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Geisha's Gaze

Another painting for my portfolio :)

Please COMMENT, I'd appreciate feedback and helpful comments :)

I need all the help I can get for me course.

Here is the ref I used >>

This piece will be mounted alongside this one:
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beautiful....simply beautiful! :highfive:
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Thankss!! Too Kind!
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is it oil painting or acril?
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i really love the fact that there is no actual lines separating the face from the hair ect. Also how the paint is sometimes a bit messy for example the lipstick, in addition the flowers look amazing, because they were not on the ref but you added them and they make the painting brighter and really attractive to look at. Also i love the way you've changed the hair from straight to curly and did it in a kind of messy but as well tidy way :). If this was a critique I would personally give you 5 :star: on everything including originality :).
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Awww thanks ever so much! That means a lot to me that you like this piece that much :D
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Muy Purty!:meow: Way to go abstract!:clap:
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I'm here on behalf of :iconselftaughtartist: because your piece was in the group's critique requested folder.
The colours used create that fancy vintage effect, which I'm sure was intended. The use of watercolouring is quite good in my opinion, however more detail would make it much more realistic and appealing. Just my opinion though. Now for the topic of geisha. I just can't bring myself to accept almost anything that looks a little bit oriental to call 'a geisha'. For that title, it is just too far away from the traditional point of view. But that might be just my subjective opinion as far as I'm concerned :)
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This is really beautiful. How big is it? Something like this I think would be very powerful in a very large scale.
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Its not very big :/ Thanks for the comment!
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I like the expressive style :)
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I really love it! :D
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Is a beautiful expressive work, seemong to have a complete traditionalism to it:)
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thanks very much!
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