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after such a long time of my commissions being closed,,,,,,,theY'RE FINALLY BACK!!!!!!!!!!

clap clap RULES clap clap 
-All payment has to be in DA points, i cannot take anything else at the moment
-i can not and will not haggle any of the prices, but i will increase the price as i see fit if the character's design is very complex
-Full or half payment has to be given before i start working on the commission
-first come, first served
- I have the right to decline any commission for any reason i see fit, please dont try to argue with me about this
-Please do not rush me, i have school to manage and deal with and i tend to work slowly since i like to work on many different things at once
-All prices listed are base prices, and can be subject to change if i feel like the character(s) have a complicated design
-Only three (3) pieces per person
-i will give multiple opportunities for revisions and edits, and i will not make revisions/ edits after the commission is finished

Green tick 3What i will draw Green tick 3
- most animals (cats, dogs/ wolves, foxes, horses, deer, rabbits, big cats, small rodents, snakes, exct)
-dinosaurs and dragons
-anthro characters
- humans/ humanoid characters (male and female)
- muscular, skinny/ thin, or buff characters (anthro)
-closed and open species characters
-fanart/ ship art
-oc x canon
- gore/ blood/ candy gore/ animal death (depending on how graphic)

xWhat i will NOT draw x
-art depicting an insensitive or political phrase, gensture or symbol 
-nsfw art/ porn art/ fetish art/ nudity
-pedophillia, incest, exct.

sketch - cleaned up sketch with messy colors
lined - clean lineart with flat colors
detailed - clean lineart with flat colors and cell shading and highlights

*** currently i cannot offer pictures with full backgrounds/ scenes just yet since im still tryna get better at drawing them but transparent/ single color backgrounds are available (and free of charge)

Purple Bat PRICES Purple Bat
(prices apply to both feral and antrho/ humanoid characters unless stated otherwise)
-Also, if you want your character to have small creatures/ objects/ accesories with your character for your commission, i will draw them for you free of charge (but they cannot be too detailed or i'll increase the price)

Headshots/ busts
sketch - 400 points  
                                                         lined - 475 points                                                           
detailed - 550 points    

commission for Adventurekatgirl by th1stlew1ng                   Bih by th1stlew1ng                 Bbbbbb by th1stlew1ng     

sketch -  650 points (+ 400 for each additional character)
  lined - 750 points   (+500 for each additional character)      
    detailed - 825 points (+ 600 for each additional character)
              Ho Bitch by th1stlew1ng    Commission for Luxraylauren by th1stlew1ng                        Weed Man by th1stlew1ng   Commission For Lemonkitta by th1stlew1ng         Babbabbbaabey by th1stlew1ngHandsome Seven Yehaww by th1stlew1ng

sketch -  900 points (+ 600p for each additional character)
  lined - 1000 points ( +700p for each additional character)   
detailed -  1100 points   (+ 800p for each additional character)
 Tigerstar by th1stlew1ng    Asdklfjklsjddfghghhghg by th1stlew1ng                 Im Baby Call 911 by th1stlew1ngPretty Bab by th1stlew1ng

Darude Sandstorm by th1stlew1ng      Soft and fluffy by th1stlew1ng

Simple refrence sheet (feral only)
1000 points each
-color pallete, name, gender, any small additional details, single view fullbody with clean lines and flat colors

Spottedshade Ref (updated) by th1stlew1ng Beenose ref by th1stlew1ngRainpaw Ref by th1stlew1ng
for characters with a complicated pelt design, a pelt base can be used and added to the ref to help show the pelt's patterns better
(pelt base (both top view and bottom view) is + points)
(currently there is only bases for cats but any animal can have them)

if you're interested in a commission, note me (with a link to this commission sheet) or comment on this journal!!
please fill out this form to order a commission! VVVVV

type of commission:
character refrence sheet:
gender/ pronouns:
(please be as specific as you can with what you want for the background so my job is a bit easiser)
anything else i should know about:

Stars Blue Work Process Stars Blue
              Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
         Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
         Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
         Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
           Blue bar-done by L3Moon-Studios  
Love Blue stage of payment Love Blue
Bullet; Green - fully paid
Bullet; Red -unpaid
Bullet; Yellow -half paid

-to-do list- 
Bullet; Green - ScorcherSoldier -1 detailed headshot/ bust Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green - ShayminMoon -1 detailed halfbody  Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green - xX--SpiritedAway - 1 detailed headshot/ bust Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green - 4everhound - 1 detailed headshot/ bust Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green - Ockuram - 1 lined fullbody    Blue Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green - simp1y 1 lined fullbody Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green - JAHSPURRING 1 detailed headshot/ bust Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green  - Jayie-The-Hufflepuff - 1 detailed fullbody Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
Bullet; Green - Lisiska - 1 lined fullbody Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
-wait list-

these people asked to be tagged when my commissions opened back up so

also a small note, i am planning on adding Chibi's and Custom designs eventually, but i dont have any examples of what either of those would look like so i dont have them on this journal for now.

feel free to ask any questions if you have any!


hey my friend wants to make a toyhouse account so uhhh if anyone has spare toyhouse codes laying around that i can give her that would be greatly appreciated !!
lmao someone on intsagram REALLY tryna impersinate me and say that one of my pics of mapleshade that i drew a while ago is thier oc........jesus christ
@ everyone who puts nice comments on my art, 💕💓💓💖💞💞💓💖💕💕❤❤💕💓💓💕💓💓💖💖💞❤❤💕💕❤💖💞
ok im gonna hhhhh try to figure commission stuff out and MAYBE try to shoot for opening my commissions back up sometime in very late February or early March..... maybe open up anthro/ humanoid commissions too while im at it..... who knows 👀👀👀
tysm for all the happy birthday wishes!!!! :D !!!!!!


would anyone be interested in some painted commissions?? like these >> theyd prob be alot more cleaned up than these two but theyre the only examples i have atm 

30 deviants said yea!
19 deviants said maybe!
3 deviants said probably not


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Thank you very much for the watch! Nice art you got there :D
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Do you do art trades?
th1stlew1ng Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2019  Student Digital Artist
not at the moment sorry!
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Dang it! If you could let me know when there open please do thanks!
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just wondering, have you ever drawn Gray Wing or Clear Sky? If not, I'd really love to see them in your style!!
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