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Shall We Play?

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I never knew that Twilight is a gamer, is it her little secret?

Or she is an AU Twilight that likes videogames more than books?

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She may like both :)

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I would play anything with her ^^
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That would include very difficult games.
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Something like contra hard corps?
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Ghosts and goblins.
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Ok, Twiley, let's play Bubble Bobble. All the way to level 99.
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I love it! <3
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You. Me. Battletoads. Let's go, Twi~!
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PS1 and Twi :D
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ok twi lets play^^
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Lightning: okay ^^
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woah, cute pose, and nice colours!

she loots adorable and very cute, and the consoles...

the consoles such as playstation 1, (aka PSX), and the games such as crash bash (clever pun with dash!), CTR, and the gameboy colour, are some very great elements that create nice feelings of nostalgia to me.

good pic, and nice story in it!

keep making cool stuff mate
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I'm glad you like it ^^
You recognized two consoles and two playstation games. What about the third console and the games related to it?
chris-the-sword's avatar
yep, you did a great drawing there! :)

also, the third console is a NES, a nintendo classic, with the square controllers, and the games of ''RAGE'' (shown as ''kage'', clever!).
also i see some RAM cards in the floor. custom cumputer lover?

a great pic, i like it.
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Nintendo classic has different cartriges. Twi is holding a famicom... its clone. "KAGE" also known as "Shadow of the Ninja". I see, it's easy to think that those are RAM cards on the floor. Those are
cartridges without their plastic cases ^^'
chris-the-sword's avatar
aha! i see.

still, i got it 80% right! ;)

a NES replica, you say?

hmm yes, i confused the ''naked'' cartridges for RAM cards.... i dont play NES/nintendo consoles, so that's why im not very familiar with those systems.

still, i found 3/4, so im a good ''player', right?! :D

you draw nice, pretty/cute pics.
keep making good works!
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Yep, you're a good "player" :pat:

And thank you ^^
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