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reNIX (for UNITY and GS)



Finally updated to Gnome 3.6! Thanks to strycore, who has done it possible and now he is fixing minor issues.

A squared variation of the unity and metacity theme GTKdroid packaged with the GTK3 theme NIX. I have also included an alternative metacity theme for Gnome Shell based on Nööp theme. All credits to the original authors.

reNIX Gnome Shell theme: [link]
reNIX (for Chrome/Chromium): [link]

- Wallpaper: [link] // [link]
- Icon theme: [link]
- Gnome Shell Theme: [link]
- Font: [link]

Changelog (14-08-12): repackaged and renamed metacity
Changelog (15-08-12): added a new alternative metacity theme for Gnome Shell (reNIX GS).
Changelog (16-08-12): change prelight colors in metacity and Unity themes.
Changelog (19-08-12): added recommended wallpaper
Changelog (20-08-12): reNIX GS metacity with new borders and other minor fixes.
Changelog (22-08-12): color fixed in unity panel and other minor fixes. Added new GS theme link to description.
Changelog (25-08-12): fixed search button in nautilus.
Changelog (29-08-12): menu font color changed and unified.
Changelog (25-12-12): theme update to Gnome 3.6
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