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Literature Text

"Dude!" Tom looked rather stunned. After having rolled a double one as a baby, he had finally managed to be *reset*. "That's quite the sexy…" he began to state as he kept staring at the new Fred.

"One more word and I will rip your throat out." Fred menaced, hissing loudly as her eyes glared daggers.

"You were cuter as a baby." Jenny grumped, her fur now a pure silvery white, result from her last roll. "Quieter too."

"My turn." Vicky picked up the dice and rolled. She groaned in complain as they landed on six and five. "Wish I had gotten a double…" she picked up the card and with a defeated sigh, read the words out loud. "Born to be wild, born to be free. Let the party girl go on a spree."

The card burnt with blue flames into a crisp, and… nothing happened.

Confused, they looked at one another as everything looked exactly as it had been moments before.

"Maybe it's delayed?" Jenny suggested.

"Nope, it already did the change." Natalie pointed at Vicky. "Judging by the theme of the block the fell on… I'm guessing it's her mind that's been changed."

"My mind?" Vicky touched her chin with her finger. "Like, I don't feel any different." she pouted as she stared at Tom, winking a mischievous eye at him. "And, like, isn't it weirder that he's the only guy here?"

"Oh my God…!" Jenny and Fred moved away from Vicky as if she had some lethal virus. "You're a bimbo!"

"Nuh uh!" Vicky stuck her tongue out at them. "Like, I totally know, you know, math and stuff." she halted for a second as she tried to remember her last algebra class. "It's just, like, so hard to think." feeling somewhat uncomfortable, she looked down at her clothes. "This is so… you know, restraining!"

"Vicky, stop." Natalie's voice was imperative enough to halt her before the strip-tease began. "Fred, throw already; the sooner someone wins, the sooner we get out of this mess."

"Pleassse don't be a ssseven…" Fred mumbled as he quickly took the dice and began rubbing them with one another; hoping against hope she wouldn't land on the same square as Vicky. "Pleassse don't be a ssseven…" she dropped the dice, and sighed in relief as it turned out as a three and a five. Picking the card up, she handed it to Natalie so she could read it for everyone.

"Fine, fine." she grumped while picking the card. "The most sensuous slave you shall become. For a naga dancer is never out-done."

"Ssslave!?" Fred almost jumped in shock. "Pleassse tell me it'sss not a literal meaning."

"I guess we'll find out soon enough." Tom ogled Fred in a way that made even the snake-girl's scales crawl all the way down to the tip of her tail.

Like the times before, the card vanished in blue flames. And at the same time, Fred felt as the changes began to take over as well.

Unlike the first time, it didn't feel painful by the slightest. It was almost like sunbathing in some far away beach. Warm, refreshing and slightly humid; those would be the words that best described the sensation. Closing her eyes, she leaned on the floor as it felt too good to just stay there and wait.

For everyone else, they saw as the scales on Fred's torso began to melt, honey brown skin appearing underneath as coal black hair sprouted from her scalp. Her head shortened and a nose soon replaced the snakeish muzzle.

"Better get her covered…" Natalie muttered as she quickly grabbed a pillow from the couch and placed it on top of her breasts just as the scales in that area had begun to melt away.

Changes added up and gained speed quickly. A gorgeous face appeared where the serpent head had been. A cute small nose, round ears, fluffy lips… every detail pointed to the fact that Fred was becoming quite… beautiful.

The final changes swept through, and the half-woman half-serpent groaned in complain as the warm sensation began to leave, gently focusing around her neck as her taught and silken skin oozed a leathery substance that eventually became her a skin-tight collar with a eight foot long leash attached to it. Her hair tying itself into a tight braid at the same time, long enough to reach a couple inches past shoulder length.

"That felt good…" she muttered, her voice sultry and soft. "First change that…" she paused mid-sentence as she opened her eyes. Perfect deep emerald eyes. "Did I just…?"

"C'mon, sit." Tom instructed as his hand quickly grabbed the leash.

Fred felt a pleasant jolt run through her as she quickly sat down, unconsciously holding the pillow in place with small and frail human hands.

