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Death Battle Aftermath: Yang VS Tifa

Ooooh just don't realize your time is approaching. >X3
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could you do one of these with yang being tickled
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I already have a picture with yang being tickled.
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Yang: I didn't feel like killing her so i did this.
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Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
I didn't agree with the verdict but I did like the easter eggs they put in the fight.
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Mmhm. I didn't agree either. I think tifa could have and should have won. I think the fight was rigged. But what easter egg are you talking about? I might have missed it.
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
I felt that way about Erza vs. Zoro too.
tgohan's avatar
I actually was rooting for zoro, to be honest. So i have sno complaints about it.
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
I can see why people would root for him but I think they underestimated Erza...they left out the time when she went up against Ikaruga or when she beat Ajeel.
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I honestly am not a fan of one piece or fairy tail (anymore) fairy tails story is just too much fan service and no plot. And i just dont like one piece. But they wasy erza is, is just ridiculous, in my opinion. No offense, but im just glad she lost. But thats just my opinion. Thats cool that u wanted her to win.
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Older siblings always win and are always tickling us younger sibs.
but after watching RWBY I can finaly now imagine Rubies cute laugh :3
AndyofIndiana's avatar
:icontifaplz::iconsaysplz:No, ha ha, fair!  You only (giggle) won because (chuckle) Rooster Teeth is buying out Screwahahahahaha!
RWBY Gif - Yang 3:iconsaysplz:Look, I just want to tickle you.  Besides, I didn't personally cause the bias that Screwattack might've had, it's their own fault."
Oceanavenuedude's avatar
Hehe ain't it the truth? Screwattack screwed up bad but it's not Yang's fault except maybe 4 that pun. Besides this is one sexy image! Maybe they might take turns later trying gags and tickling each other oh wait. Dammit poor Yang's arm! This will never be the same again! Please lets pretend that never happened if sequels to this is made. 
tgohan's avatar
Best comment by far. Lol. I was rooting for tifa but i do believe screw attack was kinda biased which is why yang won. They knew the fans of RWBY would be pissed so they killed tifa instead. Thats what i think. It was still an enjoyable battle.
PasGlassJoe's avatar
I lost a bet so this image is now in my signature on the ScrewAttack forums. I am not fond of this episode for an abundance of reasons.
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Is that a bad thing that this image is your signature on the screwattack forums? Lol. What were you betting, im curious. Also yes, i was actually rooting for tifa to win but that didnt happen.
PasGlassJoe's avatar
Ugh, I've lost so many bets there that I've track of which one this was. I think it was Ken that I bet on that got me this particular piece, before his opponent was revealed.
Now, this is an outcome I much prefer to the way it ended in the death battle.
tgohan's avatar
Me too. Lol. 
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Yang: A deal's a deal, right?
Tifa: Uh-huh!
DivJustice's avatar
Tifa should be glad, considering that death battle are...well battles to death this is way better.
Lovely picture, especially Yang's mischievious face.
Simply-Asa's avatar
How is this the aftermath? Where's Tifa's neck brace?
Lauren-Tyler's avatar
Now ain't this cute!
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