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That's right everybody for better or worse I am putting this contest in motion. Your goal as an entrant is to create a fake game cover or poster for a TG themed game you come up with. There is almost no limit to what you can do as video-game box art is a pretty varied thing.


The contest will start on August 15th and end 2 months later on October 15th. This means you have plenty of time to do this so no rush.

All entrants are tasked with creating a video game poster or box cover, the catch being of course it should include TG.

You can base it on an existing game or create your own.

If you choose to base it on an existing series make sure it is one originally created for games. Things like Pokemon, Sonic, Uncharted, Mortal Kombat and so on. Not things like Marvel, Naruto, Lego and so on.

If you choose to create a game cover instead of a poster you can draw the box or use a template. Only the front cover is necessary.  has a template for just about every system ever released.

Tg should be the showcased transformation. Other tf's are allowed but shouldn't overshadow the tg. For example bimbofication or robotization work with tg to give it more depth. Inanimate or Inflation kind of become more relevant and the tg may seem unnecessary. Please ask if you are unsure about your idea.

The concept for your game should involve active tg. Not just a genderswapped cast.

       -Bad: Linkette needs to save Prince Zeld from evil Queen Gani.

       -Good: The Happy Mask Salesman has returned but this time all of his masks change Link's gender. He will have to 'gain favor' with the many leaders of Hyrule in order to save it.

All entries submitted up to a week before the deadline will be checked for any rule infractions which will be pointed out to the artist for correction.

Corrections and updates to an entry are allowed up to a week before the deadline.

No opinions on any piece will be revealed by the judges until the contest officially ends.

Mature content is allowed, it will have no positive or negative impact on your score.

•As for what isn't allowed please use common sense. No racism, slander or other offensive content please.


The $300 prize will be split accordingly:
1st: $100
2nd: $50
3rd: $50
4th: $25
5th: $25
6th: $25
7th: $25


Each entry will be graded by a panel of judges including as well as our two celebrity judges and .

Each piece will be graded on different elements. The elements you will be graded on will not be revealed but don't worry about them too much. They are all very broad and as long as you do your best you will get high scores in each. Things are being judged in categories so that just because you believe that your art may not be as good as another entrants there are still other areas where you can excel. Along with these categories there is a bonus objective:

Bonus picture: this can be a sketch of anything you want that relates to your game. It can be a character you couldn't put on the cover or a scene from the game. It can even be something like an alternate outfit or game over screen. Anything you want.

This bonus option only needs to be completed to count. It does not need to be high quality and won't be judged. As long as we can tell what it is and it relates to your cover you will receive 5 bonus points. Judges scores will be combined not averaged as I believe it creates a more accurate representation of your final score.
How to Submit your Entry:

All entries should be sent to myself and I will pass them on to the other judges . You should also submit them to the group TF-TG Contests in the Video Game Cover Art Gallery. If you plan on completing the bonus objective please hold off on submitting until they are completed.

The description of an entry should follow this template:

Game Name:
Brief Description: (should include the premise, gameplay if necessary, as well as details on the tg element.)
Original series: (if any)
Any other information:

Bonus Picture: These only need a brief description of whatever the bonus is.

Final Words:

This is a lot of information and I understand if people miss something here or there. Try not to worry too much about it as we will point out any mistakes to you before deciding our final score. You have two months to complete this so don't stress out and take your time. If you have any questions please ask them here. Please don't note questions unless you have an idea you want to keep secret or something.

Oh and please spread the word if you can!

•What is TF-TG?
◦TF stands for transformation and represents a very wide range of things like turning into a robot or animal or turning to stone.
◦TG is a specific type of tf involving a gender transformation also known as genderswap. It's related to crossdressing and Rule63.
•What medium do I have to use?
◦Any medium or mix of mediums is fine. You can use 2D, 3D, Photoshop, Traditional, Whatever.
•Do I have to join TF-TG Contests Group
◦New Answer: YES
•What does 5 bonus points mean?
◦ This is a leftover from an earlier version of the rules. The points have changed since then and are no longer public. For those of you wondering the bonus adds a worthwhile amount to your score.
•What does 'relevant to the TG' mean?
◦Basically if you were to turn into a girl and then into a chair, it really doesn't matter all that much what gender you are. You're an inanimate object at that point where gender distinction is only important in grammar. Similarly if you were to turn into an actual fox, yes you can say they are a female fox but the distinction is hard to make (for me at least) once they are full animal.
•Can you create an original game idea instead?
◦Of course. But you will have to try harder to make it unique. It has to seem like a game not just a random tg.
•Does the Bonus have to be a sketch? Can it be of a higher quality?
◦No it does not have to be a sketch. The only requirement be that the judges can tell what it is. Higher quality bonuses would be wonderful but I must point out that there are no 'bonus' bonus points for doing this.
•Can I submit more than 1?
◦You can but it isn't possible to get more than one placing. Basically your highest scoring piece will be considered as your main submission. This is basically only relevant if more than 1 of your pieces makes it into top 7. Only the highest will be counted. For example if your pieces qualify for both third and sixth place you will only receive the third place winnings.
• Can I post the piece elsewhere?
◦Certainly, it is your art after all. Just make sure it's submitted to the group and that you note me about the submission.
•How will prizes be distributed?
◦Most likely through paypal although I'm open to other channels that are suggested. Prize distribution will go into more detail once the contest ends.
•How long should the description be?
◦As long as you think it should be. I'm assuming it should be at least a short paragraph. More details won't hurt. Don't neglect this portion as it might be the only way to clarify your idea for the judges.
•Does it need to be colored?
◦Long Answer: Up to you, depending on how each judge goes about grading it may or may not be a factor. One judge may feel a lack of color detracts from your piece while another may find it irrelevant. Of course if your cover is specifically designed to be black & white then this likely wouldn't matter. If you're basing your cover on the Mafia series for example, black and white makes sense. If you're basing it on Splatoon, not quite as easy to justify.
◦Short Answer: No but you may lose a point or two for not doing it.
•I am not an artist but really like this idea, how can I contribute?
◦The best thing you can do is publicize. Talk about it when you can, post it to places I haven't, rent a billboard in NYC, etc. Also if you know an artist who you think may be interested ask them directly. Preferably if you already have some kind of relationship with them but either way don't spam their inbox and be polite. The other way you could help is by donating something to future contests.
•I don't think I can enter, Sorry.
◦Life happens to all of us unfortunately (or fortunately I suppose) If you can't join that's too bad. I have tried to make the time period large of enough to get around or pass over a majority of life hurdles. In any event, assuming all goes well with this contest, I will have more in the future and you can join those.
•Your group has no banner!
◦I'm aware. If you would like to make one be my guest. It would be very much appreciated.
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