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[BBs] Grand Opening Event Auction [0/3] CLOSED

Oh my god!! It's finally time! The first Bubby adoptables ever!!
The very first Bubbies are going to be an auction! The theme for this set was "weird americana"!

If you're short on cash, don't worry! We have an event with all sorts of prizes going out, and plans for a DTA AND WTA later this week! :D

SB: $6.66
Minimum Increase: $1(Round to the nearest dollar. LOL)
$1 = 100pts
UPDATE: Auction now ends 24 hours after the last bid!

Bid over $25 and you will receive a free chibi!
Regular Auction rules apply. Please only bid if you have the money.
Read the species terms of service before bidding!

"More Cowbell"
Uncommon Beelzebubby
Folklore say that twinned animals have deep connections to Puraton, and they often serve as seers or magicians. This beezlebubby hasn't felt that connection stir for them yet, but it may still lay dormant.
Current Owner: lunar-sloth 
[Bid Chain Here]

Bullet; Blue Curved Horns
Bullet; Blue Pointed Ears
Bullet; Blue Circle Sigil
Bullet; Blue Classic Head
Bullet; GreenTwo Heads
Bullet; Blue Slit Eyes
Bullet; Blue Classic Wings (Transparent)
Bullet; Blue Hoof Feet
Bullet; Blue Tuft Tail
Bullet; Blue Head and Neck Fluff
Bullet; Blue Goatee
Accessory: Cowbell

Rare Beelzebubby
The stars of Puraton shines in its blind eyes. Don't look into them for too long, or you may find yourself entranced.
Current Owner: calamity-crow 
[Bid Chain Here]

Bullet; Blue Straight Horns
Bullet; GreenExtra Fluffy Ears
Bullet; Blue Moon Sigil
Bullet; Blue Feline Head
Bullet; Green Blind Eyes
Bullet; OrangeBird Wings
Bullet; Green Bird Feet
Bullet; Blue Bob Tail
Bullet; Blue Cheek and Neck Fluff
Bullet; BlueFang

Rare Beelzebubby
This beezlebubby is shy and skittish, tending to dart off into the woods when spotted. If you're able to get them to trust you, they can be an invaluable friend.
Current Owner: twogoblins 
[Bid Chain Here]

Bullet; GreenExtra Wide Antler Horns
Bullet; GreenRabbit Ears (Lop)
Bullet; GreenLeaf Sigil
Bullet; BlueClassic Head
Bullet; BlueGoat Eyes
Bullet; BlueClassic Wings
Bullet; BlueHoof Feet
Bullet; BlueBob Tail
Bullet; BlueHead and Neck Fluff
Bullet; GreenSaber Teeth

(Descriptions written by lunar-sloth, art by TG-I !)


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ohmygoodness I love all these good babs <33 I think Mothbubby might be my favorite!
TG-I's avatar
Thank you!!!!!! <3 I think Mothbubby might be my fav too... They're so spooky. LOL
Dracometeor101's avatar
OH MY GOSH they’re so cute <3
TG-I's avatar
Thank you so much!! <3
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TG-I's avatar
Bid here for "Bubbytinger"!
TG-I's avatar
Congratulations!! You've won Bubbytinger! I'll message you in a second with the details! :D
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Bid here for "MothBubby"!
cupacawfee's avatar
Sb!! Looks like a crow!!! Time for crow!!
TG-I's avatar
Congratulations!! You've won Mothbubby! I'll message you in a second with the details! :D (Big Grin)
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Bid here for "More Cowbell"!
lunar-sloth's avatar
SB $6.66 @___@ 
TG-I's avatar
You've been outbid! @/Foxinramen on twitter bid $10
lunar-sloth's avatar
Actually, I'm gonna up my bid to 20 :3
TG-I's avatar
You've been outbid! $21
TG-I's avatar
Congratulations!! You've won More Cowbell! I'll message you in a second with the details! :D (Big Grin)
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