Everyone turned towards Tom as he grinned broadly, Fred's expression had confusion and something similar to a gentle submissiveness, while everyone else's seemed angry.

"Let go of that!" Natalie snapped as she took the leash from Tom's hand before he could even breathe.

Immediately, Fred crumbled to the floor screaming wildly as her body contorted in spasms as the collar jolted her with such power she thought someone had strung a high voltage cable into her very spine.

Natalie didn't get the chance to do anything as the massive tail thrashed and hit her square on the chest. With such force she flew against the far wall, leash already released and perhaps a broken rib or two.

"Calm down!" Tom ordered while grabbing the leash a second latter. Fred froze in place and every muscle in her body went limp, a pleasant glow coursing through her as she lay immobile. "Ok, move."

"What… what happened?" Fred muttered while looking around, panting for breath as her human half sweated heavily, the pillow tight against her chest once more.

"Yay!" Vicky declared with glee as she giggled at the whole scenario.

"Are you ok?" Jenny asked as she kneeled besides Natalie.

"Yeah… good thing I ain't human no more." responded the cat-woman as she groaned into a sitting position. "I'm guessing one or two ribs been broken… should've seen it coming though."

"What about you, Fred?" Jenny turned towards the naga.

"Yeah, it's just…" Fred looked at herself for a second, wondering if she'd get her legs back anytime soon. "…the leash…" her eyes glassed over as she turned towards Tom. Who still held the leash. "…Master…"

"Tell herrr to act norrrmal I'll rrrip your head off." Jenny whispered onto his ear as she went for the dices.

"Fred, snap out of it." Tom ordered more out of fear than anything else.

"Huh… wha?" the glazed look vanished, and she looked around for a second in confusion. "Just what happened?"

"The leash's got control over your mind." Natalie grumped while sitting down the sofa; a wince crossing her face. "I'd say Tom can influence you as well… but I think the leash is affecting his peanut sized brain as well."

"Hey!" much to everyone's surprise, it had been Fred as well as Tom who had snapped at the words.

"Just roll already." Natalie commanded.

Taking a deep breath, Jenny let go of the dice, and she rolled a double four.

Picking the card, but Natalie snatched it from her hands since she was seated beside her and quickly read. "Pick a player and hand over this card. Two changes shall be undone while their place remains intact." she turned towards Jenny. "Hand it to Fred, and if we're lucky, she'll actually lose the collar."

"Wait… no!" Fred slithered against the wall and hit it hard as she tried to avoid Jenny.

Lucky for Jenny, her new form gave her the perfect shape to pin her target down and place the card on her hand. Though she did get caught by the tail and thrown away, it was already too late for Fred, the card burst into flames.

Then, Fred blacked out.

Everyone stared in expectation as nothing seemed to happen for the first couple of seconds. Then, Tom let out a scream as the leash in his hands burst into flames, and he had to let go before it burned him as well.

Slowly, very, very slowly, the leash began to fade into a thin white smoke. And, at the same time, most noticed how his human part began to shift along the way.

Muscles developed and breasts receded. Hair shortened and face squared. Arms bulked and the waist lost its thinness…

Within seconds, a male naga slept on its corner, with a physique that almost reached the point of bodybuilding.

"Ohh…" Vicky marveled at his form with an impish grin. "He's so handsome!"

"Your turn." Natalie impatiently stated while pointing at Tom. "He'll wake up soon, so don't worry."

"Geesh, what's your hurry?" Tom wondered as he took the dice. "It's not as if you'll…" then, he went mute.

"You noticed." Natalie darkly stated. "My eyes aren't blue anymore, right?" they all nodded, she sighed, closing her golden eyes for a second. "It's part of my punishment. It said that I'd be a full-fledged cat by nightfall." she paused while staring at them. "Mind and body." she glared daggers at Tom. "Now hurry and roll the bloody thing so we can finish this game as soon as possible."

Tom nodded at the order and let the two metal cubes go. Double six.

