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A Distraction for Frat Boys TG


Caption by unfortunatesoul005 
Photo by TGSamuel


    A newly-minted fraternity brother, Thomas was drunk and full of testosterone. The other guys had persuaded him that as a member of Beta Kappa-Psi he would be irresistible for all women. Women at universities were only ever there for one reason – find successful young college guys, marry them and get their pussies pounded to the tune of six figure incomes for the rest of their lives. He subscribed to this. He loved it even. A place where all the progressive bullshit didn’t hold.

     With all this coursing through his head, Thomas didn’t hesitate at all when he saw Sarah at the initiation after party.

    “HEY – would you like to head back somewhere private and get freaky! I’ve seen you looking at me. Sex is your game, and I can do that just fine even when I’m drunk!” he slurred.

    After a flash of what he could have sworn was anger – except it couldn’t be because she was hot for him – she said, “Sure pumpkin, follow me!”

    Sarah led him upstairs around a few corners and into a bedroom Thomas didn’t remember from the fraternity tour he had taken when he arrived on campus. She began to kiss him passionately and he quickly forgot about his confusion. This kissing felt different however. She was getting bigger – or was he getting smaller? The stubble that initially pressed against her face quickly vanished. That’s when he tried to push away but found he couldn’t. She took a break and pulled away. He noticed as she did that a long dirty blonde curl fell away from her face back to him as if it were his – that couldn’t be right.

    “So, you’re like all the rest huh? You think women don’t come here for any other reason but sex and baby-making?” Sarah said – the anger was definitely there now. Thomas wanted to get up and leave but realized with a pinch of fear that he couldn’t do that either.

    Sarah saw his eyes going for the door, “Oh no – you’re not leaving Thomas. You see we’re more complicated than you think. We study arts that the male mind couldn’t begin to understand. I’m fairly advanced in them – to your simplistic mind I guess that makes me… a witch?” His eyes widened in terror.

    “So as you may realize you’re mine now – and I think I have a solution for all you frat boys bothering us girls at parties. We use the worst of you to make the dreams of the rest come true.  Let’s have some fun… Christie,” Sarah said with a wink and leaned in again.

    She started kissing him again and that bizarre feeling began. When she started stroking his cock he thought maybe she was hot for him again, but that only lasted a moment. She was pushing too hard. He found himself moaning as she pushed harder and harder creating a groove in his penis until it felt like she poked through. She was INSIDE him. She/he wanted to scream but instead she moaned in a feminine voice she didn’t recognize out of sheer pleasure at the new feelings she was experiencing. As Sarah continued to work her magic, Thomas felt her waist cave into an hourglass shape and her legs become smooth and shapely. Her hands got small and petite, and her feet experienced a similar transformation. Her butt pressed out into a cute little bubble while upstairs her hair had grown to her shoulders by this time.

    Sarah paused again, “Oh you should know – I can’t do what I’m doing without material you know. The new you comes from somewhere – I’ve been using your brain. Hope you don’t mind. I know you don’t mind much of anything actually,” she said with a laugh.

    As Sarah went back to what she was doing Thomas realized it WAS getting harder to think. She wanted to yell for help but instead she was… giggling and moaning? As her nipples became larger and began to press out with new flesh she found it harder to think about the fraternity or school work. As the new breasts reached a cute B-cup size, she found it harder to remember who she was. That wasn’t important. Boys and babies were more interesting. Ooo and sex. Lots of it.

    Sarah leaned back and started playing with the new girls face. She sculpted the face that was formerly Thomas into Christie – making pouty, adorable lips, a cute nose and well-trimmed eyebrows that rose slightly above sensual blue eyes. She spoke some quiet words in a language foreign to the still moaning, still giggling Christie and star-spangled panties appeared on Christie’s new womanhood. 
                “Wouldn’t want the boys to think you’re not patriotic enough for them,” Sarah said mockingly before muttering more alien words to create Christie’s new blue night shirt. She kissed Christie again which caused the new girl to get sleepy.

    “Good luck, gorgeous,” was the last thing Christie heard as she watched Sarah leave and fell asleep.

    Christie woke up in the bedroom of her new sorority house, stretched and yawned out to the fresh morning on campus. She had had a bizarre dream. A dream of a different identity. Or was it a dream? Had she been a boy before? It didn’t matter. All that mattered was FINDING a boy – a boy who would take her into his house one day in return for lots and lots of lovely sex. She had the tools to find him, and it was time to start the hunt.

    Thomas had become the first of many victims of Sarah and her friends. The women these witches created actually were as horny and simple-minded as the fraternities thought all women were. They would serve as wonderful distractions for the fraternity boys at parties so Sarah and her friends could live with a little more peace.

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Nice caption :)
this picture deserves a really well detailed tg description
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these up for use in tg captions?
take them. I will ask that you feature my username in the desc. though.
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