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First Contact

update: Revisited this image to make some adjustments to a few things that were bugging me a bit. I also changed the image rotation and flipped it to portrait. 

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*For over 4 years object S31 has remained in a stable Geosynchronous Orbit around Earth. It is theorised that the object possesses massive intelligence. No effort of communication has been successful since its initial arrival where it emitted an intense display of light in response to the orbital approach of the International Space Station.

Very little is actually known about Object S31. It is the topic of much international debate and tension as to how to next proceed. It is still unclear as to what the object's intentions are. It is theorised that the object is in fact one singular organism of intelligent design (created by some other intelligent life form) yet this too is the subject of much heated debate.

Though there has been no official go ahead for any nation to further attempt communication, the International Space Station has remained locked in orbit beneath it since its arrival. Due to this, the space station has rapidly under gone hardware re-purposing to make it more efficient at close range studies.*


Desert Titan by TGHarrison Sky Titan by TGHarrison Aged-Kaiju by TGHarrison 
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I hope they have unilaterally considered a tactical nuke delivery system in case things go South.Raven Branwen Angry Icon 
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Compelling concept and beautiful image!
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So mystical and beautiful! I love the atmosphere : )
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Thank you very much :)
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Very nice idea and beautiful artwork. I love to see jellyfish.
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Thank you. Jellyfish are awesome!
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Excellent work! Well done :)
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I love how your rendition of the first contact of aliens to the human race is by way of the most unlikely-seeming creature; the humble jellyfish. good work.
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Thank you! I am planning to do more giant space creature things based around micro organisms.
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Such a beautiful thing to imagine, I want to cry.

I also like to think that visiting aliens would use the ISS as a contact point :)
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Thank you very much. I thought the ISS made logical sense :)
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Jellyfish have always scared the crap out of me.  This thing approaching earth would make me nearly suicidal.  Nice drawing.
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Sorry for exasperating your fears ;)
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Amazingly drawn, though.  
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