"Yes! Tomas takes the lead!" he almost jumped up with pride. Taking the card, he read. "A lucky one you are, for a double six you got. Take the dice and roll again, that number of steps you move ahead." his eyes opened wide with a short lived surprise. Hurrying to take the dice again, he rolled a two and a five.

"Is it my turn now?" Vicky gleefully asked while picking the dice with her hands. "I hope I get something that mister Handsome can get intimate with."

"Please don't tell me she just said that…" Jenny pointed at thumb at Vicky.

A four and a three. Vicky didn't even actually pay attention to her moving piece as she quickly picked up the card and read it out-loud. "Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Why don't you get a super charge?"

"With any luck, it's referring to her brain cells." Tom whispered.

"I highly doubt it." Natalie added; wincing as whiskers formed around her nose. "And please hurry, I ain't got all day here."

In a flash of blue light, the card burnt in the same manner that it had been doing since the start.

"I feel funny." Vicky commented, a chilly sensation running through her from head to tail. "Uh! shinny!" she added as she saw her nails harden and take a silver kind of color.

But the silver color didn't stop there; it quickly began to spread up her arms, taking away all signs of fur as it replaced the surface with metal chromed plates. For an instant, Vicky felt a jolt of fear, her arms becoming completely limp as they fell lifeless on her sides. Though she didn't really get the chance to do much before the cold steel completely swallowed her head along the way.

Falling on the floor, the process continued despite her lack of consciousness. Every inch of her became metal, glass and plastic. The articulations were covered in plates, the rest by curved hard steel. She lost her hair and eyelids, the globes becoming blue lighted cameras while her mouth became a vice.

By the time it was over, she looked very much like a robotized version of the old Vicky. Though everyone felt an odd dread and fear from just looking at her there, motionless like a doll.

"Is she dead?" Jenny offered to ask.

"I think we have to turn her on." Natalie offered. "You know… like a computer."

Slowly approaching the droid, Tom touched the metal, attempting to see if there would be a response. And immediately jumped back as a whirring sound came from within the hard and cold carcass, the eyes coming to life as they emitted a soft bluish kind of light.

"I am fine." the voice was cold an emotionless, robotic. "All systems are go." she turned her head quickly towards Tom. "Please back away slowly; and refrain from touching me from hence forth."

"Okay…?" Tom felt in quite the dangerous situation.

"Hey, Fred, wake up!" Natalie shouted from where she sat, stirring the sleeping one into awareness. "Your turn."

"What…?" he seemed disoriented as he looked at the bunch. "Vicky?" he added as he saw the otter/anthro/robot. "Is that you?"

"Affirmative." she replied. "This units' name is *Vicky*."

"At least she's not a bimbo anymorrre." Jenny stated with a half forced grin. "And you'rrre able to prrronounce the S with no trrroubles."

"Just roll already." Natalie groaned. "The sooner the better."

After a short self-inspection, Fred took the dice and got a one and a five. "Meh… could be worse." he muttered as he picked a card. "The player that's two seats to your left loses a turn." he blinked a couple times in surprise. "What, no rhyme?"

"Odd." Tom stated as he felt a numbness creep up his arm as the card torched itself. "I think it's…"

He didn't get the chance to continue the phrase. His whole body became rigid and he fell on a side. Frozen on the spot to the point his skin was hard as a rock. A fine mist slowly drifting off of him as he lay immobile.

"Wow." Jenny muttered as she nudged him a couple times. "You think he's dead?"

"Negative." Vicky interrupted. "He has merely been subjected to a flash-freeze."

"Sounds hollow." Fred chuckled as he knocked a couple of times on the head.

"I'd advice caution." Vicky commented on a monotone. "Objects that have been flash-frozen tend to be extremely fragile."

"My turrrn, then." Jenny picked the dice and rolled. Moving ten squares latter, she picked the designated card. "As a wolf you have been rather rough. Perhaps you'll be better as a mouse." she let out a groan. "I do not want this!"

No sooner had she stated her disagreement with the cards' decision, she saw the blue flames, and felt as the world tingled.

