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Phil was on his way to his buddy Joshs place when he was told about something he just had to bare witness too. Finally finding Josh in the living room playing as usual Mass Effect 2. "Okay, what is this whole awesome thing you wanted to show me, actual ME 4 game play? " He asked. "First off, dude, do you believe in magic?" He asked with a smile. Phil just have him a weird look. "Uhhm look Josh, I think we are better off as friends so..." "What, oh God no, what were you thinking?"

(Well that was awkward, anyway back to the story)

"Oh good, so what did you wanna show me?" Phil asked wiping his brow. "Well recently, my copy of ME 2 was damaged and I was bummed, but by coincidence yesterday I decided to take a shortcut through that half demolished building on my way home from school and sure enough, I found another copy of ME 2." Josh detail-y explained. "That’s;s it, you just found a replacement game?" This definitely sound like Josh was wasting Phils time to him. "Well, turns out it had more then." He said as he went over to pop out the disc. "Hidden DLC?" Asked Phil. "Just watch." Josh would then flip the disc over and proceed to rub his thumb over it. "Whoa whoa, what are you doing??!" Phil freaked out seeing him ruining the disc. But then something started to happen as the disc started to glow. "What did you do?" Phil asked as Josh placed the bright glowing disc down. "Now you will see why I asked if you believe in magic."  

Then something lifted itself from the disc and started taking form. Taking on a more human shape, Phil was surprised to see it take the form of an asari from mass effect. "Holy crap, its.....its a...." Phil tried his best to get the words out of his mouth. "I know right, but that was still not the best part." Josh explained gleefully.  

~Have you made your mind on your three wishes, make them so and I will depart.~

Phil could not believe what he heard. A wish granting asari, Phil knew what he wanted. "I WANT BEAUTIFUL WOMAN TO BRING ME ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!!" He screamed his wishes.  

~I cannot grant your wish...~ "What, why?" ~You are not the one who rubbed my disc, therefore your wishes cannot be~

"Well that’s a bummer." Phil sadly sighed. Since he was the one who rub at it, the wish granting asari could only grant his three wishes. "You know there was a reason I invited you over dude " Josh explained to Phil. "First time I summoned her, any other being with me and her will join in the wishes." This made Phil a lil happier as he awaited Josh to make is wishes.  

"So, what are you gonna wish for dude?" He asked. "I had some time to think, a whole day actually, and finally know what I want." Josh took a deep breath, stared at the asari genie, and made his wishes.

"I wanna live in an alternative world from the ending of Mass Effect and be my own Com. Shepard."

The asari genie then crossed her arms over her chest and closed her eyes. "Your wishes shall be embraced!!" She yelled snapping her now black eyes. Josh and Phil then watched the living room of Joshs house change until finally it looked like Shepards apartment from the game. Looking in awe at the awesomeness of the apartment they were in now. But then Joshs body started to feel weird. Looking down at his skinny arms as they began to grow some muscle mass all over his body. The only thing that did not change was his face and head. "Dude, what happened to you, you look different." Phil said all surprised. "I feel, pretty good actually." Josh said as he checked himself out. They then saw a large picture on the back wall. The same one taking at the end of the party in that one DLC pack. Nothing to out of the ordinary, it was everyone who was in that picture just as themselves still. The only really new thing added was Josh was in place of Shepard, it was literally him in there. "Holy crap man, your Shepard in this world!" Phil said surprised. "I’m Shepard, I am really Josh Shepard!" Josh yelled jumping around.  

~You will discover that things have changed in this reality, Shepard never perished and it is one year after the war with the reapers~ The asari genie said startling the two boys. ~I await your final wish, make it so.~ “Wait, one more I only made one wish didn’t I?” Josh asked. ~You made two wishes at the same time, live in the alternate ending and as Shepard, therefore you have but one more wish remaining and I shall vanish.~ This indeed put a damper on Joshs idea of what his two last wishes were definitely gonna be. “Guess I will have to settle on one girl to be with then. “ He thought to himself. “Come on man, choose something, I wanna see what happens next.” Phil said as he nudge the Com. Thinking long and hard who it was gonna be, there were so many choices swarming through his. Both official romances and others, but he finally made up his mind.  

“I want to have a lifelong romance with Miranda Lawson.”

