through HTML code by chance?
Hmmm I was planning on featuring artworks and add stuff to my signature...


Thank you!

Now I really have to go get my morning coffee lol...

P.S. Theres fake-boobs-myspace-pics-girl on front page again ;_; ... It always manage to depress me...

How does this look after de-crawding?

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 9:27 AM

Hope its better ;_;

{Me needz moar Dreamweaver... D:}

My first journal skin attempt!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2011, 11:25 PM

Eventually Ill get better I guess, but for the most part this is better than the default stuff...

Any suggestions anyone?...

I really need to finish Jobs portrait...

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Yesterday Steve Jobs died.
My brain havent really processed this event yet... but it does break my heart.

Suspending current WIPs for a tribute.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs.
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First of all thank you to all of you that responded my lest journal entry <3 ^^

I seem to have spoken too soon... But I really really need to get working here, I think my pencils have spiderwebs at this point...
Yes indeed Im slacking, been very busy with a few little things to solve here and there, including figure out way my internet company cut the service on me. Figures.

My new project btw is to release a Johnny Depp characteres calendar within the end of the year, I alrdy have 2/12 of the drawing (Jack Sparrow and the Mad Hatter)

Started Sweeney Todd, so yeah... 3rd is WIP !!! :D
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So after months of absence I come back to DA to see nothing has changed and the giant fake weirdo boobs myspace girl still makes to the front page.

In any case... time for me to go back to work and hurry too cos Im behind schedule for my winter project...

Havent touched a pencil in 2 months if not more... ;_;
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Did I just have an epiphany? I mean... so who gets on front page is not decided by how many views people really have but depends on somebody that put the work there?
I honestly thought it depended on the amount of views... the more the closer... to top front page...

If anyone has any chance to delight me on this matter Id be happy to read your comment... Im confused D:
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So yeah the famous old man I have been talking about those days wasnt probably effected by alzheimer cos he seemed to remember me, my stuff and even my mom.
He has been dressed very classic every day, with a suit jacket and a shirt, somewhat casual/elegant style, always very polite and nice.
Everyday same thing "congratulations, my best wishes you are really good, congratulations". He is prolly 80+

So he told me twice he paints and so I decided to ask him if he ever did his own display in that room where I was doing mine, he said "yes but you know, a full week sitting there (here I expected him to it was boring and he is too old or something)... it was a fucking pain in the ass" at that point I thought I didnt really hear that... that I hallucianted... nono he DID say "fucking pain in the ass", in that very second he bacome on of my heros... I truly couldnt believe he said that out of the blue lol...

In any case... my display is over.

Im very very grateful to have have discovered so many artists, and so many nice people during this time, but most importantly what was my companion in this adventure, my mother.
She made this short journey something even more precious to remember together.

I will never forget this experience, it has been an amazing time.
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ah yes the old man paid me a visit today again. I did not laugh of course. and he did 2 of the usual things plus he told me how he paints. There has been an evolution in the conversation at least.

According to my mom, he may not have alzheimer since he greeted her like he knew her. We are thinking of new hypotesys and new theories...

I must say something tho... the food coma I get right before the afternoon openoing has been killing me slowly each day of this glorious display week, today I may get a double coffee shot cos at this rate Ima fall asleep on Tom Cruise portrait I have been trying to finish past 2 days...
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So there is a few people that keep coming back to see it over and over again each time bringing somebody new with them.
Which is pretty cool.
And there is also an old man that today became quite hilarious... I feel bad but.... he has come back for 3rd time, and each time he does the same exact thing, and say the exact same words.... me and my mom theorized he is a very bad case of alzheimer patient and he keeps forgetting he has been there. So everytime its like a rite, after we talked out this theory about him Im frightened by the high chances there are going to be for my bursting out laughing in his face next time... I mean no offence in this, really none at all, I think the situation itslef its truly hilarious tho....

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So today I met a few very cool people and saw a few good friends.

Also, stumbled in somebody who started to list the things I should do, cos of the talent i have. Among those... lets call them advices, there was the suggestion to cut down to 25 mins, yes 25 mins, the time it takes to make one of my portraits, and meantime I cut time down from over 10 hrs to 25 mins (lol) I also should start portraiting live and not from a pic. Obviously keeping quality the same.

So I dont know if take that as a compliment cos he thinks Im wonder woman, or laugh my ass off, cos I do not believe thats even humanly possible, not cos of drawing a living being, but cos of the time he was suggesting should take me to make one of my portraits.

Seriously, it takes me over 25 mins to just draw 1 eye. People are clueless or what....
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I still think her breasts look way too fake and it disturbs me but at least the last posted pic its well taken and seems to me she is leaning more towards art and good work now, should just keep it up.

We shall see...
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I was worried suddenly DA comunity had a change of heart and started realizing letting that on front page is too sad and hurts DA overall vibe.

Couldnt ever be! We are all safe, giant obviously fake boobs MySpace pics senorita is still there :D

I of course do not click on the pic to not make it even worse... I really really wish I could see real art only at least on front page, I joined this comunity to learn from and to share with other artists.
Theres so many incredible artists on this server, its so dejecting to see that have so much fame :/ very depressing.
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I cant upload anything... my DA aint working anymore.... Im trying to upload a couple of old sketches and it has been failing since over a hr...

I wonder if anyone else has this issue... or maybe its just my comp ;_; ... which has been acting up since a while anyway...
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please somebody delight me, cos Im confused and I think I got it all wrong.
how dejecting...
In hope it gets awarded :)