The changes began immediately, her coarse white fur shortening and becoming silky smooth along the way. Her ears lost their pointy edges and became round yet a bit smaller at the same time. Her whiskers became more prominent, and her snout a bit narrower. Her eyes changed from brown to deep ruby red, and her teeth shrank with the exception of two. Snout changed from black to pink, and her tail thinned and fleashened as it lost its fur. Her hands thinning and losing the claws as it became more human-looking.

With a final squeak, the new Jenny looked around with a lot less confidence, though with better looking assets.

"Don't look!" she screamed while covering herself with the nearest pillow. All the confidence she had shown before had vanished entirely.

"My turn." Vicky picked up the dice, and then threw them with what looked like milimetric precision. Double six. Taking a card, she read. "Cheat you did not, but in luck you did not trust. A virus will take you over, a love-bug that will leave you sober."

"I never thought anyone could read a rhyme like that." Natalie groaned; the droid had been reading it in a permanent monotone. "Next time, I read."

The card flashed in blue flames, and Vicky's metallic cover began to click.

CLICK CLACK. The silver on her back became red and black. CLICK CLACK. Two extra pairs of arms appeared, their hands small and thin. CLICK CLACK. The tail contracted and the head lost its ears, antennae forming as the steel color disappeared. CLICK CLACK. The front turned light brown, the arms black and the head round. CLICK CLACK. More and more the back spread, like a helmet that was meant to protect. CLICK CLACK. Blue eyes became black, and she lost her neck and chin as the metamorphosis ended and her wings appeared.

"Ouch." Natalie mumbled at the oversized ladybug that sat there in confusion. "Wouldn't want to become that…"

"It's not so bad." Vicky spoke with clicks of her mouth. "Though everything looks… fragmented."

"Let's get this over with." Fred took the dice. "With any luck, we'll end the game in this round."

"Yes, please." Natalie pledged, light yellow patches of fur had already formed throughout her arms and were slowly spreading.

Taking the dice, he rolled five and three. Taking a card, she read aloud. "Though of rhymes I do not care, of your words you should beware. Take three steps back and four forwards, let us see Quetzalcoatl." he frowned. "Isn't Quetzalcoatl some sort of deity?"

"I think it's from Central America." Jenny pondered out-loud, though immediately blushed and shrank behind her pillow in an attempt to hide.

Much like all the times before, the blue flames consumed the card, and Fred felt the warmth through him mark the start of the change.

The scales turned from a light brown to a vivid dark green, and they raced up his torso while keeping away from his arms. His hands felt itchy and he soon found a rainbow color spreading up the limb, feathers taking shape soon after. Face returned to that of a snake, though without the horns and somewhat more… threatening. A fur of a color in between gray and green spread up his back and throughout the length of his body, like some kind of mane. Arms creeped upwards while they stretched further, the whole body growing in size as the wings took shape rather quickly. Eyes turning a sun-colored gold and growing to the size of a small plate as fangs appeared on the almost human-sized head.

Within seconds, a forty foot long serpent with rainbow colored wings and a dark green mane curled itself on a corner as it seemed far too large for the small room.

"Thisss sssucksss…" he spat the words out. They seemed stronger and more powerful.

"My turn." Jenny seemed to be unsure as to whom fear the most. The large serpent on the corner or the growing cat on the couch. She rolled a three and a four. She read the card. "Predator becomes prey and the world turns around. Switch your place with the one that's curled out."

Blue burned the card, and for a second, gravity seemed to disappear. They floated in completely weightless, and looked at one another in confusion.

"Hold onto something!" Natalie shouted at the realization of what was about to happen.

Gravity then switched back on again, but this time aimed at the roof.

All five of them, including the furniture and everything else that was loose went along the way to the ceiling. If not because he was frozen, Tom would have screamed like everyone else.

After about ten seconds of total chaos, silence fell to the room.

"Is everyone ok?" Natalie asked from under the couch as she pushed it off of her. "Vicky?"

"Here." Vicky had landed under Tom, probably in an attempt to avoid him from shattering. "Tom's fine too."

"Jenny?" Natalie continued. "You ok?"