The asari crossed her arms, closed her eyes, said the magic words, and then vanished. “Uhh did she do it?” Phil asked. “How am I supposed to know?” Josh said wondering the same thing. As soon as they figured the last was a bust, Josh suddenly noticed the new outfit on Phil. “Oh my God dude, nice jumpsuit.” He laughed. Confused,  Phil looked down and noticed he was wearing Mirandas uniform. “What the hell,  where’d this come?!?” He said as he looked it over. Then his short blonde hair became black and grew down around his shoulder. “I think I know what is happening buddy.” Josh said watching his buddy taking a hold of his new hair. “You do not mean, I’m becoming...” Just then a pair of large breasts popped up. “Oh hell no!!” Phil shouted as more changes happened. His body became more thinned and ladylike developing into a more hourglass figure. Hips and butt began to expand. He could feel his penis retract inwards. Taking a feel of the suit between his legs he could no longer fee his dick or balls anymore. “My dick is gone dude, help me, I do not wanna be a woman!!” Phil pleaded. “I, I do not know what to do man.” Josh stuttered watching the changes come across his friend. “At least, you will be hott.” He giggled. “Not funny, I do not want to be your damn voice...” He said clenching at the sound of his changed voice. “No, this cannot be happening!” He said with Mirandas sexy Australian accent. His lips would then begin to puff up, his nose shrank, his jawline reshaped smother, his eyes and brow realigned themselves into he officially looked like Miranda. Finally her signature makeup was applied automatically.  

Josh was stunned at the new change. “Wow, you look, wow..” Phil looked down at his hands while his mouth trembled at thought of whose body he was in now. Slowly he placed his hands over her breasts and took a small feel. Then he took one hand and felt around her legs. “No, no no no, this is not happening,  change me back now!” She yelled. “I can’t,  the genies gone, there is nothing any of us can do, except...” Josh said as his mind began wander. Phil gave him a certain look as he prepared himself for what he was about to say. “Since well, you are my romance choice, I was thinking...” Yeah dude, I’m gonna stop you there because (shakes her head a lil) because I am not....oh man, my head!” He shouted as a splitting headache just came over her. “Are you okay, what’s wrong?” Josh asked. “I I I,....., do not know, I just....” It felt like Phil was losing stuff but at the same time new things were being added. It then seemed like the worse was over as she let go of her head. “You okay now?” Asked Josh. “Yea I, I really do not know what that was all about.” Phil said brushing her hair back. “Now how about that drink?” She said as she made way to the bar. For some reason, Phil was now acting different then he was when, well, when he was a he a moment ago. “Are you ‘sure’ you're feeling okay?" Josh asked. “I’m serious Shepard I am fine.” She said with a smile directed at him. “Did you just call me Shepard?” Josh asked surprised. “Oh right sorry, old habits I guess.” She joked. “We’ve been together for more then a year already, you would think I would have no problem calling you Josh by now, eh Commander?” She said with a wink. “A year? Well I guess it’s true then, Phil has really become..”  

“Actually there was another reason I came over.” She said as she finished her drink. “It’s about that thing we talked about the other day.” Uhh Yea,  that thing, we talked about, yes.” Josh said playing along since he, kinda, just got here. “It was just, I thought about my past and my father and it made me nervous and worried about our future.” She said as Josh nodded knowing what they were talking about. “But then another thought came to me.” She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and over his shoulder. “We’ve been together for a very long time and no one makes me happier then you.” She and Josh then shared a kiss together. “So what are you saying?” He said still baffled on what she was talking about. She gave him a flirty look before taking his hand and they walked upstairs to the bedroom. “I think I am ready to start a new life with you now.”  

A few weeks had passed since then and Josh had began to accept Phil was no more. But now could live his Mass Effect dream as well as be with the sexy Miranda. One day however, as Miranda was enjoying a relaxing shower waiting for Shepard to return, she started to feel a lil sick. After throwing up some in the toilet she needed to confirm something. A lil while later Josh finally returned home to see Miranda sitting on the couch. “Hey Mari, how was your day?” He asked. She then stood up and looked at him with joyful smile. Then he noticed something on her hand. “What’s that you got?” She then showed it to him and to his surprise, it was a pregnancy test stick.
Cap Ver. -
Trade with :icond-177:
Heres the one she made me -
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D-177 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016
An amazing cap!! Thank you so much :D :D :D
TGrebel2 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016
So glad you loved it ^^
Orangesnake463 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
I wish all Australian accents were sexy. Ah well, at least I still have my (little) charm 😄
Great cap none the less!
TGrebel2 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016
hard to resist i know ^^
and thanx u!!
Orangesnake463 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2016
No worries mate!
Nay1260 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
My favourite of your new ones, love Mass Effect (: 
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most fav. game trilogy ever!!!
and thanxs xD
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