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My first try with a B/W "artistic" map!!!
Thanks to MaximePLASSE, as  ispiration I used his beautiful  Hyboria
I'm waiting for opinions/critiques :)
Download for full details (I spent 2 days labelling it ;P).
Cradits to Quabbe  for the mountains brushes, to SchwarzKreuz for the trees and BohemianResources for the nautical symbols.
Map border from arsheesh 's awesome tutorial.
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What a beautify map!
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Very beautiful!
lol, Obristan! Thumbs Up  Nice map by the way.
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Thanks :), hehe some names are really "particular" \o/
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Really nice work :) Max's version of Hyboria is stunning too, so couldn't have asked for better inspiration.
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Max is a master, I'm not :). Happy you like it !!!
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Utterly stunning and inspiring. Keep it up!
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Thanks, happy that you like it :).
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Very nice and extremely creative! It looks simple but it's not, the different terrain changes methodically and corresponds to the shoreline as if it were a real place in our world. Kudos!
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Thank you nsam85, your appreciation means a lot. I'm quite new to cartography and Zaenora could surely be improved, but comments as yours make me feel good ;P
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Nice map!  That is a great list of cartographers to draw inspiration from.
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