"Yessss…" a serpentine voice answered the call.

"Uh oh…" it was Jenny's squeaky voice that had spoken.

"Switch your place…" Natalie stared at Fred and then at Jenny. "Let me guess, you're in each other's body."

"I… I think ssso…" the serpent, now Jenny, replied. "No, it isss…"

"I hope we end this game soon." Natalie sighed with a hint of relief. "Is it Tom's turn yet?"

"I think he's thawing." Vicky pointed out as their eyes darted towards the human statue that she had been keeping from crumbling all this time.

Small water droplets came off of Tom as mobility seemed to slowly come back to him. Within ten minutes, he was gasping for air and shivering as his porcelain white face was slowly regaining its colors, his body completely covered in sheets and his feet inside a small tub with water.

"Did I mention I hate this game?" he mumbled for the tenth time.

"Yeah, yeah, we heard you." Natalie groaned, the fur had already completely engulfed her, and the changes were heading towards the bone structure. "Throw the dice, and with a bit of help, you might actually get better."

"I'd rather wait until I can feel my fingers." Tom retorted with intense spite. "How about some nice milk in the meantime?" he laughed somewhat. "For someone that doesn't take risks, you seem awfully bossy."

"What did you say!?" Natalie leaped from the couch onto him, her claws on his neck and her feet on his chest. "I don't like this game any more than you do." she snarled, fangs forming in her mouth. "Right now, I don't give a damn about what you feel or want, cause all I care off is to stop this nonsense right now!" she roared the words out, it made what little color Tom had regained to vanish again. "Now I'll let go of you, understand?" she was calming down while taking in deep breaths, Tom nodded in response. "You will take those dice and throw them, understand?" he nodded a second time. "Good."

Now shivering for more reasons than one, Tom took the dice after three failed attempts, and let them go without much of a moment of wait since he couldn't quite hold them for long.

A six and a four. Leaving him only three squares away from the middle circle that marked the end of the game.

"I'll read." Natalie insisted yet once again as she snatched the card from the deck. "Fire out of ashes, and flesh out of dust. The answer of this riddle you'll become, though in a more human fashion will be done."

"Aw… crap." Tom managed to mutter as he lay on his back. "Oh well… it was about time something like that came up."

"What're you talking about?" Vicky wondered.

"The answer to the riddle." Tom shook his head, hair taking a fiery red color. "It's a phoenix."

No sooner had he spoken, the card burnt itself like all its predecessors, and Tom's body began to transform right away.

Feathers formed all over his body, with colors that went from golden yellow to magma red. His face stretched forwards, hardening and turning yellow as mouth and nose reformed into a beak. Feet contorted, talons forming soon after as the number of fingers were reduced to four, razor sharp claws appearing on the tip along the way. A small fleshy tail sprouted from his back, and long fiery feathers stretched from its tip.

Though his arms remained as arms, his hands transformed into something very similar to the claws on his feet, while the wings grew from his back, to a magnificent six feet in spam from one tip to the other. His eyes changing into a ruby red along the way, his hair morphing into a feathery mane as well.

The moment the transformation finished, Tom's body burst in flames; small reddish flames that were no larger than an inch, but that increased the room's temperature quite somewhat.

"I'd say *cool*, but it would be just wrong." Fred, in Jenny's body, stated as she moved away from Tom a bit, the heat rather uncomfortable.

"Ok Vicky, give me a six!" Natalie handed the dice to the ladybug, hope shinning in her eyes as everyone turned to her. "And we'll get out of this mess once and for all!"

"I'll try…" Vicky mumbled, somewhat stressed-out by the fact everyone seemed to be depending on her.

Letting the dice go, everyone held their breaths.

They bounced and rolled, and one stopped on two, while the other one had managed to escape from the board and had continued its way towards Fred. Who jumped out of the way as all eyes fixated themselves on the metal cube as it came into a halt.

A four.

Everyone let out a short gasp of happiness and then turned their attention towards the board as Vicky's piece moved itself until it was in the middle.

