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reNIX (for UNITY and GS)

By tgraeca84
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Finally updated to Gnome 3.6! Thanks to strycore, who has done it possible and now he is fixing minor issues.

A squared variation of the unity and metacity theme GTKdroid packaged with the GTK3 theme NIX. I have also included an alternative metacity theme for Gnome Shell based on Nööp theme. All credits to the original authors.

reNIX Gnome Shell theme: [link]
reNIX (for Chrome/Chromium): [link]

- Wallpaper: [link] // [link]
- Icon theme: [link]
- Gnome Shell Theme: [link]
- Font: [link]

Changelog (14-08-12): repackaged and renamed metacity
Changelog (15-08-12): added a new alternative metacity theme for Gnome Shell (reNIX GS).
Changelog (16-08-12): change prelight colors in metacity and Unity themes.
Changelog (19-08-12): added recommended wallpaper
Changelog (20-08-12): reNIX GS metacity with new borders and other minor fixes.
Changelog (22-08-12): color fixed in unity panel and other minor fixes. Added new GS theme link to description.
Changelog (25-08-12): fixed search button in nautilus.
Changelog (29-08-12): menu font color changed and unified.
Changelog (25-12-12): theme update to Gnome 3.6
© 2012 - 2020 tgraeca84
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Hello, I'm running Gnome Shell 3.6.2 and these prevented me to get the metacity theme working :

In "renix-gtk-master/metacity-1/metacity-theme-3.xml"
Line 28 : <frame_geometry name="normal" title_scale="medium" rounded_top_left="flase" rounded_top_right="false"> ^

Lines 15,122 : value="blend/#2627290/gtk:bg[NORMAL]/0.5" , color="#2627290"
^ ^
This is from the latest version available the moment I'm writing this.
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Tch... complete mess I meant the "flase" value for Line 28 and the non-existent "#2627290" for lines 15 and 122.
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lei00Student Artist
Nice shot :)
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beautiful theme, but there are some minor bugs with ubuntu 12.10 (gs, gtk3; unity don't know). i hope this can be fixed. thank you for the nice theme
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Yes I know. Strycore is now doing all the work, porting it to gtk3 and fixing bugs. There are not noticed problems whith Unity, but because of the upgrade to Gnome 3.6, Gnome Shell theme could be broken. But, you can use this nice GS theme for now [link]

Thanks for your comment!
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i like this theme, but with gnome 3.6 in ubuntu 12.10 the close and minimize are not as shown.
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Gnome shell or Unity?
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This is one of my favorite themes I've ever used on Linux. I'm sick of all the newer themes being variations of just grey.

I'll be looking for some info on GTK 3.6 and how to port it, but considering the direction the GNOME devs are going, they'll probably purposely break all themes in the next GTK update anyway.
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Thank you Ershio. Yes, I suspect the same about future GNOME releases. I honestly think that GNOME devs have lost the point. GNOME is a desktop environment, not a distro. It should be more long term stable and a lot more customizable.

Anyway, I would update the theme if I knew how to.
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Hi, I've tried to fix some of the issues that appeared in Gnome 3.6. The current work in progress is available here : [link] with the main issue fixed (after fooling around with the theme, I realised that the GtkLabels should have a transparent background color). Let me know if you are aware of known issues so I can try to work on them
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Wow great job with the port so far, it's much appreciated.

I'm sorry I tried looking for information on theming GTK3 but there is a surprising lack of information on doing so.
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You did it man! Thank you very much! I wonder if I could update the theme using your fixed work or maybe you could share it in a new entry as reNIX 3.6 or something similar. As you wish.

I think that the checkboxes (unchecked) may feel better being gray or white. Now, blue seems weird to me. That is the only issue that I can see for the moment.

Thanks again!
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Feel free to fetch my changes in order to make a new release, that's what it's there for :)
If you don't use git, github also lets you download the whole project as a tarball. Please note that I haven't included the Gnome Shell theme since I don't run GS and didn't want to mess with that.

There are issues with slider widgets which should have a transparent background, that's probably related to the checkbox issue you're talking about.
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I have noticed that overlay scrollbars are black instead blue. And I think that the labels text color could be white instead black.
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I´m sorry dude... I have not really idea how to upgrade the gtk theme. I googled for a tutorial but I found nothing useful. I hope somebody wants to do it, or tell me how to do it myself.
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Plese update for gtk 3.6, theme doesnt yet work with ubuntu 12.10 or mint 14
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Some things are not working in ubuntu 12.10. I hate myself for doing the upgrade, your theme rocks!
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kit88tsHobbyist Photographer
unity doesn't seem to recognize your theme!! ;( ... i moved the director reNIX under /usr/share/themes, but it doesn't work. did i make some mistakes?
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Try to extract the directory in home/yourusername/.themes. Don't forget to select the theme with your tweak tool (ububtu tweak, MyUnity, Gnome Tweak Tool, etc.).
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kit88tsHobbyist Photographer
i'll try! but usually when i put themes in that folder the system doesn't seem to recognize them! by the way thank you so much for the reply! :)
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MMZero01Student General Artist
I love the simplicity of this theme!
I don't really know what the other people are talking about this not working in Gnome Shell... It's fine! (Installing that extension that removes curves helps a lot, though)
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