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Demongirl Tghawk by Morphy-McMorpherson by tghawk555
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Demongirl Tghawk by Morphy-McMorpherson :icontghawk555:tghawk555 26 1
Ashley Smith by Morphy-McMorpherson by tghawk555 Ashley Smith by Morphy-McMorpherson :icontghawk555:tghawk555 25 5
Moonlight Parade (by CNash)
The premise of this story may make some people feel uncomfortable. If that's you, I won't mind if you click Back or the little X in the corner. If you're underage...ahh, keep reading. I couldn't stop you even if I wanted to. But seriously, some material may be detrimental to the health of persons younger than, say, 14 years old. Parents, protect your children! If you download these files, don't leave them on the desktop!
If you wish to e-mail me, do so at ********** - compliments are very welcome. Flaming is not. Criticism - why not?
Moonlight Parade - by CNash.
An old wooden door opens. We see that inside the room is an old, leather chair. Upon which! CNash! I'm kitted out in a smoking jacket, and have a large leather-bound book on my lap. I turn to the camera and smile that godawful patronising "talking to the kiddies" smile that makes you want to retch.
"Why, hello there, my friends. Tonight I'm going to tell you a tale. And this tale is...*cough* complet
:icontghawk555:tghawk555 25 4
Bimbo Ashley by buck3 by tghawk555 Bimbo Ashley by buck3 :icontghawk555:tghawk555 33 42 Ashley Smith by buck3 by tghawk555 Ashley Smith by buck3 :icontghawk555:tghawk555 30 15
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Munching Numbers :icontghawk555:tghawk555 38 22
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The Magical Fruit? :icontghawk555:tghawk555 96 40
A Night of Passion
In a country, in a city, in a house, in a bedroom, there is a couple about to make love to each other. Their names are Casper and Ashley. They have been dating for 3 months. Casper loves Ashley with all his heart, and Ashley loves him back. But Ashley has certain… interests that she hasn't told Casper about. Tonight he will find out what those interests are firsthand. Let's watch, shall we?
"You little-Hehe," says Casper. "Well... I'm here, you're here. What do you want to do?
"How about we do it? I have some new stuff I want to show you!" Ashley exclaims.
"Mmmmm, sounds interesting…"
"But you don't appear to be ready yet. Let me help you out."
Ashley pulls a duffel bag out of thin air, then reaches into it and pulls out a few things.
"Here, put on this thong, and I'll help apply your makeup."
"Thong? But... I will look bad in it."
"Put it on, bitch! You're mine now!" she shouts, followed by a giggle.
Casper strips down and puts on the thong.
"Good boy. No
:icontghawk555:tghawk555 84 23
I'm Turning Into My Mother
Bob Hayes was an average man who lived an average life. Well, actually, that's not quite true. Bob may have been an average man, but he most certainly did not lead an average life. Unless you consider a life of laziness to be average.
You see, Bob had never really had any motivation in life. From when he was a child, to when he graduated, to when he got an apartment, he just didn't feel the need to do anything to get something he wanted. That is, until Jessica Zand came along.
Bob was hanging out in a bar with his friends, when suddenly, she walked in. From the moment she stepped foot in the building, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. And why would he? She was gorgeous, beautiful beyond belief. For the first time in his life, Bob finally had motivation: to get in that girl's pants! Shallow, yes, but motivation nonetheless.
And his hard work – a result of the motivation – paid off. The two managed to hit it off, in more ways than one. Soon, after they'd been dating for alm
:icontghawk555:tghawk555 298 35
Night of the Were-Schoolgirl
Bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt!
The alarm had started going off.
Bzzt bzzt bz —
Cadell managed to pull himself out of bed. “What time is it? 6:30 PM?! Crap!” He was going to be late to his night classes again! He had to get dressed, and fast! “What to wear, what to wear?” Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a box that had not been there last night. It was addressed to him, but he didn’t recognize the sender. He reached for the note on top.
Mr. Cadell,
I notice that you seem to be
in need of some new clothes.
Enclosed you will find a
Playboy bunny undershirt/boxer
set. These should be perfect
for your night classes.
Sincerely, TGH5

“TGH5? Who’s that?” Still, he knew that they were right. With all of the jobs he was working, he needed to take night classes just so he could earn his Bachelor’s degree. And with all the money he was making paying for his apartment, he couldn’t afford to buy new clothes. “Well, you should never loo
:icontghawk555:tghawk555 231 64


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Future TG Ideas

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 4:55 PM

GAH!! I'm so sorry! I didn't have anything planned for Free Premium Membership Day this year, so it was basically a wasted day... I'm sorry...

Sarah-Danielle-E was nice enough to give me a free 3-month Premium Membership subscription, so I can now update this journal again without fear of losing this beautiful theme! Thank you very much, Joe!

As a result of DeviantART's Free Premium Membership Day, my journal will now have this beautiful skin (courtesy of Infinite705) in order to show off just how fabulous it is! Enjoy!