Vicky picked a card. "Congratulations, for this game you have won. Make a wish and don't turn around." she sighed in relief, as did everyone else. "Well…"

"Just wish we were back to when Fred got the game." Natalie snapped just to clarify things. "Then we don't buy the game and continue normally."

Vicky pondered for a second, the words as to what to wish exactly going through her brain. "I wish we were back to when Fred bought this game!"

Immediately, the card burned itself, though with a flame so bright everyone had to cover their eyes as best they could. The world swirled around them, and things seemed to change and distort somehow.

"Hope to see you soon…" the voice resulted familiar for both Natalie, Tom and Fred. "Not." the voice added as the sound of a door closing reached their ears.

Their vision began to slowly return, and everyone's eyes were fixated on the small shop clerk who stood in front of them. He looked them over with a mix of concern and boredom.

"You should have chosen your wish more wisely." he stated dryly, a small light forming on his hands. "Something like *I wish we were back to normal* or *I wish we didn't get this game* would have worked just fine." he stared at their confused faces, their heads were still spinning somewhat. "Unfortunately, because of your wish, your former selves will lose the board-game and continue with their lives…"

"What about us?" Vicky was the first to talk; feeling like her mind was becoming fuzzy.

"You're separate now, independent to your former selves." the young man clarified, the light taking in some strength, and the former players feeling drowsy. "Protocol states that when something like this happens, I have to erase your memories; there can't be two Fred's or two Jenny's, even if they have different forms." words were slowly fading from their heads as it was getting harder and harder to think. "Don't worry, once you wake up, everything will be normal for you."

With one final flash of light from his hands, the young clerk was alone once again.


Jenny would wake up to find herself as a the center of devotion for an entire civilization, her new name being Quetzalcoatl. Thanks to which she'd live a long and happy life before dying out of old age a couple hundred years later.

Fred, or rather, Tiffany would land in another world, being the daughter of a slave and serving a young lord. Whom latter would fall in love with her and end up in marriage. From which she'd have many younglings as successors.

Tom would burn to ashes and later on resurrect from them with no recollection whatsoever exempt for the fact that his name now was Ignis. He'd travel the different worlds for the rest of eternity in search for knowledge and a home.

Natalie became the shop's new-found pet. The old man allows her to turn human every now and then. And though most of her memories and personality have been completely rewritten, she's still a very happy (if not pampered) cat.

Finally, Vicky, now named Cesiry, would be a traveling ladybug that befriended many during her journeys. She'd take on many adventures as she would eventually become the hero and savior of an entire nation.

And even though saying *and they lived happily ever after* would seem a good way to finish this. Nothing is truly the end, just a new beginning
A bit late, I know, but here it is non-the-less.

Ending's a bit... loose. I need to work on that a bit more.

Can't be sure when the next submission will be, but, once again, I hope I can make it as soon as possible.

story 1 [link]

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part 1 [link]
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tf tg jumanji. I want the game! It sounds like it doesn't actually do any damage. It just tg or tfs you. my wish would be to be able to play the game again
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interesting ending...
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what a twist, what a twist, i knew somehow they'd be stuck in their forms in the end.
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This is a wonderful story. Very original, and with lots of twists and turns :)
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this was a nice story. you rescued the ending with the last line though before it got complete disney.
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Mice final line. very insperational.
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Mice final line? Sorry, don't understand that.
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Nothing is truly the end, just a new beginning
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Interesting ending ^_^ not so sure about the lady bug thing (but then again i never was a fan of the bug thing but the pheonix, snake god , um what happend to fed again? were did slave dauter thing come from the game ? but still Nice work if i was the game i would have messd with them a bit more like shrinking one of them mybe a ghost to or somthin but Still great
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I was planning on doing a couple more things with them. But unfortunately, I'd have needed a third part.
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lol would have been awsome ither way cant wait to see what ou come up with next
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Nice. So this is not the end, i suppose?
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Of their story, yes. Of Tobias and the shop, no.
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What about the catgirl?

Very interesting story.
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Oops... forgot about that one. Will fix.
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Good ending. MOAR!

(woo 1st comment :P)
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