1. Use bimbo hypnosis video but don't look at clock to end trance, "will" body to change

2. Man/woman turns into a rabbit girl at night, thumps feet (think Thumper from Bambi) which creates vibrations/echos, anyone nearby also turns into a rabbit girl

3. Luchador mask story - regular high school guy (no clique) is into Mexican wrestling ("real" wrestling), goes for a class being taught at a small gym, only other pupil is scrawny trouble-making guy from same high school, teacher is Spells R Us wizard in disguise (maybe?), both get into ring, given identical masks, masks reveal what the soul desires, looking into mask like looking into whole new world, physical/mental/clothing changes manifest as the two wrestle, regular guy becomes woman, scrawny guy becomes more muscly guy but less of a dick, reality change causes the two to be boyfriend/girlfriend, SRU wizard says something along the lines of "A job well done"

4. Ha, forget about waking up as a girl; how boring. No, the real fun would be waking up as a guy in a girl's life, having everybody perceive you as a girl/the girl whose life you're piggybacking off of, and only you can see yourself as you really are. But slowly, you start to see yourself as everyone else sees you, and your body changes to reflect it! And maybe you could throw in a bit of mind alteration, too...

5. The Simpsons Jekyll and Hyde (with Lisa and possibly Bart). Lisa would turn into a popular girl after using the potion, but eventually find that she was having moral dilemmas with using it. Bart might then find it and either A. turn into a good boy or B. turn into a popular girl, similar to Lisa's transformation. All wrapped up by the end of the episode, though (ala Treehouse of Horror)

6. Bimbo Relay Race! With each pass of the baton, the next person becomes ditzier and more bimbo-ish. See if you can finish the race with the thought processes (and body) of a bimbo!

7. Glam transformation (a good example of glam: [link]): man in a trench coat finishes watching a small theater performance/rehearsal and heads backstage to greet his friend, who happens to be managing the performance. Friend is stressed out, she is looking for her star singer but can't find her anywhere. Asks her friend if he would mind helping out, he agrees, she pulls a hanger out of a closet. It is one of those coat things that his the zipper cover over it, but there's no coat inside. Manager zips open and asks friend to step inside it. He does so, and she zips it up as everything goes dark. The lights soon come back on and he is standing there as he was before, but without the zipper cover thing over him. He wonders what is going on, then notices that the shirt he was wearing under his trench coat is now loose and purple. Manager comes along and puts something in his hair (a glitzy hairpin) which causes his hair to become big and long (big in terms of volume), but he doesn't notice for some reason. Manager asks him to walk with her, and he realizes that he is now walking in very high heels, also feels breeze on his legs. Manager undoes trench coat and man is revealed to be wearing fancy purple dress. Manager has him drink a small cocktail and rests a boa on his arms, causes his body to shrink down a little, face to contort to a woman's face, back arches and something down there is lost (strangely, he is now wearing panties down there, too). Manager presses a button on the boa which causes man to grow very large breasts and makes his hips pop out, ass inflate, waist draw in, etc. Man (now woman) is walked out to a microphone as the curtain rises to reveal an audience anxiously awaiting the star, and she begins to sing for them. (Note: idea came from a dream, may need a bit of fine tuning)

8. Saw a sign for a "bimbo bakery" (possible m2f/bimbo idea)

9. Female gene (think Family Guy "gay gene" episode)

10. TG do's & don'ts

11. Hick to redhead

12. While using a secret account (a.k.a. tghawk555), something happens to make secret account real and real account (a.k.a. ) secret, thus altering physical appearance/mind/reality

13. Online quiz TG (while taking a "Which gender are you?" quiz, boy decides to try to get 100% girl by "getting in touch with his feminine side", but his feminine side wants to take over, not just "get in touch". TG occurs slowly with each question, but boy doesn't notice until secondary characteristics begin to manifest)

14. Boots TG (think "SRU: Stockings", but with 's boots/socks)

15. Ghost possession tg (ghost follows boy around for awhile, learning how he does things. Once enough time has passed, ghost possesses boy, taking complete dominance over his body, and occasionally turns him into a girl. Motivation for possession is currently unknown)

16. Werewoman chronicles

17. Strawberry/Ichigo TG (Tokyo Mew Mew character, not Bleach character)

{Many of these ideas were for comics back when I used to make TG sequences, and as such, some of them may be dropped.}

18. Guy takes driver's license test, passes and accidentally has paperwork filled out for a woman, card is marked with an F. Guy needs to wait 2 weeks to make any changes to the card, but starts to transform into a woman while waiting, slowly starts to "realize" that "she" doesn't need to change her license anymore. Part of story may include partial transformation to the point where head looks like a woman's and the guy is pulled over, makes the excuse of having to borrow his brother's license, cop denies it and says her license looks fine (license picture has changed to look like her by this point, looked like him prior to handing it to the cop).

19. Smarties and "Sassy Sours" (candy I saw one time). Essentially the same candy, but they have different effects. Smarties turn you into a nerd, Sassy Sours turn you into a sassy bitch (still not sure about that one...). Could be applied to both men and women.

20. Man to fangirl TG transformation. Not all male fans are fanboys, after all. ;)

21. Musical TG. Man finds himself prone to bursts of musical moments (stage musicals, specifically), temporarily alters reality to compensate for musicals, usually ends up as a woman, makes any attempt possible to avoid these "bursts."

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